Being as 2012 is coming to a close I have been looking back at how far I've come this year. I really didn't start running consistently until October 2011. Sure, I had done a few 5ks just for fun, but I certainly hadn't trained for them and they weren't pretty. I thought it would be good to show my progress on all my races I have completed since I completed my very first 5k in May 2010. 

Full Moon 5K - May 2010 - Tulsa - 41:53
Wish Lemons 5K March 2011 - Tulsa - 39:08
Full  Moon 5K - May 2011 - Tulsa - 39:54
Maple Ridge 5K - May 2011 - Tulsa - 38:15
Bedlam Run 5K - July 2011 - Tulsa - 44:14
Warrior Dash 5K - September 2011 - Tulsa - 1:02:54
Route 66 Marathon Relay - 11 Miles - November 2011 - No time recorded
Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 10K - January 2012 - Tulsa - 1:02:50 (10K PR)
Sweatheart Run 10K - February 2012 - Tulsa - 1:03:52
Aquarium Run 13.1 - April 2012 - Tulsa - 2:19:07 (Half Marathon PR)
Oklahoma City Half Marathon 13.1 - April 2012 - Oklahoma City - 2:25:40
Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon 13.1 - May 2012 - Joplin - 2:30:55
Kidney Classic 5K - June 2012 - Tulsa - 27:53 (5K PR) 
Warrior Dash 5K - June 2012 - Morris, OK - 54:09
Lederhosen Lauf 4 Mile Run - October 2012 - Tulsa - 39:11
Tulsa Run 15K - October 2012 - Tulsa - 1:45:29
McNellie's Pub Run 4 Mile Run - November 2012 - Tulsa - 42:56
Route 66 Marathon 26.5 - November 2012 - Tulsa - 5:16:54 (Full Marathon PR)
Double Half Marathon 26.2 - December 2012 - Tulsa - 7:23:20 (I hate trail running)

So far for 2013 I am registered for the following races:
Littel Rock Full Marathon
Route 66 Half Marathon

I am sure we will do these races:
Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long - 50K
Sweetheart Run 10K
Aquarium Run Half Marathon
Tulsa Run 15K

What is on your race agenda for 2013? 

This weekend the Hubbo and I finished our second full marathon. We ran the Double Half Marathon here in Tulsa that was organized and sponsored by Runners World and TATUR Racing. This was the first year for this race so keep that in mind as I provide my feedback. 

Race Breakdown!
This race was different than any other race I've ever participated it. It is called the Double Half Marathon because you run two half marathons on two totally different courses. You actually cross the start/finish line in the middle of the race. Talk about a mental challenge! I was so ready to be done when I crossed the start/finish line, but I had 13 more miles to go! 

The first half was on a trail the other half was on pavement. The race was here in Tulsa on Turkey Mountain. This was the most difficult race I've ever participated in. My time wasn't pretty, but we finished and that is all that matters!

Important Notes!
If you want to run this race and you are a frequent bathroom break runner, this may not be the course for you. On the trail portion of the marathon, there were no bathrooms other than the wilderness of Turkey Mountain! This is something I did not think of as we were signing up for the marathon. Good thing for me, I typically do not need a lot of frequent bathroom breaks during races.
The pavement half of the marathon wasn't much better either. At least on the trail you can disappear into the woods and do your business. On the pavement you were much more exposed. 

This was not a great race for spectators. There was no way for them to be anywhere on the trail to watch and cheer you on. You would have to know the west side of Tulsa and the Riverside Trail pretty well to find a spot to cheer on the pavement half as well.

Race Marshals:
I did see race marshals on the trail portion of the race, but I do not recall seeing any on the pavement portion of the race. So if you plan on running this race, keep that in mind.

Water Stops:
The water stops were really good! Since this was a smaller race they were able to provide more than just the typical water and Gatorade. There was food like pretzels, bananas, cookies, fig newtons, etc. There was Coke to help settle upset stomachs and there was even Gu

Ok - Let's get to the grades! 

Race Grading Scale!
Course - 3 Points. I hate trail running. But the pavement half was nice and flat, except for the very last .1 miles. The very end was up a hill! You can read my blog about my hatred of trail running by clicking here

Entry Fee - 5 Points. This race offered 2 medals and a tech shirt for marathoners and was only $75

Participation - 4 Points. This was the first year for this race so it was small. Which was nice when we were on the trail. 

Parking - 3 Points. The parking lot at Turkey Mountain in small. If this race gets any bigger, parking will be an issue. 

Shirt - 5 Points. For the price of the race the race shirt was a pretty cool, long sleeve tech shirt. 

Medal - 5 Points. The medals are what drew us into the race. If you did the full marathon or The Double Half, you got two medals! They even are cut in a Yin and Yang shape so they fit nicely together. How cool is that? However by the time we finished the race they ran out of one of the medals. (Insert sad music here). 

Expo - Not applicable

Temperature - 4 Points. The temp started out kind of cool but the race started at 9:00 am so it was a little warmer by the time we actually started. It got up to the low 60's that day. So overall, not a bad weather day for a marathon. No rain, not humid. 

Overall - Overall I'm going to give this race 4 points. With the lack of bathrooms, running out of medals, and lack of spectators I couldn't give it a full 5, but overall it was a good race. 

I hate trail running. There I said it! Not only did I discover my hatred of trail running this weekend, I also found a whole new respect for the people who love running them. Trail running is real hard! It's hard on your body, it's hard on your mind, it's just hard. This weekend the Hubbo and I finished our second marathon. It was a difficult race and it took us a long time but we finished and that is all that matters to me. 

The Double Half Marathon was unlike any other race I've heard of. Half of the marathon was on a trail here in Tulsa known as Turkey Mountain, while the other half of the marathon was on pavement. This race might have been so difficult because the Hubbo and I don't run on trails. In fact, it's been over a year and a half since I was even on Turkey Mountain.

So you might be asking why we signed up to run a marathon where half of it was on an unfamiliar terrain. Well, that is a good question. Why did we do that? I even asked myself that question at about mile 8 on the trail. Here is the long, not so direct, kind of, sort of answer.

Who doesn't want to say they ran 2 marathons in a month?
The race was here in our hometown. No travel costs.
The race was cheap. $75
The medals were cool. Yes I said medals. As in plural. 
We got two medals when we finished. 
We could get closer to becoming a Marathon Maniac.
And it just seemed like a good idea at the time. It really wasn'

The picture above is what my feet looked like after I took off my socks and shoes. How in the world did my feet get so dirty? The world may never know. But I do know this. I hate trail running. 

It is that time of year again. Time when your family and friends have been bugging you about what you want for Christmas and time is running out. I always struggle with this myself. I never know what I want, what I should tell people and I never know what to get people either. 


I'm not great at surprising my friends with gifts, I usually just buy them exactly what they told me via text message they wanted but I do love to give gifts! So I got inspired to make a list, but I didn't check it twice, of gifts that are good for your running buddies. 

Under The Tree Gifts

  • GPS Watch - Prices can range from low to high-end. 
  •  iPod Shuffle
  • Ear buds 
  • iTunes Gift Card - runners love music!
  • Tech Shirts - Easy to buy if you know the size and you can never have too many
  • Money for race entry fees. Those add up quickly over the year!
  • Sweaty Bands 
  • Shoes - May be harder to purchase but if they are the type of runner that purchases the same shoe time after time, maybe you can do a little spy work and figure it out. Otherwise maybe just a gift card to their favorite running store for a new pair. 
  • Running Buff - Doubles as a Ninja costume :) 
  • Running Gloves - Either a good pair or a few really cheap throw away pairs

Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Running socks - No cotton!
Blinky light - The gift of safety! 
Nutrition - GU or Stingers
Running Sticker - 13.1, 26.2, 5K, 10K, 15K
Running Magnet 
Body Glide - Not glamorous but pretty useful
Reusable running water bottle 

I hope this helps some of my running buddies with their holiday shopping or gift giving. Let me know what is on your wish list! 
For me - I hoping Santa brings me an iPod Shuffle! 

It's Christmas time and here at RunGingerRunBlog I like to give away gifts! I am very excited to do my very first giveaway and I want one lucky winner to receive a mystery running gift basket filled with some of my favorite running products and a $15 iTunes gift card to start your new year of running off with some new tunes. 

Insert shameless blog plug in 3...2...1... I wrote a playlist blog if you need help picking some race songs. Just click here

Okie doke, got the shameless blog plug over with now! 

But lets be honest. I have another motive too. I really do like to give gifts but I also want to get more "Likes" on our Facebook page to help with my 2013 goals. And if I happen to pick up more Twitter followers that would be okay by me too!

So here's the skinny. Or the details. Or the skinny details? You get the idea.You can enter for a chance to win the running mystery gift basket and a $15 iTunes gift card by completing the following steps:

1. Like the RunGingerRunBlog Facebook page. You can click here
2. Share the contest post on the RunGingerRun Facebook page on your own Facebook page. (Posted on 12/5/2012) 
3. Cross your fingers!   

I currently have 80 Facebook Likes and right at 500 Twitter followers. My goal is to get over 100 Facebook likes and 600 Twitter followers before New Years! 

The contest starts on December 5, 2012 and ends on Tuesday December 11th at 11:59 PM Central Time. The winner will be announced on Wednesday December 12, 2012 sometime after my Zumba class.

Contest rules and Blah Blah Blah...
* Contest valid for US Citizens only.
* Winner will be contacted via social media and asked to provide a mailing address.
* Once the winner has provided a mailing address the mystery running basket and iTunes gift card will be mailed via USPS. 
* One entry per Facebook account.
* Winner must complete both steps listed above to be entered in the drawing.

Good Luck and Happy Running! 

Aquarium Run 2012
Crazy hair? Check! Red face? Check! Weird look on your face? Check! Adjusting your clothing awkwardly? Check! Walking during a race? Check! 

I'm guilty of all of those when it comes to race photos. It. Never. Fails. 
You are in the middle of your race, you have no idea but someone you know or maybe someone you don't know is on the sidelines taking photos. You somehow managed to get selected out of hundreds maybe thousands of runners to get your picture taken only to see that picture after the race and you look like death warmed over, your hair is looking all kinds of crazy, or you have some weird look on your face that resembles something you'd see on the proverbial "short bus". 

It. Happens. Every. Time. 

My goal for running the Route 66 Marathon was to get at least one good running photo. I knew there would be tons of photographers from Marathonfoto there taking pictures that I could then purchase online a few days later. I tried really hard to look cute (not in pain) and smile (not crying) and wave (not awkwardly clinching my fists like I usually do) at all the photographers I saw. I even wore makeup to a marathon! I NEVER wear makeup to races. I'm just not that kinda gal. I'm also not a hugger, but we'll save that for another blog post. 

When I crossed the finish line my husband was waiting for me and we took a photo together with the official background and our medals. Wouldn't it be my luck that here I am after my first full marathon and I get the proof of the picture back and my hair looks like it is on fire because it is so crazy. Literally looks like fire! Ugh! Oh well, time for my favorite Twitter Hashtag: #RedHairDontCare 

We went ahead and purchased the picture of us at the finish line. Crazy red hair and all. It was our first marathon! How could we not have a photo to remember the race by? But as I was looking at my proofs and trying to decide which one to buy I feel like I did accomplish my goal. I didn't look crazy in all of them, I didn't look like a hot mess in all of them, and you can't see my hair very well in the far away shots so that's a plus! 

In one photo, I apparently wave with the enthusiasm of a 5 year old waving at Santa Claus on Christmas day because it looks like my hand is broken from waving at the photographer. Photo Fail. I'm not buying that one. 

See below to enjoy, poke fun at, laugh at, and ridicule some of my favorite race photos of me and my friends and know that you are not alone if you take terrible race photos too!