Happy New Year everyone!

It seems like every blogger is doing a Looking-Back at-2015 post. And I'm jumping on board. 

After all, it is Throwback Thursday! Please enjoy this picture from my awkward middle school years at Pawhuska Indian Camp!  

And now, it's time for my 2015 Review in Pictures! 


In January, I ran my first 25K!
It was an automatic PR and I used my GoPro to video the entire thing, except the last .75 miles because the batter died.


In February, we adopted this Fat Cat!
We named her Gypsy. Or Gypsy Kitty. Or Fat Cat. Or No! Gypsy!
Just whatever comes out of our mouth at the time. 

She's a Ragdoll cat and we adopted her from a breeder who retired her. Now she gets to live her days out as a pet in our home! 


In March, I ate this cupcake...


In April, I ran marathon # 7 which happened to be my second fastest marathon.
I also got to run it with my friends Tom and Kristy! It was the most fun I've had in a marathon! 

Also in April, I ran the first ever Golden Driller Half Marathon here in Tulsa. It was hot. 


In May, I left my job of 8 years. It was incredibly hard to leave behind some amazing people, but it was time. I took a new job with a PR company. (More on that in June)

Also in May, the Hubbo and I went to Branson, MO with my parents for a long weekend and my Dad taught me how to shoot trap!
I got 12/25 on my first ever attempt! 


In June, I left my new job because I quickly figured out it wasn't going to work out. I spent most of June job hunting and taking more pictures of my cat...


In July, I got a new job! 
I love it and I love my new team. 

Also in July, the Hubbo and I went to a Tulsa Driller's game and saw some amazing fireworks for the 4th of July! 


In August, I.....
Ate an entire watermelon.
Did some target practice w/ my new gun!
We gave our cat a Lion's Cut!


September had to be one of my favorite months of my life! We decided to make Labor Day an Adventure Weekend! We stayed right here in Tulsa, but we marked a huge item off my bucket list. Skydiving!

Here's the weekend activities:
  • Noon Happy Hour with Friends
  • Dinner with Friends
  • Tulsa Driller's Game (Baseball + Fireworks)
  • Skydiving
  • Movie Night
  • Tulsa Roughnecks Game (Professional Soccer)
  • Zip Line Tour


In October we spent a lot of time working on our house. We hope to put it on the market this Spring and buy a new one. 
I ran the Tulsa Run 15K again this year. 
The Hubbo and I went to an AWESOME haunted house and came out with "Blood" on our hands. Then for Halloween we went as Tetris and got our friends to join in on the fun! And last but not least, Oklahoma had one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen!


In November, my buddy George came to town and we ran/walked the Route 66 Half Marathon.

The day before the half we did the 5k and stopped at a bar during the race and took shots! 

Also, for Thanksgiving the Family and I tried out my new selfie stick! 



In December, I....
  • Snuggled with my dog
  • Ate Pie BEFORE dinner
  • Wished for snow, and got it!

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful 2016! 

Almost two weeks ago the Hubbo, George and I “ran” the Route 66 Half Marathon. I say “ran” because really we walked a lot and ran some. I only cussed a little so I’m calling it a good day! But really, the 10th Anniversary of the Route 66 Marathon was a great weekend for me despite my lack of training. We volunteered at the Expo, Ran the 5k, took shots during the 5k and half, and made some great memories!

Here’s a quick and condensed version of contents this blog.
Medal = Awesome!
Course = Hilly!
Swag = Awesome 10 Year Anniversary Jacket!
Expo = Great!
Volunteering = Tiring, Rewarding, Fun
Blogger’s panel = Fun
5K on Saturday = Most Fun 5k I’ve Ever Ran
Weather on Sat = Cold and WINDY as F!
Weather on Sun = Cold but warmed up to be nice

And now, a more complete review. 

The Medal

PictureRoute 66 2015 Half Marathon Medal
As always, I start my recap with the medal. I'm definitely a "I'm-Doing-This-For-the-Bling" kind of runner and Route 66 Marathon never disappoints!
This year was the 10th anniversary of the race so they did a throw back to an earlier medal and added a slight remix. I lucked out that this is one of the styles that we didn't already have. 
The yellow coin in the middle is a double-sided spinner which I think it the remix part. 
This year volunteers also got a medal. (See pic below with purple ribbon.) When I volunteered last year, I got a nice coin, but it was fun to get an actual medal this year.
5K runners also got a medal. (See pic below with red ribbon.) Since the race is obviously Route 66 themed, the medals are always themed after classic cars that would have traveled the open road. This medal was from the 2011 event and called the Flying Goddess. Rout 66 took a vote on which medal should get a come back and this one won loud and clear! 

Volunteer Medal
5K Medal and Bib

The Course & Swag

The course was hilly. I knew it would be hilly. I didn't train for this race so I'm sure I felt the hills even more than I normally would have. The hills aren't huge, but there are a lot of them and it's a constant rolling/going upward feeling the entire race.

My friend George from came in from Las Vegas and took this photo on the course. It's definitely a favorite photo-op on the course!   

The swag was nice this year. For participating in the 5k I got a medal and a tech shirt. For participating in the half I got a jacket, a medal, and tons of free shots and beer on the course! More on that later. 

The Hubbo and co-workers modeling the jackets.
I, on the other hand, made some questionable modeling choices on race day...

The Expo & Blogger's Panel

We volunteered at the Expo on Friday afternoon at the packet pickup booth. That was a crazy, busy, fun, fast few hours! 
After my shift was over I participated in the Blogger's Panel for the second time. It was really cool to meet the other bloggers and get to discuss one of my hobbies. This year they had two panels. A Friday night panel and a Saturday afternoon panel. 

Overall, the expo is a good size. You have your typical vendors there. One cool thing about the Route 66 Expo is that the Marathon Maniacs set up a booth. So you can buy your gear in person and try it on. Very helpful! If you'v ever tried to buy a MM or HF singlet, you know the struggle! 

I also go to take a spin on an Alter-G treadmill! It was so crazy feeling! 
When you try this thing out, they put you in these crazy space pants that are made of a neoprene like fabric that zips into the air bag like portion of the treadmill. Then the machine calibrates to your weight and then you tell it what percentage of your body weight you want to run with. I took it down to 60% of my body weight and I felt like I could run forever!

5k Race Day!

Saturday was the 5k and it was cold and windy! We knew we were just going to do the 5k for fun so we joined up with some friends. Before we even hit the first kilometer, we decided to take a detour. 
For shots!
That's right, we hoped into a local diner/bar and took a shot of whisky! 
That's definitely a first for me to go to a bar and order a shot. 
Route 66 is known as a party course and we did our part to contribute to the reputation! Nothing says party like messy hair, shots at 8:15am, and all before we even hit the first mile! #RockStarStatus
Even though we ran/walked the entire way, stopped in and ordered 6 shots, and had to tab out, we managed to finish the 5k in under 50 minutes. Not bad. 

Half Marathon Race Day!

PictureBasic Corral Selfie!
Sunday was the half marathon. It started our super cold, but eventually warmed up to be nice. 
We ran/walked the entire way but somehow I managed to take very few pics. I'm slacking on my blogging duties!
Route 66 is known as a party race and it's no joke! We had beer, shots, donuts, and various other goodies on the race to help us keep our spirits up. I had fruit loop vodka y'all! 
Quick shout out to the citizens of Tulsa for getting the party started early on a Sunday morning! 

Back to the race. The course was hilly! Being as I was vastly under trained, it didn't long before my body was over it. But we got it done, had fun along the way, and eventually crossed the finish line. It was a personal worst for the Hubbo and I but we were just happy to be out there and complete another race. 

Overall, the weekend was great! We had great company, lots of fun, lots of drinks, and made some fun memories! This is exactly why Route 66 is my favorite race ever! 

Question! What's your PR and PW?