Have you ever tried to run in a Rubik’s Cube? I’m guessing most people haven’t had the pleasure. It’s not easy. Trust me! Recently my husband Donovan, my friend Amber, and I participated in an un-timed fun run. That 1.5 miles almost felt like a half marathon! My legs were burning, it was hot, and the cube kept hitting me in the throat! I thought my dreams of running a marathon in three weeks might all vanish. One wrong step in a Rubik’s Cube could have turned a fun run into a horror story real fast. But it was all worth it and no one got hurt. We actually had a great time.

The running store that we train with hosted the event and not only was it a fun run, it was a costume contest as well. With the help of all of our Facebook friends and family we won! So if you were one of the 218 votes we received; THANK YOU! We couldn't have done it without you! We aren't sure what we won yet, but who doesn't like a little friendly competition?

Donovan and I love Halloween. We dress up every year. We had a great time planning for this run. We discussed several options of running themed couple costumes before deciding on the Rubik’s Cube, which were handmade by Donovan.

Here are some of the ones we discussed:
Cop + Robber
Headless Horseman + Jack-o-lantern
Mouse + Cheese
Finish Line + Runner
Mario Kart + Bullet Bill

Let me know what your favorite running costume is! I can't wait to see all the costumes in the Route 66 Marathon in a few weeks!