Confession. I think about my blog ALL. THE. TIME. It may be a little obsessive at times but what can you do? I have so many blog ideas and topics stored in my phone that if I ever lose it, I'll just have to shut my blog down and die. Okay, that may be a little dramatic but you get the idea.

Lately I've been thinking about several things and I wasn't sure how to find all the answers. Then I remembered that a few months back a fellow Okie and Blogger, The Lady Okie, did a survey on her blog and got some good results. So I'm taking inspiration from her and doing my own survey! 

Thanks for taking the time to fill it out!

Click here for the survey!

After a few days of collecting surveys, I'll share the results here with you all.

P.S. Before I decided to make the survey, I was nervous that NO ONE would participate so I sent out a tweet just to see if anyone would respond and holy cow! You guys rock! I got a great response from a lot of you who said you would do it so I decided to do it today!

P.S.S. I selected SurveyMonkey as my survey platform because it's 1. Free and 2. I use it at work all the time so I know it can be trusted. So I set up my own account for my blog and here we are!

Do you ever wake up with a few more aches and pains than when you went to bed? I do and I think that's normal. Sleep is a funny thing. We need it, we need quite a bit of it actually, and yet sometimes we feel like when we wake up we did nothing but workout all night or somehow managed to walk out into oncoming traffic and get hit by a truck! 

Last Friday night, I went to bed and was in perfect (normal) working order and getting really excited about running the Goo Run the next day. When I woke up I somehow managed to injure myself overnight. I have no idea how, I have no idea when, but I went to bed 100% fine and woke up the next morning unsure if I was going to be able to run or walk the 5K I was signed up for. WTH??
You might be wondering what injury I woke up with, right? 
Did I get a massive leg camp in the middle of the night that ripped my calf muscle to shreds? No. I do get those from time to time, but it wasn't the culprit this time.

Oh, did I get up in the middle of the night and roll my ankle tripping over some house shoes? Nope. 

Maybe I had such a vivid dream about running, I ran myself right out of bed and got hurt from the fall? Not even close, but I have fallen out of bed before and hurt my ribs. Painful!

Here's the deal. I have no idea what I did, but I must have slept wrong ON MY TOES because when I woke up, the toe next to the big one (does that toe have a name?) was so painful I could barely walk! Is it even possible to sleep wrong on your toe? Clearly it is, and I guess I'm just talented enough to do it. 

When I got up Saturday morning to start getting ready for the race I almost fell to the floor in pain. I could stand ok, but to have my foot go through the full range of motion (heel to toe) it was incredibly painful. It almost felt like I had jammed it, but I didn't hit it on anything. Not that I remember anyway and wine was NOT involved. :)  I tried putting on my running socks and had to switch to a larger pair because even the snug fit was hurting.  I also had to switch shoes to a different pair with a larger toe box.  

I decided to go to the 5k even though my toe wasn't feeling it because honestly I've ran much longer races in far more pain. 3 miles with a little toe problem is nothing compared to a 50K with a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis. 
For real!
During the run the toe actually got a little better but was still pretty tender the rest of the day. When I woke up on Sunday, it felt pretty much fine.

So that's the story of how I did nothing but injured myself in my sleep. Go figure.

3 or 4 Half Marathon Debate Update

In a recent blog post, I debated whether or not the Hubbo and I should pick up a 4th Half marathon for the month of April. Well, after very little research and consideration the Hubbo and I decided to pass on the 4th Half Marathon. I know, I know. It's not very Half Fanatic of me. But I think it's the smart thing to do. Here's why:
  • This is the first training session I haven't had to spend a lot of time (and money) at the Chiropractor's office. 
  • We already have 3 Half Marathons on the books and I feel like adding a 4th race 24 hours after the 3rd one, might be pushing my luck.
  • While it is logistically possible to make the drive from Olathe, Kansas for the Garmin Half Marathon to Oklahoma City for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon, it would add some stress to the weekend and girls just wanna have fun! Right, Cyndi Lauper? 

Question! Have you ever woke up with a random injury? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Recently I wrote a blog about Treadmill games which you can find here. When I go to the gym I don't like to be bored or I won't go. I think that's why I like my lunch boot camp because I get to work out with other people and we make it fun.

A few weeks ago in boot camp one of the personal trainers introduced me to a new game. And by game, he really meant 4 minutes of torture for my arms. Thanks C! 

Have you ever heard that song by Moby called Flower? No? Well you probably don't recognize the title (like me) because part of the lyrics are more popular than the real title. According to Ask.com, Bring Sally Up is part of the lyrics to the song Flower by Moby. Who knew? This is evidently a big deal in the fitness/cross fit world when it comes to push up challenges. Just try looking it up on Google and you'll see what I mean.

Here's how it works. The song is ~ 4 minutes long and you hit play and get ready to do push ups.

When the lyrics say BRING SALLY UP, you push up and hold it.
When the lyrics says BRING SALLY DOWN, you go down and hold it until it says BRING SALLY UP.

Repeat until the song is over or until your arms just die.

I made it about 17 seconds before my arms gave out. Not even kidding. This is hard. See below for a video I grabbed off YouTube.

You can modify this game using the same up and down cues if you aren't into push ups and use different exercises.
Here are some other exercises you could do:

1. Squats
2. Wall Sits
3. Curls
4. Chair Dips <---That one is going to suck!
5. Bench Press (You Might want to have someone spot you)

Disclaimer - I'm a Ginger, not a Personal Trainer or a Doctor. You shouldn't just pick up crazy new gym routines without consulting a professional first. Just sayin...

This YouTube video is from the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. I don't know them, just liked their video and wanted to share it with you as a visual aid for the Sally Up Game. 

Leave a Comment! What other gym games are out there that I don't know about?

You can never have too many Half Marathons in April right?
Here at the RunGingerRun house, we are gearing up for a busy month of races!
I'm super excited, a little nervous, and ready all at the same time because I just want to RUN ALL THE RACES!!!

So far for April we have 3 half marathons scheduled. And by "so far" I mean that as of today, I've toyed with the idea of picking up a fourth Half marathon thanks to the inspiration I got from reading Kristy's blog posts over at PGHRunner.com about her back-to-back half marathons in one weekend! She's a ginger and a total bad ass racer so check out her blog if you haven't already! 

The idea has been planted and now I must try to see if it is possible, smart, and likely that I can convince the Hubbo to join me. We'll see!

So here is what we have officially on the books for April. 
First up on April 5th is the Aquarium Run here in Tulsa. I ran this half marathon a couple years ago and it was actually my very first half ever. I'm pretty excited to run this race for a few reasons.
1. It's here in my hometown, Tulsa.
2. The course is 100% FLAT
3. If I'm going to try to PR, this is the course to try it on and the time to do it because it's the first race of the month.

The second race of the season is the one I'm most excited about because it's a destination race for us. In LAS VEGAS!!!

On April 19th we will run this one time only race, the Mustang 50th Anniversary Half Marathon.
I found out about this race on Twitter thanks to my friend George and once we realized it was a one time only event, we had to sign up. Who can pass up an opportunity like that? Oh and they are also giving away a custom Ford Mustang to one lucky runner! You don't have to win the race to win the car so I might actually walk away from a race as a winner! Fingers Crossed!

The third and final race that is officially on the books for us is the Garmin Half Marathon in Olathe, Kansas on April 26th. It's about a four hour or so drive for us.
This is just an extra race we decided to pick up this season because we know sooooo many people doing it. I swear about half of my running club is going to this race this year. Also, this race is on a Saturday so we won't miss much work. Added bonus, we'll get to stop by a Trader Joe's on the way and restock our wine! 
This race also has cool medals which are Wizard of Oz themed, which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time! 
The medal looks pretty cool too. This is the half medal for 2014. According to their Facebook page, it even glows in the dark. 

And here's the fourth race that I am possibly considering picking up so I can do back-to-back half marathons.
The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is on Sunday April 27th. That is one day after our third race for the month. Eek!
I've ran this race before and it was my actual second half marathon back in 2012. 
This race has a special place in the heart of every Oklahoma runner. The Oklahoma City Bombing is something we'll never forget and this run is dedicated to those who were lost that day. #Run2Remember

Now, I need to see how feasible this really is.
1. How much is it? ($80 each plus a hotel)
2. Can I even get a hotel room close to the starting line this late in the game?
3. Will I make it through my first three half marathons without injury? 
4. Will the Hubbo agree to this crazy idea?
5. How long is the drive from Olathe, KS to Oklahoma City? (~4.5 hours) 
6. Will we have time to stop at Trader Joe's?!?
7. Is it worth all the trouble??

I probably need someone to talk me out of this! :) 

Questions! Would you do 4 Half Marathons in a month? Would you do back-to-back races in the same weekend?
Am I crazy for wanting to do all these?

Hello Running Buddies! How has your running or training been going? 

Yesterday The Hubbo and my P-Town friends ran a fun little 5K here in Tulsa called the Goo Run.  

The Goo run is exactly what it sounds like. A messy gooey fun 5K. It is a traveling fun 5K similar to Warrior Dash or the Color Run. You can see where they will be next by clicking here. It's a little expensive for a 5k, so sign up early or follow them on Facebook to see the discount codes they put out frequently.

Have you ever signed up for a race with your friends months in advance and at the time you thought "Oh yeah, let's do this race, it will be fun!" and then the day of the race you wonder what the hell you were thinking? Or maybe you thought to yourself "Was I drinking when I agreed to this?" No? Just me? Weird. 

Well at first when my friends mentioned doing the Goo Run I was all like...

I thought sure! A messy 5K sounds like a great idea!
Then we showed up to the event and it was cold and windy and then I was all....
The Goo was all slimy and green and I thought it was going to be super cold but it wasn't too bad. 

Plus, in this 5K you got a shirt and a "medal" when you crossed the finish line. I use the term medal loosely though. 
This was me before the race. I have no idea what The Hubbo and I were thinking but we showed up to run this 5K and the temps were in the low 40s with some strong wind coming from the North. It was way too cold for shorts! 

Also - I realize I'm being a total rookie here and 1. I'm wearing the shirt from the event and 2. It's cotton.

This is the before photo. We look all nice and excited and clean.

That didn't last long.

The fun run started 15 minutes before the 5K and the 5K runners got to shoot Goo all over the fun runners. It was messy and people were shooting Goo all over. I was a total chicken and tried to avoid the pre-run Goo even though I knew in less than 15 minutes I'd be covered in it.

Here we are after the race.

We ran through a Goo waterfall at the very beginning and the very end. We ran through 5 Goo stations where volunteers were shooting Goo directly at us.  We got lucky on one of the Goo stations and ran by without getting hit because the volunteers had to reload their Goo guns. 
The Hubbo ran most of the race alone and us girls hung back and made inappropriate comments during the 3 mile run. Because we are mature and all. I'm sure you can imagine so I won't go into detail. 

PictureGoo Run Medal 2014
Here are the "medals" from the Goo Run.
They are kinda cool and unique but since they are plastic with Goo inside of them, I suspect that in a few years the Goo will be dried up or turn brown or something not as pretty as right now.

Tips for the Goo Run 5K

Here are a few tips to help you have the most fun possible at the Goo run. 

  1. Bring friends! This was way more fun with my friends than it would have been had I done it alone. Plus, people that you just met may not appreciate your hilarious yet inappropriate comments. :) 
  2. Wear a "clean" layer of clothing. And by that I mean, were a pair of shorts and a tank top as a base layer that won't get exposed to the Goo. There weren't any changing areas or showers so we had to strip down as much as possible in the parking lot before we got into the car. Bring plenty of towels. 
  3. Wipe the Goo off as soon as possible. The stuff is made out of a jelly silicon like substance and when it dries on your skin it cracks and kinda hurts.
  4. Take Pictures! You'll want proof that you were able to tolerate a crazy, silly, mess to show off to all your friends and make them totally jealous that they aren't as cool as you.
  5. Don't wear your good running shoes/clothes. We had to wash our clothes twice and our running shoes three times. I wore an old pair of shoes, but the Hubbo wore his good pair. Luckily everything did come out clean.
  6. Wear a hat! It's almost impossible to get Goo out of long hair. So you may want to cover it up. I wish I had, but it's too late now. I'll be pulling Goo out of my long Ginger locks for weeks! 
  7. Wear sunglasses. They Goo volunteers found it to be a personal challenge that if you covered your face while running through a Goo station, that is exactly where they wanted to hit you with Goo. So wear some sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
  8. Check out parking before the event. They charged $10 for parking if you parked in the parking lot adjacent to the starting line, but if we parked across the street, it was free.

Leave a comment! Have you done the Goo Run? What messy/fun runs have you been a part of?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
How did you celebrate this year? A fun 5K? A night out on the town with friends? A day filled with harassing all your co-workers who didn't wear green today? 

I fell into that last category. I forgot to wear green and spent the better part of the day in my office hoping no one would notice. Luckily, I survived! Whew!

Every year on St. Patrick's day I get asked the typical, "You have red hair, you must be Irish?" question. Well sorry to burst your ginger-loving bubble, I'm not Irish. 
Usually, after I let people down easily and tell him I'm not an O'Connor or an O'Neil then they follow up with another assumption, "Oh, so you must be Scottish?" Nope! I'm not a McDuffie or a McCracken either. Although, if I did have the last name McCracken, I would totally run around all the time and threaten to RELEASE THE CRACKEN when I get mad. Good news for you all, I can't do that because that's not my last name.

Anyways, back to my typical St. Patrick's Day conversation. Usually after people hear I'm not Irish or Scottish they stand there, looking confused. That's when I let them in on my secret. I'm Native American, Cherokee to be exact. I even have my fancy CDIB card and all. 

I know, I know! You all are probably saying this right now, Native Americans don't have red hair! Welp, It's true. It can happen. In fact, in college one of my Native American Studies classes was lead by a professor (a Native American herself) who said that a lot of Indians actually have red headed descendants nowadays. I don't know all the science involved but there's something about Native American genes mixing with Caucasian genes and producing redheaded babies. Ta da! 

                                17 Running Confessions

In honor of St. Patrick's Day today and to tie this blog into running, here at 17 running confessions or things about me. 

1. I can't run in a straight line. (Sorry running buddies!)
2. I hate the consistency of running gel's.
3. I think about the Boston Marathon every single time I run.
4. I can't do math when I run. Or spell for that matter. 
5. I wear soccer shorts to run in instead of running shorts because they fit me better.
6. I've recently decided that I'm a Saucony shoe lover. Sorry Brooks, we are breaking up!
7. I'm currently trying to decide if I can do the Hal Higdon marathon method this fall in my marathon and be successful at it. (Run a mile, walk a minute)
8. I recently applied to be an Ambassador for Bibrave.com because I'm pretty much a huge fan of that site and the people behind it. (Finger's crossed that I get it!) 
9. Blah blah blah...
10. Number 9 was just to see if you were paying attention.
11. I have 3 Half Marathons scheduled in April. 
12. Number 11 makes me nervous.
13. I haven't had to go to the Chiropractor at all this training session! (Knock on Wood!)
14. It's now my goal to avoid the Chiro for this entire training session.
15. I've never ran a St. Patrick's day 5K, even though I know of two of them in my area.
16. I'm addicted to running socks right now and have to keep myself from buying a pair every time to I go to my favorite running store. 
17. I just realized that 17 things about me is too many so, The End.

Leave a Comment! 
What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? 
Or What are some running confessions about YOU!

PictureNight Runner or Cave Spelunker?
Hey Running Buddies! It's been a minute since my last blog and I thought it was time to get back into the blogging game and catch you up on what's been happening at the RGR House since last month.

There hasn't really been a reason that I haven't blogged in the last month, just got lazy or uninspired I guess. 
And now, for my next trick, I'm going to condense 5 weeks of blogging into one blog! In pictures, of course. Here we go!

Picture2014 Sweetheart Run 10K in Tulsa
The Hubbo and I ran the Sweetheart Run 10K here in Tulsa for Valentine's Day in February. We also entered the costume contest as Conversation Hearts and won. Kinda.
I say we kinda won because not many people entered the costume contest but it's a W and I'll take it!

Yes, we ran the entire 10K with those on. It was a little windy that day too. 

I finally bought a pair (or 6) of shoes that weren't running shoes and may have gone a little crazy at the sale!
Apparently, I like flats!

But, I only spent $93 on all the shoes so I consider it a win!

(Not so) Funny Story.

After a Saturday run a couple weeks ago the Hubbo and I went to a nearby town to help my dad with a house that he is going to remodel. When we got back, I took my dog, Zoey, outside to do her thing. This picture is of our backyard and you can kind of see the field and hill behind it.
I was standing on my patio and  I could hear a little girl screaming for help. She just kept saying "Someone help me!!" and "Help me please!". So I just knew she had probably fallen down the hill and she was stranded in that field, all alone with a broken leg or sprained ankle or something. She sounded so scared and pitiful. So I gave Zoey to the Hubbo and ran through my backyard, through the field towards the hill. Now you are probably wondering what I found when I got to her. Was her leg broken? No. Was her ankle sprained? No. Did she fall down and get an owie on her knee? Nope! I ran all that way only to find her standing there in the middle of the field and her Dad at the top of the hill on his bike! So I asked him if they were okay and his response:
"yeah, she's just scared of a spider"
Umm what? She's been screaming bloody murder for 5 minutes over a freaking spider!?!? 
Cool. Glad I ran up this field to help your daughter so you could stay on your bike on the top of the hill! 

I got a haircut (Thanks Rustie!) and took the obligatory just-left-the-salon selfie and posted it on Instagram. 

You're Welcome. 

The Hubbo and I were the best ginger candle lighters ever at our friends wedding and may have had a little too much fun with the photo booth! 

Congrats Chad and Erin!

My monthly subscription to Stridebox came in the mail last week and I was pretty excited! 

See the pic below for the contents of the box. 

I heard the FLUID Recovery drink wasn't that great and I tried the Salted Caramel GU today on my 10 mile run. The flavor of the GU was fine, I just can't do the texture! Ugh!
Also - according to Instagram the FIT Peanut Butter Crunch bar is amazing. I haven't tried it yet. 

I went to the Miley Cyrus concert here in Tulsa and took this awesomely awkward photo with my Ginger-In-Crime, Amber!

In my defense, someone was about to walk right into our shot. I'm pretty sure she was probably wearing ridiculously too short jean shorts and a crop top too.

I ate this piece of Pie on Pi Day (March 14th or 3.14)

Random Fact!

In Jr High my math teacher, Mr. Gilliland, had us memorize Pi out to 26 spots after the decimal. I still remember this much without Googling it.