My April BirchBox came in a couple weeks ago. I hadn't really gotten around to trying out the products until today.

Here is what came in the box.
  • Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Mirenesse Glossy Kiss - Red
  • Supergoop! Anti-Aging Eye Cream
  • Kusmi Tea Paris
  • Skin & Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel

Oribe Shampo & Conditioner - $37 and $39 each.

I tried one of each of these in my shower this morning. The smell is really light, almost floral. It didn't lather as much as I'd like. I have super thick, medium-length hair so I like to know that all of my hair gets covered. I'm going to stick with my usual shampoo.

Skin & Co Bagnodoccia Body Gel

I used this in my morning shower as well. At first the scent was not impressing. It smelled like a stuffy old lady. But the gel is actually pretty nice. A little goes a long way and it doesn't feel too greasy. 

Supergoop! Anti-Aging Eye Cream

This product is for the delicate skin around your eyes. I typically just use my normal face moisturizer on this area. The only thing my normal stuff is missing is SPF. This Supergoop! has SPF 37. Something us Ginger Kids need! Honestly, I probably wouldn't buy this product. The price and the fact that I'm only suppose to use this on a small part of my face doesn't make it worth it to me.    

Kusmi Tea Paris
$25.95 - 5 Mini Tea Tins
I don't like tea. To me, it tastes like dirt water. So The Hubbo offered to try one of these for me since he likes coffee and tea. He tried Sweet Love (pink package). Is smelled like Christmas in a cup! 

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss - Red


I haven't tried this product. I have a good reason though I promise. Red isn't really a makeup color I wear. I'd rather give this away to a friend who will look better in this color. Any takers?

Product Update!

TIGI Catwalk Session Finishing Spray
I got this hairspray in my February Birchbox. I put it in my bathroom and have been using it here and there to control some crazy ginger-colored locks that like to stand straight up around my hair line. I really like it. I can spray it on and comb my hair to style it and it gives me just enough hold to keep the craziness under control. 

Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo came in my March Birchbox. I tried it once and haven't tried it again. The directions say to use this to extend your style without having to wash your hair for a day or two. So basically it makes your hair look less greasy. So you spray it on your hair at the roots. You let it sit for a couple minutes and it turns white. Then you are supposed to comb your hair into your desired style. What they don't say is that you hair will feel totally gross like you have a TON of hair product in it. Ugh it was so gross feeling. I'm really not sure that it looked any better. In other words, I'm not a fan. I'll just keep on washing my hair the normal way to keep it clean.


My second installment of my BirchBox subscription came in the mail this week. Excited!

This isn't the best picture, but I'm too lazy to retake it. So this will do.

Here's what I got this month.
  • Juicy Couture Perfume - Couture La La. Smells nice! Has a sweet floral scent. A full size retails for $19-$90
  • Serge Normant Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Really Really Excited to try this sample! (Red Bottle in the picture) A full size retails for $25
  • Whish Shaving Cream - Blueberry. I'm pretty excited about this too. I don't usually use a shaving cream because I have sensitive skin so I'm always up for trying something and hopefully finding something that won't irritate my skin. (Blue Bottle) A full size retails for $20.
  • Nail File - Floral Pattern You can never have too many nail files right? This on will probably make its way to work with me. Retail Price $5
  • Juice Beauty - Stem Cellular Color Correction Cream. The description says it is a lightweight cream that naturally improves skin tone with vitamin C and grape-derived resveratrol. (Silver bottle) A full size retails for $39. 

Never heard of BirchBox? I'll tell you how it works. 

  • You go to their website by clicking here
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Sign up for the waiting list.
  • Wait about 2 weeks. Give or take a bit.
  • Then they email you and tell you that your subscription is ready to be claimed. You have 48 hours to claim it so do it right away. 
  • Then you finalize your payment settings and wait for your first box to come in.
  • Finally, enjoy the fun new thins that show up on your doorstep!

I decided to blog about something a little different today. I typically only write about running or races or running gear. But recently I subscribed to BirchBox and last week my very first box came in the mail. BB works very similarly to StrideBox, only BirchBox is a monthly subscription for beauty products.  

I posted on my Facebook page that I received my first BB and instantly got a lot of questions from my gal pals asking what BB was. It's a monthly box subscription of beauty products for $10 a month. It will have makeup, beauty gadgets, samples, sometimes full sized products, and more each month. You have to sign up and join the waiting list before you can fully subscribe. I was on the waiting list for a couple weeks but the website says to expect about 4 weeks. Then once you have received an email saying your subscription is available you have 72 hours to claim it and then you will start receiving your monthly box of beauty goodies. 


So you may be wondering what was inside by first BB? The picture to the left shows you the contents. But here's a description:

* Tigi Catwalk Hairspray 2.5oz
*Ghiradelli Chocolate (Yum!)
*Color Club Nail Polish - Lime Green
*Jouer - SPF 15 Moisture Tint

I have a couple friends who also subscribe to BB and they got similar yet different products. They both got the same nail polish only in an emerald green color. I like the Lime Green. It matches my CEP Compression Socks better anyway. My friend Jen who blogs at www.jensletterbox.com got a leave-in conditioner instead of a hairspray. My fellow Ginger-In-Crime, Amber, got a few different things but she has subscribed for a while. You can fill out a profile on your beauty preferences so this may also be the reason for the difference in products. Also, they have some sort of point system and I'm guessing that the more $ you spend on their site the more/better products you may earn in your monthly subscription. 

So far I really like my two box subscriptions. It's a nice little surprise in your mailbox each month. There are tons of other box subscriptions available out there. What ones do you subscribe to?