The weather this year been off-the-charts crazy. Thanks El Nino! I live in Oklahoma and we have weird weather all the time, but this El Nino business is making this old famous quote even more true. 

"If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it'll change." 
~Will Rogers

Which brings me to my topic of this post. I had a chance to review some new 2XU thermal tights and they helped keep me warm during the crazy cold snaps we had. 

Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU Hyoptik Thermal Compression Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about being a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

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PictureStay warm when you fall from running in the snow...
When I got these I was half expecting these to be super thick tights with a thick thermal lining. I was surprised when I opened the box, that they were a similar material as my MCS tights. So then the skepticism set in. If these feel the same, how can they be warmer?
I don't know, but it's freaking magic! Well not really, I'm sure it's more about fabric technology and less Harry Potter-like. But then it made sense, how could these be super thick and compression and still allow me to run comfortably in them. The material is more lightweight and does a great job at blocking the wind. 
I have a pair of tights from another brand that are actually thicker, but do not block the wind at all!
Hello! I live in Oklahoma. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain! 
They also do a great job of keeping you dry since they have moisture wicking technology.


PictureSafety First Kids!
These tights have two types of safety features built in if you ask me. 

1. The logos are reflective. Hence the RunHyoptik part of the name. High Optic = Be seen! Not getting hit by a car sounds safer to me than getting hit by a car so....

2. They offer sun protection. Yes, we need it even during the Winter months! Especially if there is snow on the ground reflecting the sun right back up at you.
I'm a Ginger and we take our sun care very seriously! Or at least we should. These have a rating of UPF50+! That surely passes any Ginger test. 

I'm not kidding about the sun protection being a big part of my life. I'm the only one of my friends at the pool wearing a LONG SLEEVE swim shirt in July/August. Not ashamed.

Side note - they will not keep you from falling when you are out running in the snow. Just saying...


PictureMy legs feel so good I can fly!***
These tights can be used in a couple ways. You can use them on your long runs if you know you need the extra compression and support like I do, or you can use them as recovery tights after a long run or a hard workout. I've done both.
I plan on wearing these in Dallas** next month when I run the Hot Chocolate 15k! 
**Disclaimer #1 - If it is 74* in Dallas, I'm not wearing thermal tights. 

***Disclaimer #2 - I can't actually fly. 


Just like in my 2XU MCS Compression tight review, the sizing was spot on. It can be hard to order anything you wear online if you can't try it on first. But this company takes the guess work out of what size to buy. Their size chart is very accurate in my opinion.

You can find the sizing chart on the website. It's a typical find your height and find your weight and see what size that you land in. If you land in a small, order a small, if you land just barely in the medium, order the medium.  Again, I was borderline between sizes. This time there was no agony. I knew from my previous pair how true-to-size these were so I ordered my size and went on about my day.

Question - What are you wearing to your next race?