Hello Running Buddies!

Do you remember me? I don't blame you if you are looking at the screen, scratching your head, and wondering when the last time you heard from me was. 

For those of you really wondering that, it was early July! Crazy.

This summer has absolutely flown by (everyone says that) and a lot has happened at the RGR house. No one event or reason has kept me from blogging though. I simply needed a break.

For those who just want a short list of what this Ginger has been up to the last few months, here you go!

  • My last race was in April
  • I took the rest of April, all of May and June off from running
  • In May, I left my job of 8 years
  • In June, I quit my new job
  • In July, I started another new job
  • Also in July I spent two weeks in Wisconsin for training for my new job
  • In Aug/Sept I've been working on obtaining all the required certifications for my job
  • We've been focusing less on running and more on adventure
  • Remodeling the RGR House
  • We decided to be Vegans for 90 days. One more month! 

For those who want a little more detail, keep reading.

Running Update

I'm going to be real honest right up front. Running has taken a back seat to all the other things going on in my life.
In the Spring I made it clear that I was experiencing some burn out and I think that contributed to my lack of blogging as well.
The burn out is still there. We are still running though. Kind of.
We are signed up for two races this fall. The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run in October and the half at the Route 66 Marathon in November. 

I know that some of you are confused as to why I'm running the Tulsa Run again. I have an entire blog dedicated to that. There is a lot to fill you in on. Stay tuned.

We have changed our training and we pretty much run on our own, just me and the Hubbo mostly with a few runs with friends every once in a while.

We don't run 4 times a week anymore, we run 2-3 times a week. We don't really even use our Garmin watches either. I'm really trying to find a balance with running that doesn't leave me with a feeling of burn out. We try to go on a walk 1-2 times a week for some exercise and I'm enjoying that for now too.

New Job(s) Update

In May, I resigned from my job at the College that I held for over 8 years. I guess you could say that that burn out feeling wasn't only affecting my running life. It was a hard choice to make to leave because I had a lot of really good friends and I was comfortable there, but I was really ready for a change. I knew I needed to move on in December when I was in my annual review with the CEO and I was trying to convince myself that I still had the "in it to win it" type attitude. I didn't. 
It became VERY clear when we went to Hawaii to run the Honolulu Marathon and I was laying on the beach and I seriously didn't want to come home. I know no one wants to leave from vacation, but I seriously looked at houses for sale in Hawaii and looked for jobs while we were hanging out on the beach one afternoon. 

So. I took a job with a PR company and that didn't last long at all. #JobFail  It wasn't exactly what they portrayed in the interviews and every day that I went to work I found out more and more that made me realize it was not the job for me. The last and final straw was that I found out after I completed the training program it would require me to relocate in order to continue on the path they presented in the interview. Well they FORGOT to tell me the relocation part in the interview process! That is a big deal breaker for me right now, so I left.

So I spent most of June off work and job hunting. I got very lucky and through some networking and interviewing I was able to get another job that I started on July 1. So far things are going great at my new job and I'm almost done obtaining all the required certifications I need.

Adventure Update!

You guys! This summer I marked something off my bucket list. We went Skydiving! It was absolutely AMAZING and TERRIFYING all at the same time.
The Hubbo and I have talked about doing it for a long time and we finally jumped out of the plane! 

Lately, I've been focused on having fun and trying new things. Over Labor Day Weekend, instead of going on a weekend getaway, we did a self-made local adventure weekend.

Here was our agenda:
  • Happy Hour with friends - Friday
  • Dinner with other friends - Friday
  • Tulsa Drillers Baseball Game + Fireworks - Friday
  • Skydiving - Saturday
  • Lunch with my parents - Saturday 
  • Ziplining at Post Oak Lodge - Sunday
  • Tulsa Roughnecks Soccer game +Fireworks - Sunday

Just a Ginger Zipin' through the trees!
Fireworks over Tulsa!
Safety First!

What's Next for RGR?

The Hubbo and I are in the process of finishing all the updates on our house. We've picked up some momentum and I really hope to be finished before the Route 66 Marathon in November. Then the plan is to put it on the market for sale in March/April/May of 2016. 

We've also been eating a vegan diet for the last 2 months. On August 1st we decided to do a self-imposed 90 day vegan challenge. So far it's going great! We partially decided to do it because my cholesterol is a little high. I'm happy to report that I had a blood test done this week and my cholesterol improved by over 20 points! 

As for running, I am not 100% sure what the future holds. We may back off from half marathons and focus on 5ks and 10ks or we may just run for fun when we feel like it. I'm really hoping that taking a break from it will help me enjoy it again.

Question! What have you been up to this summer?