PictureI love you and hate you at the same time, treadmill.
It's winter. It's cold. Running outside in super cold temperatures sucks. And something called a Polar Vortex has been causing all kinds of shenanigans across the US lately. Go away Polor Vortex! No one likes you!

That being said, I've spent a lot more time running indoors (and taking gym selfies) on the treadmill at my gym. As, I'm sure, many many other runners have this winter.

Tonight on my treadmill run I decided a few things. 
1. I need to make this fun.
2. I'll do a 4 mile run. (The farthest I've ever gone on a treadmill)
3. I'll keep a positive attitude.

By the way...why are there METs and Watts on a treadmill? Does anyone actually measure their progress in those two measurements?  I didn't think so.

See below for my treadmill games that I like to play when I'm on the dreadmill. 

Game 1. Increase Speed and Feel Like a Bad Ass

Items needed for this game:
1. iPod

How to Play:
Pick a distance. My treadmill workout tonight was 4 miles.
Pick an increment. For example, every .5 miles or every .25 miles. Start your workout with a .5 mile warm up at a fairly regular pace for you.
At the selected increment, increase the speed of the treadmill by 1 or 2 points.
Tonight I started with a 11:15 pace and my selected increment was .5 miles. So I ended up running in the low 9 min/mile pace by the time I was done.
This is essentially a progression run, but by the end of your workout, you'll be moving a little quicker than you are used to and you'll feel like a bad ass. You're welcome!

Game 2. Cover the Display and Guess How Far I've Gone

Items needs for this game:
1. Towel
2. iPod

How to Play:
Cover the treadmill display with the towel so you can't see the distance you've gone. Or you can just use the display lock and keep it on calories burned or METs, whatever those are. 
Once your display is covered or at least not showing you the distance, pick a song on your iPod and run from start to finish of the song. Don't look at the distance until the song is over.
This isn't a particularly helpful game unless you want to know how far you can run during Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. You never know!  Someone may ask you that very question someday, so you're welcome!

Game 3. Song by Song Speedwork

Items needed for this game:
1. iPod 

How to Play:
You can pick a set time for workout or a distance workout. Example: I'm going to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill or I'm going to run 4 miles on the treadmill today.

Select a playlist on your iPod and hit shuffle.
When a faster/more upbeat song comes on your iPod increase the speed a few clicks. When the song is over and a slower song comes on, decrease the speed a few clicks. Repeat this process until your designated time or distance is over.

Now, if you're like me, I have a running playlist and pretty much all the songs are upbeat. (I can't run to slow music, it makes me want to punch people.) So you could alternate one at a faster pace and then one at a slower pace or two faster and one slower. Either way it will change things up a bit and keep you guessing and hopefully make the miles go by a little faster.

This is what happens when you overdress for an indoor run on the treadmill.

Leave a comment! 
Do you play games when you have to run on the treadmill?