Some people would say that running two races in one day is crazy. Some might say it's not smart for someone who is training for a half marathon or a full marathon. Some might even be as bold to say it is dumb. And to that I say...#RedHairDontCare!

I actually had a lot of fun running both races last Saturday. Keep reading for a race recap on both races, to hear about my PR, and to see pictures from the events.

The Quarter Marathon Doubler Race Recap

I've decided this is my PR shirt from now on.
The first race of the day was the Quarter Marathon. AKA 6.55 mile race for those who can't do math in their heads either. Are there any other Quarter Marathon races out there? This is the first one I've heard of. It's kind of weird and cool at the same time. 

This race had an option to do the "Doubler" which means that you ran a 5K and then the Quarter marathon. Of course this Ginger and her Hubbo had to do the Doubler. There was a special prize for those who were crazy enough to sign up for both. (I'm a sucker for prizes.) 

The race was set up so that the 5K started at 7:30 am and the Quarter Marathon started at 8:30 am giving participants an hour to do the first race and then start the next race. Which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The nice part is you have time for a bathroom break in between the starting guns going off, but the bad part is your body has time to cool down. So while we were waiting for the Quarter to start you all just look like a bunch of stretching, yoga posing, wiggling weirdos. 

Before the race I was trying to be realistic and not even consider to attempt a PR. (For basically a 15K) 
1. Because doing the Doubler was actually a little longer than a normal 15K. 
2 Because I haven't  been doing speed work at all. (Boo Speed work!)  
And 3. because frankly it just takes the pressure off. We all say it...Oh I'm just here to run, I"m not worried about time, or I'm not looking for a PR. 

I know it's kind of cheating to call doing the Doubler a 15K PR because you have a break in the middle but hey, what can you do? 

After the 5K started I looked down at my watch and noticed I was running a little faster than I had planned. But I felt pretty good so I decided to keep the pace and see where it would take me. I didn't get a 5K PR, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to finish it in under 30 minutes! 

I met up with the Hubbo after the 5K and we were waiting around to start the Quarter Marathon and our running buddy, Mike, found us in the corral. We hung out there, took the required runner selfie in the corral pic and pretty soon the gun went off to start the Quarter Marathon. The Hubbo, Mike, and I all ran together for the first couple miles. We even ran by a couple of cowboys who didn't take me up on my invitation to join our race. What? Jeans, boots, and huge belt buckles aren't comfortable race attire? Weird.  

We kept running and just as we were about to hit riverside the Hubbo broke off to run at his pace and I was lucky enough to have Mike stay with me the whole time to talk to and distract me from the idea of stopping to walk. The race had a little more incline to it than I thought it would but it was good training for my half marathon in San Francisco next month! The rest of the race was pretty good and we even saw one creepy guy standing alone in a parking lot wearing an empty 24-pack Coke box on his head watching (really just staring like a creeper) as the runners went by. I decided not to invite him to join our run. No Creepers Aloud! 

So long story short (too late!) the race ended up being 9.65 miles long and I completed it in 1:39:26 which is kind of a 15K PR for me. My previous 15K PR was 1:45:29 at the Tulsa Run last October. 

Here's the bling from our race. Since we did the "Doubler" we not only got a medal but we also got a pint glass to help us celebrate our race. 

I wonder why they gave us a pint glass? I'm pretty sure that runners don't even like beer. :)  

Here is Mike and I as we were getting close to the finish line of the Quarter Marathon. He deserves a big virtual HIGH-FIVE because he got a PR in the 5K! 

High-five Mike!!!!

On another note - why do I look like I am going to punch someone with my right hand but my left hand is super relaxed and creepy looking?? Race photos are always so weird. 

One of the benefits of running with my running club is that they almost always have a photographer or two out on the course taking photos and they allow the runners to download them for free! Runners love free stuff! 

In my next blog post I'll recap our second race of the day, The Corn Dog Classic 5K. You'll have to wait to hear if I managed to choke down that cotton candy, beer, and corn dog or not!

How is your running going? Tell me about a recent or favorite PR! 

Lately I've been trying to think of what to blog about next and I didn't really have one solid idea so I've put together a few things that have been "running" through my brain and mashed them up into one blog post.

Running Update
Last week was a pretty good run week for me. I had one bad run but not too shabby!
  • Sunday - 0 Miles. Recovery Day. 
  • Monday - 0 Miles. Busy with work. 
  • Tuesday - Boot Camp and 4 Miles. Speedy.
  • Wednesday - Boot Camp and 5 Miles at recovery pace. 
  • Thursday - Boot Camp and 3 Miles. This run was tough. I had originally planned to do 4 but my body said no thanks! 
  • Friday - Rest Day - Thank goodness! 
  • Saturday - Long Run Day - 7 Mile progression run. I felt amazing! I wanted to run 10 but had to get to the farmers market and on with our busy day. 

Here is how my week is shaping up so far this week.
  • Sunday - 0 Miles. Recovery Day.
  • Monday - Boot Camp and 4 Awesome Miles!
  • Tuesday - 4 Miles of Hills. Ugh!
  • Wednesday - Rest Day and TV Night! Survivor starts tonight!
  • Thursday - 3-5 (Not sure yet) and probably Boot Camp
  • Friday - Rest Day
  • Saturday - Race Day! The Quarter Marathon and The Corndog Classic 5K

Race Update!
On Saturday I'll be running my 3rd 15k right here in Tulsa! This is my first race since my last marathon in March 2013 and I'm feeling pretty good about it! I haven't been working on my speed work like I should, so I'm not expecting a PR, but I'm expecting to have a lot of fun doing a new race. I'm doing The Quarter Marathon hosted by Fleet Feet Tulsa and decided to add on the 5K so I'm doing the "Doubler" which is barely more than a 15k. If you are wondering exactly how far is a Quarter Marathon, it's 6.55 miles. Don't worry, I had no idea how far it was exactly until I looked it up.

Also- as of last night, the Hubbo and I just registered for a fun 5k on Saturday Night! So we'll be doing the Doubler at the Quarter Marathon in the morning and the Corndog Classic 5K Saturday night! I've never had two races in one day but it should be interesting! We are doing the Corn Dog Challenge in this 5K. So that means each participant must eat a corn dog, drink a beer or lemonade, and eat an entire thing of cotton candy along the race before finishing. I don't even like cotton candy! I may be sick by the end of it or walk more than I run, but we've never entered this race and want to have fun with it! 

What races do you have coming up that you are excited about?

Weight Loss Thoughts

Weight loss is a funny thing. Not everyone loses weight at the same speed, in the same place, or in the same way.

I feel like my body has a Top-Down approach to weight loss. Meaning I start to see the results first in my face and then slowly see results trickle their way down to my midsection/hips/thighs last.  Right now, I feel like I have the skinniest forehead and neck I've had in years but could use a little more work in the hips/thighs area. Hurry up body and catch up!

I'm still at my 18lbs down from my juice fast and am slowly transitioning back to food. So far so good. I'd still like to fully transition back to an all food diet and continue to slowly drop 12 more lbs. We'll see! In the mean time, running is becoming so much better and easier for me. Which makes it much more enjoyable than it was the last year.

Ladies - where do you notice results first?

Photo Credit: Photo Cred: http://wholelifestylenutrition.com/one-on-one-monthly-counseling/

We did it! We made it through our 30 Day Juice fast. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and sent positive words of advice and just good vibes my way! 

For days 16-30 I kept a little better record of how I was feeling than I did the first 15 days. (See below for the day-by-day breakdown.) 

To celebrate making it to day 30, we decided to celebrate a little bit and have a purely fruit juice. We made the juice combination that you see in the picture. So good! 

A lot of people have been asking me lately how much weight did I lose? Are you ready for it? 18lbs! My original goal was 20lbs but that was just a number I picked out for myself. I'd still like to drop about 10-12 more but that will come slower with eating right and continuing to run and do boot camp. 

The First Supper

A big topic of discussion was what our first meal was going to be after our juice fast ended. I think a lot of people assumed we'd be absolutely dying for a cheeseburger or slice of pizza. It's funny, but when I came time to eat my first solid meal in 30 days, I wasn't even very hungry. Ha! Figures. 
But we had decided we would ease our way back into solid food slowly. No oils, dairy, etc that could upset our system after 30 days of strict fruit and veggies only. So we had a salad with romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, boiled chicken and we even made our own salad dressing and humus! Oh and we had the refrigerator pickles that we had made a couple weeks ago. So Good! 

Days 16-30 Day-By-Day

Day 16 - Sunday. Usually Sunday's aren't as bad as Saturdays because we don't workout on Sundays.

Day 17 - Monday. I was fine during the day, but almost gave in that night and ate dinner. Managed to stay on my juice.

Day 18 - Tuesday. Another weak moment. I was standing in line at the grocery store after work and a bag of chips (that I don't even normally like) looked soooooooo good! I actually had the thought to buy them, eat them before the hubbo got home and toss the chip bag and receipt. I didn't and confessed the thought to the Hubbo.

Day 19 - Wednesday. Ran 3 miles that day. The run was fine but I felt a little nauseated that night for some reason.

Day 20 - Thursday. My energy was back up from being a little off the day before. 

Day 21 - Friday. I was craving pickles like crazy. I actually wondered if I juiced one if it would be good or terrible. Decided to pass on the idea all together.

Day 22 - Saturday of Labor Day weekend. After our long run, the Hubbo and I went to a local water park. I got really fatigued quickly and was super hungry!

Day 23 - Sunday. Watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and ordered the cook book online. That movie will make anyone want to be a vegan. 

Day 24 - Monday. Big Day! We hit the 15lbs mark on our weight loss this day!

Day 25 - Tuesday. Had a GREAT 4 mile run after work. A few coworkers are starting to show interest in juicing. Tried juicing an eggplant. Disgusting! 

Day 26 - Wednesday. The end is in site. The thought crossed my mind to go for 60 days! We didn't. 

Day 27 - Thursday. I'm actually really looking forward to cooking. Which is something I've NEVER said!

Day 28 - Friday. Decided to do an all fruit juice to get ready for our long run and it was amazing! Recipe below.

Day 29 - Saturday. Ran 9 miles. Got down to my college weight this day. The run was good but I was hungry the rest of the day.

Day 30!! - Sunday! We did it! We made it to Day 30! We celebrated with another all fruit recipe (above). Because I had a big and important day at work on Monday, we decided to eat dinner on Sunday night and still juice for breakfast and lunch to slowly ease our way back to food. 
Random Alert! Juice Recipe!
We made this juice on the Friday night before our long run on Saturday morning. I thought it would be good to "juice up" since we'd be doing 9-10 miles. It was really, really good! And my 9 mile run felt pretty good too!

Today is Day 24 of our 30 day juice fast. The Hubbo and I are celebrating a milestone. We both hit the 15 pound weight loss marker this week! So excited! My original weight loss goal for this 30 day juice fast was 20lbs, but I think I'll probably fall just short of that (17-18lbs) based on how my body has slowed down a little bit. Which is fine by me! 
We've been doing our research and looking for healthy food recipes to start using in one week when we go back to food. More to come on that later.
Running Update. 
Last month I ran a total of 64 miles which was wayyy more than I ran in July. Juicing has made running a little harder because you run out of "gas" pretty fast.  A Twitter friend of mine asked if I would recommend juicing while running and while juicing has helped me in many ways, I had  to remind myself of a couple things. 1. I'm a Ginger, not a Doctor. 2. I'm not training hard for an upcoming race. I do have several races on the books but I'm in a mindset of just doing the races for fun and as a way to stay fit; I'm not looking for a PR. So in 140 characters or less I basically told him that. Now here is what you could do, you could add juice to your diet and still get many of the benefits from it. If you do, let me know how it goes!

In order to stay on track with our goals but allow ourselves to celebrate a little bit we made a new juice today. It is SO good! One of my Facebook Buddies asked me which juice is my favorite and this is it! I know it doesn't stick with my 3:1 Veggies : Fruit ratio but sometimes you just gotta live a little! 

Here is the recipe:
  • 2 Granny Smith Apples
  • 1/2 lb Red Seedless Grapes
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Pears 

^^Not my photo^^
I've been thinking there are a lot of tips about juicing that I haven't posted yet even though I wrote a couple blogs on this topic already. You can read those HERE and HERE. But here are a few more.

  • Wash your juicer and glasses you drank your juice in right away. Sticky fruit and veggies are hard to clean, time consuming, and can discolor your plastic cups or containers if it sits too long.
  • Buy Organic fruits and veggies, if you can, for less pesticides, wax, and other junk.
  • If you aren't able to buy organic items try peeling the skin off them. 
  • Peeling everything can take a while. So I've been trying to get everything super clean. I've been filling my sink with water and adding a cup of vinegar to it to help remove dirt, debris, and unwanted chemicals. Then I move the veggies to a water only sink to rinse right before I juice them. (I saw the vinegar trick on the internet somewhere, not my own idea.)

Random Alert!!

I wanted to share this on my blog but didn't feel as if I had an entire post worth of material for it but...We Made Pickles!

I know it looks pretty labor intensive, but really we made Refrigerator Pickles so it wasn't that bad. They should be ready soon and I'll be sure to let everyone know if they turn out alright or not.

Side Note - Making food while you are juicing is so hard! Especially since I have been craving pickles lately. The smell was amazing and pretty powerful at the same time.

Have any of you ever canned your own food? It sounds like a long process. Is it worth it?