Hi Running Buddies!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Today I decided it was time to share with you my story about THE BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER

In my last blog post you all know that I celebrated my birthday recently but what you didn't know was all the shenanigans that took place after that post was published! 

If you don't read any more of this post, at least look at the pictures from my birthday event! 

Friday Night

Last Friday Night (now that Katy Perry song is stuck in your head isn't it? #You'reWelcome) I went to Happy Hour after some of my friends got off work. We went to bar called Baker's Street which is Sherlock Holmes themed and isn't too far from my house. That night Happy Hour turned into Appetizer Hour and then Desert Hour. It was a lot of fun, but since I was off work and didn't know how busy the bar would be, I got there super early and got us a table for our entire group. Turns out, day drinking by yourself at 5:00pm on a Friday while sitting at a table made for 8 people isn't a normal thing. Weird! I got a lot of funny looks from people while I sat alone at my GIANT table waiting on my friends with a beer or two. It's ok, don't feel bad for me. Me and Mr. Beer had a good time while we waited. 

Saturday Morning

The Hubbo and I got up super early on Saturday morning and drove an hour north to his parent's house. We left Tulsa on about 5 hours of sleep to walk a 5K with my Mother-In-Law. The 5K was a small race that wasn't chip timed and had a pretty small turn out. Every time I tried to run ahead of The Hubbo and his mom to get "action shots" with my camera for the blog, she would take off running! 
Linda, we really need to work on your race photo etiquette! :) 

We all had a good time bantering back and forth and we even didn't finish last so that's cool. I think we finished around 51 or 52 minutes.
After the race, they had a drawing for about a billion "door" prizes and The Hubbo won a Oil Change and Car Wash from a local dealership. I won nothing. ::Insert Sad Music Here:: They clearly didn't know that it was my birthday weekend. Or didn't care. Either way...Rude! :) 

Saturday Night Shenanigans!

PictureTeam Zombie Killers ready for the Hunt!
Each time I throw a party I like to try to do something fun and different than the norm. This year was probably my favorite event of all time! I started planning this party about 3-4 weeks in advance and all I did was set up a Facebook invite and tell my friends we were going to do a "fun activity." A few weeks later I updated the event and told them to wear team shirts, bring their cell phones, and meet me in a random parking lot. Classy, I know! Why the even agreed to such a non-detailed and slightly creepy invitation for the night, I don't know! 

When we all got there I let the cat out of the bag and told them we were doing a scavenger hunt around Tulsa! They had to collect the items or take pictures with the items and then meet up 2 hours later at the restaurant. There were even prizes up for grabs worth $90 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! 

Once the two hour time limit was over, we met up at the restaurant and exchanged scavenger hunt stories. There were tall tales of fast driving, approaching strangers, stalking Sonic Car Hops, and running through a few local Wal-Marts all in the pursuit of fun and winning first place!

The best part about this was the dinner conversation. Even though not all my friends knew each other, this gave us plenty of common material to talk about and there was never a dull moment or lull in conversation at dinner. Seriously, the best! 

Also in a couple months I hope my friends go through the pictures on their phones and look back and all the fun shenanigans of the night and get a little chuckle out of the ridiculous pictures they collected. 

The Scavenger Hunt List

1 Point Items
  •          Blue Car Pic
  •          Silver SUV Pic
  •          Stranger’s Tattoo Pic
  •          Ginger Stranger Pic
  •          Orange Road Cone Pic
  •          Check In at a random place on Facebook
  •          Take a Selfie with a Gas Pump
  •          Collect 1 Ketchup Packet
  •          Collect Salt and Pepper Packet
  •          Ask Stranger for their autograph
  •          Tulsa Penguins Pic – 1 Pt for each unique penguin
  •          Ride Coin Operated Toy – Pic
  •          Golden Arches – Pic
  •          Take a Selfie with your team

3 Point Items
  •          Nissan Juke Pic
  •          Scion XB Pic
  •          Stranger’s Tramp Stamp  Pic
  •          Female Redheaded Stranger  Pic
  •          Man walking small dog Pic
  •          Custom License Plate Pic 
  •          Runner Pic
  •          Bathroom Graffiti  Pic
  •          Golden Driller Pic
  •          Admiral Twin Pic

5 Point Items
  •          Get a Stranger’s Autograph have stranger hold autograph & get pic!
  •          Misspelled Marquee Pic
  •          Biker Fox Pic
  •          ORU Praying Hands Pic
  •          Blue Nissan Juke Pic 
  •          Silver Scion XB Pic 
  •          Sonic Car Hop Pic
  •          Buy Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – Give to Birthday Girl :)
  •          Pay Phone Pic
  •          Leprechaun Pic – 10 points!
  •          Unicorn Pic – 10 points! 

Scavenger Hunt Pics

The After Party

After dinner a handful of us wanted to go to one of my favorite dive bars and continue the fun. We didn't realize it was karaoke night, but that was just an added bonus and a thoughtful birthday surprise for me on behalf of the bar I'm sure. The bar guy gave me a free shot in honor of my birthday (how sweet) and it was the WORST SHOT EVER! It was called Dragon's Blood or Dragon's Breath but it was AWFUL! It was so hot and spicy that I couldn't take the whole thing and it made my mouth hurt for at least 3.5 minutes. Ugh! Never trust the bar guy when he says he'll give you a free shot but it's HIS choice! Lesson learned! 

After we left the bar, Team Jager was staying with me so we, of course, had to have a few shots of Jager at the house. I was able to easily convince Lindsay that she needed to model my super fancy and oh-so-sweet adult onesie that her mom bought for me back in 6th grade! Yes I still have it and yes it still fits! 

Around midnight, after several hours of drinking and a full bottle of Jager later, we decided it was a good idea to bake cookies. Because, you know, of course it is! 

Obviously they were super delicious! 
Luckily we managed to pull that off with only minor burns on my behalf because I suck at taking things out of the oven and not letting hot things touch my skin even when alcohol isn't involved. Oh and the house is still standing. Whew! 

At the end of the night, we managed to make sure the oven was off, the lights were off, the alarm was set before we all went to bed. I felt pretty good about my level of responsibility until the next morning when I realized I left the garage door open all night. Oops! Fail! Oh well, #YOLO! 

Midnight Cookies!

Question! What did you do for your Birthday?

PictureBirthday Girl Wearing My New Necklace!
Today is my birthday! I'm home from work today because my company is super cool and we get our birthday off as a holiday. #YouShouldBeJealous

Last month a friend and fellow blogger, Bethany aka Half Marathon Mama, did something cool on her Birthday and listed 31 things about her on her 31st bday. I thought to myself that I should really do that because my birthday is coming up. And then I thought, how am I going to come up with 31 things??!?? 

There's a problem with my logic, y'all. 

I'm not turning 31. I was already 31 when I read her post. I turned 32 today. But for some reason in my mind even though I knew I was 31, I wasn't going to be 32. I was still going to be 31. I know, I know! It doesn't make sense! 

I even thought about my upcoming birthday all the time over the last month and it didn't even occur to me that I was going to be 32 UNTIL THIS WEEK! Like 3 days ago! I was totally blown away! I guess it was my way of telling myself subconsciously that I am ready to stop aging! Ugh, is that possible? Can I just stop aging now?

32 Things About Me Because I Am 32

  1. Up until 3 days ago I just knew I was celebrating my 31st Birthday today
  2. I was wrong, I'm 32 ::Insert Sad Music Here::
  3. I think I'm Funny, The Hubbo may or may not agree
  4. I like to take pictures of The Hubbo when he's sleeping
  5. He thinks #4 is creepy
  6. I don't own anything that is Pink
  7. I never take myself too seriously
  8. I am not a girl that cries a lot 
  9. I crave sugar like a crack fiend (Great, now I want a cookie)
  10. I just recently started to like avocados
  11. The picture above is me wearing a Squash Blossom necklace my mother-in-law made. She used beads from my paternal grandmother's Native American jewelry shop that we salvaged when we cleaned out her house recently. It was made with love and is now my favorite necklace because it represents both sides of my family! (My side and the Hubbo's side)
  12. I have trouble spelling the word restaurant every. single. time.
  13. Oh my god, we are only on #13
  14. My hometown, Pawhuska, has the largest armature rodeo in the world each July! Be jealous!
  15. I say "y'all" a lot on purpose because I think it's fun
  16. I competed in pole vaulting in high school and was terrible at it
  17. I painted my nails last night to match the paint job on my car
  18. The Hubbo and I met when I was in High School
  19. I'm pretty sure the Thunder won last night as an early birthday present to me. You're Welcome!
  20. I just finished a 3 day juice fast
  21. I've worked at the same company for 7 years
  22. I sing to The Hubbo every time we get in the car even though I'm a terrible singer
  23. He doesn't sing along with me. Rude!
  24. I sold ballet shoes, tights, and leotards in college but I've never taken dance lessons
  25. 24 is my favorite number
  26. Blah Blah Blah
  27. No one is probably reading this at this point anyway
  28. I just remembered I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer
  29. I wake up at 7:19 every day and have to be at work at 8:00. I'm never late.
  30. I have 9 blog posts in my drafts just waiting to come out and play
  31. I'm a notary
  32. My newest obsession is SnapChat 
The Hubbo's Bday present to me! Love it!

Question! How do you plan to celebrate your Birthday?

If you've had the pleasure (or torture) to hang around runners for any amount of time, you know that we have a language all of our own. AND WE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT RUNNING A LOT! 
You may have wondered to yourself, "What does PR mean?" or "What does BQ stand for?" or even "How far is a 15k?" But you probably didn't want to ask for fear of sounding like you were out-of-the-know or fear of dragging the conversation on any longer and having to pretend like you care. I get it. I know I have wondered those exact thoughts myself. So don't worry, Boo! I got you! Today I am demystifying all that runner's jargon for you with my very own Guide to Runner's Language!

Chub Rub - The unfortunate occurrence that happens when parts of your body are a little chubbier than you'd like and rub together while you run. 
Example - See my thighs.

Rungry - The insatiable hunger that ensues immediately after a long run. Also occurs as you ramp up your mileage while training for a long distance race. 

Hangry - When you are beyond Rungry and so hungry you are angry, irritable, and just unpleasant to be around until food is in your belly!

PR - Personal Record (Seems Americans use this one more)

PB - Personal Best (Seems like the rest of the world uses this one)

5K - A 3.1 mile race

10K - A 6.2 mile race

15K - A 9.3 mile race

25K - A 15.5 mile race

Half Marathon - A 13.1 mile race

Marathon or Full Marathon - A 26.2 mile race

Ultra or Ultra Marathon - A race that is any distance longer than 26.2 miles. That means that my first marathon was technically an ultra coming in at 26.5 miles since I elected to do the extra detour. 

The Wall - The invisible force that jumps out and smacks you in the face as you are running a great race ultimately taking away any chance at a PR by making you super exhausted and tired all of a sudden. Often shows up when you've gone out too fast in a race.
Example - I hit the wall at mile 22 and it was all bad news from there! 

Skinny Up! - No, this doesn't mean go on a crash diet. It is a directive shouted out by a running coach letting you know the group is taking up too much of the road and you need to line up so you won't get hit by a car. Safety first kids!

Car Back! - A car is approaching your running group from behind you. Look out!

Biker Up! - A person on a bike is approaching you from the front, be aware and share the road!

Hole! - A runner yells this out who may be 10-15 feet ahead of you so you will know not to step in the hole in the ground and injure yourself. 

BQ - Boston Qualifier or Boston Qualify or Boston Qualified
Also means to run a marathon fast enough to meet the criteria to run the Boston Marathon. 

Little Potty - A polite way to tell your running group you have to urinate. 
Example - I need a little potty break.

Big Potty - A polite way to tell your running group you have to do the opposite of urinate. 
Example - Runner 1: I need to go to the bathroom. Runner 2: Do you need to go Little Potty or Big Potty?
Runner 1: Big Potty!

Bling - Another name for the finisher medal you get when you finish a race. 

Bib - The number you must wear when you run a race to help race directors keep track of who's who for safety and timing reasons. They are usually made of Tyvek material and are impossible to pin on your shirt without looking like a drunk toddler helped you. #AlwaysOffCenter 

Swag - The extra "free" stuff that you get when you register for a race. Sometimes they are awesome product samples, t-shirts, tech shirts, gloves, bags, water bottles, etc. 

Marathon Maniac - A club of maniacal marathon runners who run marathons.   A lot of marathons. Each Maniac is assigned a number and often they are displayed on social media like this:

Half Fanatic - A club of half crazy fanatical runners who don't go all the way. Also assigned an individual number like this:

The Course if Flat - A lie other runners or race directors tell you to make you falsely believe you can run this particular race with less effort than expected while aiming for a PR. 
Definition #2 - A vary rare phenomenon not seen very often in long distance races. Most runners equate a flat course to the existence of Unicorns, Big Foot, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, and El Chupacabra. 

The Course is Hilly - A true description of most half marathon and full marathon courses. 
Definition #2 - The immediate description from every runner who has ever been lied to about a flat course. Also could be the reason many runners missed a PR. Example: I didn't get a PR because the course was so hilly!

Question! Leave a comment and tell me what terminology you use with your running buddies?

Happy Saturday Running Buddies!

Today feels so weird to me. This is the first Saturday since January that we didn't have a training run with our group or a race! And I almost couldn't stand it. I even found a local 5K that was taking place today and almost signed us up last minute. The Hubbo has had a very busy week at work and very little sleep so I decided to pass. In fact, he's at work right now and since I'm just hanging out at home I thought I'd do a blog. I've been thinking about what to blog about today and a lot of bloggers do Silent Saturday but clearly I have too much to say for that! So I was looking through my phone at my pictures for inspiration and turns out, I take a lot of selfies y'all! Please tell me I'm not alone?
So having way more selfies than any 31 year old lady should have inspired me to confess and post some of my favorites that you may or may not have been assaulted with already. ;) Is assault by selfie a real thing? In this day and age it probably should be.
Is Selfie-Saturday a thing already? If not, I'm totally taking credit for it.

The I'm-Running-A-Half-Marathon Selfie
The He-Doesn't-Know-I'm-Taking-This Selfie
The Shots-Shots-Shots Selfie
The 66ers-Game Selfie
The Windows-Down-Sunroof-Open-Radio-Up Selfie
The We-Look-Fancy-Let's-Take-A-Selfie, Selfie
The I'm-Excited-My-StrideBox-Is-Here Selfie
The Zoey-Is-Not-Impressed-Selfie
The Zoey-Likes-To-Take-Selfies, Selfie
The Zoey-Is-Telling-Me-Secrets Selfie
The Just-Left-The-Salon Selfie
The Look-At-My-Hair Selfie
The We-Are-In-Vegas Selfie
The Not-Impressed-I-Have-Bronchitis-Selfie
The One-More-Selife-Won't-Hurt Selfie
Things I learned from this blog:
  • I take A LOT of selfies #SorryNotSorry
  • I take a lot of selfies with my dog
  • I clearly only take selfies when I'm wearing my sunglasses
  • I had about 749 more that didn't make the cut for this blog
  • Apparently I like to take pics of my feet as well
  • I also have a thing for taking selfies in the car. (Not while driving of course!)
  • The forward facing camera on my phone takes terrible photos

Confession Time! How many selfies do you have on your phone? Please tell me I'm not alone! 


So I've been blogging for a little over a year and a half so I'm pretty sure that means I'm a total pro at this stuff. Ha! 
Not really, in reality I know my blog is still just a tiny little baby. One day I'll grow up and be big and strong just like the other run blogs out there! ;) 

I've blogged about tips for bloggers in the past but I've recently added a few more tools to my repertoire and wanted to share the love! 

Confession: I'm totally addicted to Google Analytics. For real.
I know what you are probably saying, But RGR doesn't your blog come with stats or insights?
Yes. And they suck!

Google Analytics is a free service but you have to have a g-mail account. No problem! I love GA because it has a date range feature and a real time feature. The analytics that came with my blog don't have either of those. Also the keyword feature is mucho better-o! (<---white girl Spanish) 

The Date Range Feature allows me to look at a day at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time, or a year at a time. It doesn't matter. I can pick whatever date range I want. In the analytical tool that came with my blog, I can look at the month or the current year and that's about it. I can't even look at several months together to look at the first quarter or anything like that. Lame!

The Key Word Feature is great because it tells me what phrase or key words people used to land on my blog. These are hilarious! Here are a few of my favorites from 2014!
  • Don't eat after lunch
  • game racing ginger bear
  • dirt nail
  • Ginger disadvantages (PS - there are none! :P )
  • Huge snow suit
  • One of my favorite things gets undress (Umm what??)
  • What are the things related to me? (Family, your family is related to you)

You guys, the Real Time Feature is going to make me sound creepy but I'll tell you anyway!
This feature shows me a map of the world and who is actively on my blog in real time! Meaning that if I publish a blog and then look at my Google Analytics page the map will start to get little orange dots on it and it tells me what city you're in! So awesome and yet so creepy now that I'm sharing this with you. #SorryNotSorry

If you are considering making some changes to your blog or are unsure something about your blog, you can sign up for a free SurveyMonkey account and let your readers weigh in on the topic. I did an 8 question survey a while back and it was so helpful! It gave me insights to questions that Google Analytics couldn't tell me. Such as, Should I change my blog name? What do you all like to read about on RGR?
After I completed my survey I shared the results with you all in fun little pie charts. I used a free website called ChartGo.com It was pretty easy, it was fast, and it was also the first one I came across and I legit did zero research. So, there's that.

Things to know about SurveyMonkey: It's free but you are limited on the number of questions you can ask and the number of responses you can collect. For the free account you can see the first 100 responses. There are options to upgrade to a professional account for around $200 a year if you want more access to all the features. For now, I'm keeping it free! 

MailChimp is a free email blast service. If you look over to the right side of my blog right under my picture you will see a place to enter your email address and get updates about my blog via email. I put that form up a while ago, but then never really did anything with it. Until people started really sending in their emails to me and I figured I'd better get on it! So I did a Google search for Free Email Blast and MailChimp came up. Just like SurveyMonkey they have a free option, although it is limited to having 2000 people on your mailing list. I'm far from that number so it's working for me right now. Free is Fabulous! 

Question! What free tools do you like to use for work, your blog, or your daily life?
Oh and what apps do you LOVE right now?

Last weekend The Hubbo and I hit the road and traveled about an hour north to run a small race in my hometown, Pawhuska (Paw-husk-ah) Oklahoma. I haven't ran in my hometown since I was in High School but it felt great to go back and run on some familiar roads and see some familiar faces! 

The Medal

PictureRun For The Health of It 5K Medal 2014
I always start my race recaps off by showing you all a picture of the medal. (If there is a medal to show.) I figure you might get board and if you only stick around for half the blog, I want you to see my bling! I'm a total blink junkee and I'm proud of it.

I'm super proud of this medal! 


Because I got it with a new 5K PR and my first ever 1st Place Age Group Win!

Disclaimer - This race was tiny! So before you get really proud of me and check to see if Nike wants to sign a deal with me, they probably won't. Besides, I'm more of a Saucony girl anyways. But you never know! ;) 

The Course

The course was 100% flat! There wasn't even a noticeable incline or bridge or anything that we had to climb. Don't get me wrong, Pawhuska has it's fair share of hills, but the race directors were kind enough to avoid them! 
The course is USATF certified for the 5K. 

Parking was not an issue at all. The race started at the Cultural Park and we got there early enough my parents parked the car and were facing the finish line directly so they could watch us finish from the car if they wanted to. 

The Swag

PictureRun For The Health of It Shirt and Bottle 2014
The swag was actually really good for such a cheap 5K. I think I paid $22 for the 5k and fees. 
We got a nice water bottle, a shirt, and our bib and the race was professionally timed, plus there were awards for age groups.

Is bib considered swag? I know it's required to race, but I keep all mine so I like to think it's a swag-ish. Also, all bibs are not created equal. Some are fancier than others. 

Side note! - I need to really work on my photography skills for my blog. I'll take a pic on my phone and think it looks good and as soon as I upload it, I realize that I am NOT a good photographer. #SorryNotSorry

My Experience

This race was the toughest 5K I've ever done! Here's why:
  • We ran 3 Half Marathons in April and this race was one week after our last HM. 
  • I had bronchitis before, during, and after the race.
  • I started a low carb diet the week before the race.
  • It's getting hot in Oklahoma and I'm not a hot weather runner! 
You can see how exhausted I was by my causal stroll after I crossed the finish line.  I felt fine for the first two miles and was on pace to SMASH my PR but then I totally tanked from 2-3. I also started coughing from my bronchitis and had to take a quick walk break just so I could breath! 
This race was my toughest but it is also my favorite race of all time now. My Mom and Dad got to see me finish! My Dad was also my own personal race photographer, Thanks Dad! 

My Stats:
27:47 (6 second PR)
4th Female Overall
1st in My Age Group.

You can check out my April races HERE, HERE, and HERE. You can also check out my recaps on Bibrave.com

The Hubbo

PictureThe Hubbo with the Top 3 Males Overall
You guys!! The Hubbo had a great race! Not only did he get a new 5K PR of 24:14, he got first in his Age Group, and finished in the Top 3 Males overall! 
So proud of him and especially after he ran his second fastest half marathon in Garmin one week before! 

More Pics!

Just me, getting my medal!
This just shows you HOW tired I really was. I can barely wave!

Ok! I've bragged enough! It's YOUR turn. What race accomplishment are you MOST proud of?

Now that my Spring 2014 racing season is winding down, I thought I would transition my blog into some other topics until my training picks back up in July. In a recent survey I did, I asked my blog readers what they like to read about on RGR blog and I was a little surprised to see that 32% of you said you like to read about Ginger Shenanigans. So this blog was inspired by that and a recent conversation I had with an acquaintance of mine who called me and the Hubbo "Interesting People". So clearly that means that you all want to know what I do in my free time, right?
Of course you do, keep reading.

The Hubbo and I Go on Dates!

Recently, the Hubbo and I went on a date to our local Drive-In Movie here in Tulsa, the Admiral Twin. We saw Captain America! 
I posted this picture on Instagram.  
The movie was good but the experience of hanging out in your car and watching a movie just makes it all the more fun! If you come to Tulsa in the summer time, you have to do this!

In December the Hubbo and I went ice skating on a day date. That's when I knew that I'd better stick to running because ice skating is hard you guys! I posted this pic on social media and bragged about my high quality skating skills and how I was sure to get into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi! Turns out, I didn't. Weird. 

So Yeah, I'm pretty much ready to go pro!

I Go on Adventures!

A couple months ago the Hubbo and I woke up on a Sunday morning and decided to go on an Adventure! So we loaded up in the car, got gas, and headed south! We drove to Oklahoma City (about an hour and a half away) and went shopping and had lunch for the day before driving home. It's nothing too fancy but it was a lot of fun.
Sometimes we'll wake up and decide to go on a hike and picnic on Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa. One time, we woke up on a Saturday and decided to drive 3+ hours to Springfield, MO just to eat dinner at Lambert's, Home of the Throwed Rolls. So good!!! So bad for your diet!

I'm Addicted to Social Media

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

True Story Y'all.

I'm a sucker for a Twitter Chat too. Mostly because the ones I participate in talk about running and racing. I do #RunChat on Sundays (Time Varies) and I do #BibChat on Tuesdays at 8:00pm CST.

What's a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is an open conversation that uses a hashtag like #RunChat or #BibChat to allow people to follow along and participate in the discussion.  They are fast, they are fun, they are informative, and they are a good way to connect with others on Twitter who share your interests. 

I Go Bowling with Friends

Recently my friend celebrated a birthday and we went downtown to go bowling at The Dust Bowl. I'm not great at bowling but I always have a blast when I go. I consider it a HUGE success if I break 100. If I am able to get even one strike I start to consider going Pro!  Not even joking! :) 

I Go To Concerts

Yes, even in Oklahoma we have big name concerts that come through. I know that most people consider Oklahoma as "fly over country" but there are a lot of cool things to do here! I've seen Lady Gaga, Black-Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, One Republic, The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, and Katy Perry in concert here in Tulsa. This picture is from the Miley concert. She's riding a hot dog because of course she would ride a flying hot dog!
Don't Judge Me!
That concert made me feel old. 

I Buy Shoes in Bulk

And apparently I like flats!
Thanks to Payless I got all these for less than $100. I don't spend much on my casual shoes so I can justify spending $150 on my running shoes.

So what do you like to do for fun besides running and racing?

PicturePhoto from www.lasvegas.com
In April, The Hubbo and I went to Vegas to run the Mustang 50th Half Marathon. While we didn't win the car that they were giving away we did manage to have a blast while we were there! We even won something else! 

The Wedding That Didn't Happen

PictureThe Hubbo and I at Luxor
I'm not the world's best planner when it comes to things like planning fun things to do in Vegas. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into kinda gal for this type of thing. 

BUT! Since it was Vegas and so cliche' I thought it would be fun for The Hubbo and I to get married while we were in Vegas! (Yes, I know we have been married for almost 11 years now, you get the idea). The extent of my planning to make this happen included packing a dress and a pair of heels so I'd look put together in the picture. After all, the picture is really what I wanted the most.
I did absolutely ZERO research on price, venues, etc. So the afternoon after the race The Hubbo and I went to a Starbucks, got out our phones, and started to see what it would take to make this happen. When we started pulling up themed Vegas weddings we were a little shocked to see that most of them were in the $800-$1500 range! Um no thanks!

I was thinking like a fast and furious 10 minute ceremony with Elvis leading us as we vowed our Hunk-o-Burning Love for each other with a quick photo and we'd be done with it. And I was hoping to do this all for less than $200. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Elvis! 

Turns out, Vegas has gotten real fancy y'all! The cheapest one we could find was the Wedding Wagon where they meet you at a location and do the ceremony and you buy the pictures or whatever else was in the package but they failed to call me back or answer my text. Rude! 

So, sadly, we weren't able to get married in Vegas. Whomp Whomp! 
But, we are married in real life so that's kinda cool, I guess. ;)

The High Roller

No, The Hubbo and I didn't drop a lot of cash when we were gambling but we did go to one of the newest attractions in Las Vegas, The High Roller at the Linq!
I found out about this by searching Google for fun things to do in Vegas and we also saw it during our Taxi ride when we were coming in from the airport. 

This thing is so cool! It is the world's largest observation wheel reaching 550 feet high above the Las Vegas strip! The ride takes 30 minutes and the price for our 1:30pm ride was about $25 each. I wish we could have done it at night but we had shows to go to and figured during the day was our best bet. The crazy thing about this is that while it is moving pretty slowly, it didn't ever stop. Like ever! You had to get on while it was still in motion! 
The Hubbo and I grabbed a cocktail and headed up to get on the High Roller and we had our fancy camera with us, totally making us look like tourists (#redhairdontcare) but we had a great time and got some pretty cool pics!

The Hubbo and I 550 Feet Above Las Vegas!

The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Err mah gawd!!! Y'all know that The Hubbo and I are HUGE Walking Dead Fans and pretty much love everything about Zombies. Well if you didn't, now you do! We even dressed up as Zombie Killers for Halloween a few years back and I even wrote a blog about how your running bag is a good Bug-out-Bag in case of the Zombie invasion. Anyways, back to the Vegas vacation. Also while searching Google for stuff to do in Vegas I came across a post about the Zombie Apocalypse store and immediately knew we had to make a trip. It turns out that the store was a couple miles away from our hotel but it wasn't really in a part of town that was good for walking. We had to cross a highway and stuff. When we pulled up to the store at first we weren't sure it was the right place or if they were even open. But upon a closer look we saw all the Zombie stuff and knew we'd found it. Too bad we didn't go to this place on Friday night because they have a Zombie killing game with people who dress up and act like Zombies! I'm picturing it paintball style. 
They had the coolest stuff! They had dehydrated food in bulk, bug out bags, weapons, first aid kits, anything you would need for a real disaster but they also had the fun stuff like t-shirts, zombie books, and Twinkies.

Rule #32 Enjoy the little things.
Bonus points for whoever can tell me what movie that is from!

The Hubbo modeling a real bug-out-bag!
Rule #32 Enjoy the Little Things!
The Hubbo being attacked by a ZOMBIE!
The Hubbo and I fighting for our lives!

The Strip

After the race was over we were free to do as much walking as we wanted so the night of the race we saw a show, see below, and we decided just to walk The Strip and see what kind of ginger shenanigans we could get into. When we came up to New York New York, I decided to recreate a miniature ginger version of the Statue of Liberty. It's pretty close to an exact replica I'm sure. ;) 

The Shows

PictureFront of the Jabbawockeez Theater
We ended up seeing two shows while we were there. Both were located in our hotel, the Luxor, so it made for an easy night of entertainment. 
We saw Cris Angel the first night and The Jabbawockeez the second night.
 Both shows were a little over an hour long but I liked the Jabbawockeez the best! 

The Cris Angel show was a little bit of a let down because he didn't do any of his big stunts. I understand that he's in a small venue but I was expecting more than the dove out of a hat trick. Also security was pretty tight there. Once you got into the theater you weren't allowed to take any pictures. I almost got us kicked out for taking the picture below.

So glad I didn't get us kicked out because this picture wouldn't have been worth it! Shortly after I took the picture I could hear the ushers/security on their walkie talkies saying someone took a photo in such and such row. So I turned my phone off and went back to enjoying my cocktail and got to stick around for the show! Whew! 

Gambling + Winning

The Hubbo and I aren't big gamblers and didn't plan on doing much gambling while we are in Vegas. That is because: 
1. We can gamble in Oklahoma at the casinos ran by Native American tribes.
2. It's expensive.
We do like to play slots and I like to play roulette. I quickly lost my $20 on roulette and moved on to the slots where I won big money y'all!
Well not really big, but I turned $5 into $115 so it feels like a big deal. As soon as I hit the $115 I cashed out and walked away! 

The End.

Question! What are you favorite things to do in Las Vegas?