The foam roller! This thing has literally saved my running life many times.

The foam roller is good at helping you work out your IT band issues.

It's good for working out those sore quads and hamstrings. 

It is even good to help you on your Plantar Fasciitis problems. 

I've also used it as a pillow when I got to lazy to get off the floor after a foam rolling session. It seems like there is nothing this thing can't do! Or is there? 

Recently I wondered what else this thing would be good for. So I decided to do an experiment.

No Chihuahuas were hurt during this experiment.

Is my foam roller good at walking the dog? Turns out, not so much. Sorry Zoey!


Is my foam roller good at doing the dishes? Terrible idea. If I wait long enough for the foam roller to do them, I'll be out of wine glasses and that is not good for anyone!


Is my foam roller good at driving me to the gym? NOPE!
Can you see the terror on my face?!?

Moral of the story kids, use your foam roller for what it is good for and nothing else!