I've decided to do something a little different on the blog today. I'm planning on doing a two-part (or maybe more) blog post series where I will share a couple favorite/helpful websites I use all the time. No. These companies has not asked me to do a post on them, I just think you all will love them too. 

The first website I want to share with you is great tool for runners called, Dailymile. Every once in a while I'll do a monthly mileage check-in on my Blog Facebook page where I ask how many miles you ran last month. Sometimes people comment about how many they ran, or wish they ran, or state that they didn't run enough. I can totally relate on all those. In fact, in June I only ran 2 miles! 2! Who just runs 2 miles in a month? I shouldn't even call myself a runner after month like that! 

A few people have asked me how I keep track of my miles or what type of log I use? I use a free website called DailyMile.  DM is a log for tracking miles that you run, swim, bike, walk, or even other workouts. It also works like a social media platform and you can friend others and you have a news feed that shows you the activities they post. 

You can set up a profile with a picture, list your upcoming races and goals, and even join challenges to keep you motivated. I recently joined a 100 mile winter warrior running challenge that my running club is putting on. I think I'm losing but eh...#redhairdontcare. 

Speaking of motivation...It will send you an email saying that your friends miss your training if you have a gap in posting your workouts. Total Guilt Trip and it totally works on me too! 

A running buddy of mine uses DM to keep track of how many miles she has on her shoes so she'll know when it's time to buy a new pair. That's pretty smart if you ask me! 

Screen Shot from my Daily Mile account.
You have to manually enter in all of your workouts (or if there is some other way to do it please tell me!) but if you do, it will give you stats such as how far you have ran in a week or month. How many lbs you've burned off, how many donuts you've burned off, how many TVs you've powered and how many times you've ran around the world. 

Here's how I did in 2013:
  • Trips Around the World:  .02
  • Pounds Burned:  19
  • TVs Powered:  20
  • Gallons of Gas Saved:  32
  • Donuts Burned:  364
  • Total Miles Ran: 544

Here's a screen shot of my profile if you were wondering what it looks like. Sorry it's kinda small. You can find me on Daily Mile here.

Also, let's ignore the fact that my profile says I've logged Zero miles at the time I took this screen shot. And we'll be friends if you can just ignore the fact that I'm too lazy to redo it now that I've actually logged 10 miles this week. Deal? 

Daily Mile does have an App for the iPhone. It is called Electric Miles when you are looking for it in the App Store on iTunes.

I only use this to enter my miles and nothing else. The app isn't the most robust and sometimes it has some issues. So I only use it when I want to remember to put my miles in quickly and I'm not at a computer. 

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Dailymile. I'm just sharing a website that I find helpful to track my workouts. 

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Do you use a mileage log? Is it a website or some other form of digital log or do you use a paper journal?


We did it! We finished our first 50K! We were excited about the race but we were even more excited about the finish line. Last weekend the Hubbo and I ran the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 50K right here in Tulsa. I'm very proud of us for finishing considering our longest run for this training season was the weekend before and it was only 16 miles.  See below for my recap of the race.

Course - 5 Ginger Points. The course was really great for my first 50K. It was almost completely flat with only 1 hill. Unfortunately the 50K participants had to run 2 laps around the course so we saw that hill twice, but overall it was good. 

Entry Fee - 5 Ginger Points. The entry fee was minimal. For this race and all the extras that came with it, this was the perfect cost. We got a full meal at the Blue Rose Cafe after the race, 2 beers, a long sleeve tech shirt, and a finisher medal for around $50.

Participation - 3 Ginger Points. The 50K was limited to 50 entries. That made it for a lonely second lap after all the 25K racers were finished. But this is only the second year for the race so next year may be bigger.

Parking - 3 Ginger Points. There is a small parking lot at the start line which is great if you can get there early enough to find a spot, but if you don't you are left to find a spot in the residential area next to the river. We got there 45 minutes early and the parking lot was full. We had to park up a hill. Not fun to walk to after a 31 mile race.

Shirt - 4 Ginger Points. For the cost of the race we got a pretty nice shirt in our packet. It was a white long sleeve tech shirt. The only problem and reason for the point deduction is that it was a unisex men's tech shirt, so it runs a little big on the ladies.

Medal - 2 Ginger Points. Insert sad music here. For my first 50K, I was kind of sad when I saw the medal in person. It was much smaller than I was expecting. But for the price of the race I have to keep things in perspective. 

Expo - N/A 

Temperature - 4 Ginger Points. For January in Oklahoma, you never know what you are going to get. We got lucky. It started out around 40 degrees at the start of the race and warmed up to the mid 50's. The wind was light and we didn't get rained on. 

Overall Organization - 5 Ginger Points. The race was well put together. My only complaint was the bathroom situation. It was almost 9 miles into the race before the first bathroom was available. Then once you got to the bathroom there was a long line. Other than that I think the race was very well put together. I'd do it again, well maybe the 25K next time. 


I wasn't kidding when I said I was excited to see the finish line. Here is a race volunteer giving us a high-five as we finished.


We were lucky to have our very own support team come out to cheer us on. My Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, his Wife, and their dog, Sherman, all came out to cheer us on. They even made some really funny signs! 
We even saw our good friends Beth and Tyler come out to cheer us on during the run. 


My awesome Hubbo made a bib for me to wear on my back to remind me of my mantra for this race. All I had to do was Keep Going. I got a lot of compliments and kudos for this. Good job Hubbo! 


Now we are recovering this week. The only thing I really need to do, is to decide if we are going to buy 50k stickers or Ultra stickers for our cars. Decisions. Decisions. 

It's time. The 50K is this weekend. All week I've been getting myself mentally prepared and focused. Having picked up my race packet today makes it all seem more real for some reason. I'm as ready as I'm going to be. I've been chatting with friends, co-workers, twitter pals, just about anyone who will listen to me talk about this race.

Here is what I'm excited about:
  • The race is local so I'll know a TON of the runners
  • I know the course
  • The course is SUPER flat
  • I have an AWESOME Hubbo who will be racing with me
  • When I finish, I can apply for Marathon Maniacs
  • When I finish, I can put an Ultra sticker on my car
  • I will have pushed myself to new level

As a side note or bonus blog, whatever you want to call it. My awesome Hubbo surprised me with this sweet gift yesterday. I posted this picture on my Blog Facebook page, but wanted to include something about it on my blog too. 

I wrote a blog a week or so ago called, I. Am. Terrified. where I talked about my fear of running a 50K and then selected a mantra for the race. All I have to do is Keep Going. Doesn't matter how fast or slow. I just want to finish the race. My Hubbo took my mantra and turned it into a race bib that I can wear on my back to encourage other runners! Either as they pass me or are behind me.  Well let's face it, most likely they will see it as they pass me! :)

I'm really excited to wear it. He is going to wear one on Saturday as well as another Ginger friend of mine, Amber. It will be fun to have a little group of us encouraging others to finish the race and to Keep Going.

Happy Running! My next blog post will hopefully be my Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 50K Race Recap!

I am afraid of a lot of things. Spiders give me the creeps. I'm afraid of the dark. Toddlers that stare at me with that blank awkward gaze totally freak me out. And I can't walk through a parking lot at night without thinking that everyone I see is going to try to steal my purse for the $4 in cash I have in it. Which is also why I usually carry my cell phone and car key in my pocket when I have to go to the store alone. Fact. 

A couple of days ago the Hubbo and I registered to run our first 50k. I had to Google to find out just how many miles that is. Google says a 50k is 31 miles. Just FYI. The race is right here in our own hometown of Tulsa. Bonus! No travel costs! It is called the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long. You can see the cute medal in the picture below. 

You may be wondering why we registered to run the race? Well, let's be honest. So am I. Here are some of the factors we considered when we decided to sign up.
  • The 25K was already on our schedule to run with our training group, so we would be spending the money anyway.
  • If and when we finish we will have met the Bronze criteria to apply to become a Marathon Maniac
  • We get a cool medal.
  • Who doesn't want to run 3 marathons in 90 days?
  • And last but not least, it would give me material to blog about. 

But really the deciding factor was the Maniacs thing. We are already Half Fanatics so we thought it would be fitting to join the Maniacs as well. 

And the truth of the matter is I really am terrified. This race is right in the middle of our training for our goal race; the Little Rock Full Marathon. So get this. We ran the Route 66 Marathon in November, took about a month off and then ran the Double Half Marathon in December. Started running again last week and now we have 3 weeks before our first 50K. Then we'll take one week off from the run to rest and then have about 7 weeks to continue our Little Rock training. It just seems crazy to me. It is totally taking me out of my element of my normal training routine. 

So I decided to come up with a race strategy and a mantra. My mantra is simple. Keep Going. That's it. That's all I have to do. Even if I have to walk some or a lot of it. I want to keep going. I want to finish. I want to join the crazies who call themselves Marathon Maniacs!

As for my race strategy, the jury is still out on that one. I'm thinking of either slowing my starting pace way down or doing intervals. I'm also currently taking suggestions. 

Be sure to come back in a few weeks to read my race recap of the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 50K!