PicturePhoto Cred: Honolulu Marathon
You guys! It's finally here! The Honolulu Marathon is just a few days away! I can't believe that we signed up for this race in April and now race week is upon us! To say that I'm excited is a huge understatement! 

To add to the excitement, as part of a new project I'm taking on as part of my BibRave Ambassadorship, I got a fancy new GoPro camera in the mail today! I'll be able to share more on that later but I'm super excited it got here just in time to go to Hawaii with  me! 

My Race Plan

PicturePhoto Cred: Honolulu Marathon
Let's be real clear right off the bat people. This race will be warm.  I've said it 100 times already, I am not a hot weather runner. I've been stalking my weather app on my phone and watching the temps in Honolulu for a while now. It. Will. Be. Hot. 

The race starts at 5:00am and we'll be running almost 2 hours before the sun comes up so that is on our side. The course description, according to the website, says "The terrain is level except for short uphill grades around Diamond Head."  So that sounds promising to me.

The Hubbo and I have the plan to run the whole race together. We haven't done that in a while so that will be nice. We also realize that we ran a marathon 3 weeks ago so we plan to take this one at a much more relaxed pace. In fact, being as the Honolulu Marathon has no time limit and race walkers are very welcome, we plan to do a run/walk/run strategy for the whole race. We haven't figured out the exact intervals yet, but we just want to sit back and enjoy the race and the beautiful scenery! So this will definitely NOT be a PR race for us, but we plan to have a good time! 

Packing For A Race and Vacation 3,819 Miles Away

According to Google the distance from Tulsa, OK to Honolulu, HI is 3,819 miles. That is a very long way to go if you forget something! Here's my plan. I will pack all my my race day needs in my carry on. If something happens and my bags get lost, at least I won't to have to buy all new running gear at the Expo. So anything and everything I need for the race will be carried on. The rest of my belongings will be packed in my regular suitcase. 
I may toss a few other important things in  my carry on bag like my swimming stuff and flip flops. That's pretty much all I need the rest of the week, right?

Confession: I'm an over-packer y'all!
It's true! Every. Single. Time. 

If you don't believe me, look at this picture. This is my living room the day before my first out-of-town race.  From the looks of this picture it appears that I would have been gone several days or at least traveled a great distance. Do you want to know where I went for my first out of town race? To Oklahoma City. A measly little 1.5 hours away from Tulsa and for only 1 night! 

The struggle is real y'all! 

You can't see it very well, but in that blue bag on the left side of the picture is my toaster and a loaf of bread. Yes. A freaking toaster!!!! 
Don't worry, since we are flying I won't be packing my toaster this time. But no promises that I won't pack far more outfits than I can possibly wear while we are there! I mean c'mon. You never really know what you are going to do until you are there and you may need 2 outfits a day, right? Ladies back me up on this!

Fun Facts About The Honolulu Marathon

Picture2013 Finisher Medal Photo Cred: Honolulu Marathon
  • The race starts at 5:00 am
  • The race is kicked of by a Fireworks display!
  • It is the 3rd largest race in the US
  • Over 30,000 runners participate each year
  • There is no registration cut-off
  • There is no time limit
  • This race is only a full marathon or 10K race day walk
  • The Elite 1st place winner gets $40,000!
  • The men's course record is 2:11:12 set in 2004 by a Kenyan
  • The women's course record is 2:27:19 set in 2006 by a Russian

Question! What is your favorite Racation destination you've been to or want to go to?

In less than 10 hours I'll be flying out to California to run the 10th Annual Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. I couldn't be more excited for this girls trip! I haven't been to California since I was 11 and I've never been to San Fran. There is a group of 5 of us going from my running club and it's the first time for me to run this race. This week I've been trying to make a mental list of all the things i'll need to take with me to the race. I'm a little nervous I'll forget something since this is the first time i'll be flying out to a race and will be limited on transportation/shopping options. 

I keep seeing people freaking out because the BART system may be on strike which could cause a lot of race day transportation issues? I don't even know what that is, so I'll just ignore it and keep on. After all, Ignorance is Bliss, or so they say. 

About a year and a half ago I went on my first out-of-town race and ran the Oklahoma City Half Marathon. I snapped this pic while we were packing. It looks like my closet threw up a ton of running gear all over my living room floor! I can't even tell what's all in there, but I do see my toaster and a loaf of bread in that blue bag on the left! Really? Who packs a toaster?!? This kid did...

Anyways, I'm trying to avoid that for this trip. (No, I'm not taking the toaster!) My plan is to take a carry-on bag with all my race-day needs in it. This way if my other bag gets lost, at least i'll have my shoes and race essentials to complete my race. 

Sure, I may have to wear the same outfit I wore on the plane from Tulsa to San Fran for the rest of the 4 day trip, but #RedHairDontCare.

Not really, I'm sure I could buy a few shirts and things at the expo or at a shop in San Fran. They sell clothes there don't they? Someone check on that for me and let me know. K! Thanks!

Ok so here's what I'm planning on taking with me by category for all you OCD people out there! 

Non-Race Clothes
Shoes - Probably too many. 
Shirts - at least 27. Too much?
Swim Suite/Flip Flops - maybe

Race Gear
Running Shorts/Capri pants
Running Socks or Compression Socks
Running Jacket
Race Tank - Half Fanatics!
Arm Sleeves
Sweaty Band
iPod/Ear Buds
Race Belt
Hat or Visor - maybe
Body Glide or Vaseline

Race Day Nutrition
Water bottle - So I don't have to buy $45 in bottled water at the hotel
Nuun or Electrolyte Drink
Snacks for the plane
Foam Roller or Range Roller - Maybe if it fits - Probably won't
Magazines for Flight
Money - Cash and Credit Cards
Cell Phone
Chargers - Cell phone charger, Garmin charger, iPod charger
Bag for Bag Check at the race
Trash bags for wet clothes or a rainy race/rain poncho
Printed Packet Pickup Email or Voucher

Bathroom/Medicine Cabinet
Pain Meds - Tylenol or Advil
Tummy Meds - Just in case!
Anti-nausea medicine for the flight - This Ginger gets real motion sick!
Hair Brush/Hair Ties
Flat Iron - this crazy ginger hair has a mind of it's own!
Hair Dryer - maybe

So, now that I'm done packing this is what I ended up with. Although I'd like to say that my living didn't look like a crazy Oklahoma Tornado went through it right before everything was neatly placed in my suit case and backpack, sadly it did. Thank goodness for the Hubbo. He is the best at playing Tetris with all my crap and making it all fit. We'll see if I'm able to get this stuff home plus the stuff I buy at the expo. 
No, the chihuahua is not going to California with us. 

I feel like I'm forgetting something....Am I missing anything?

I am now less than a week away from my next goal race, the Little Rock Marathon and it is time to start packing. 

The picture to the left kind of reminds me of those Where's Waldo books I used to look at when I was a kid. Sorry to disappoint you, but there isn't a hidden item or treasure in the picture. It is just a messy pile of stuff I packed for my first out-of-town race.
I ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon last Spring, and it was the first time I had an overnight stay in a hotel accompanied by a race. Holy Cow Town! I didn't realize how much stuff I needed! Look at this picture. It's ridiculous  Here is a semi-sorta complete list of stuff I packed. 
  • Loaf of Bread
  • Jar of peanut butter
  • Toaster (Really, who brings their own toaster? This kid!!!) 
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Capri Pants
  • Shirt
  • Undergarments
  • Race Belt
  • GPS Watch
  • Bathroom Items - Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
  • Nutrition - Gels and Nuun
  • Bodyglide
  • Money
  • iPod and iPod Arm Band
  • Ear-buds
  • Sunglasses
  • Headband
  • Hair Ties
  • Poncho/Trash bag
  • Meds
  • Driver's License
  • Flip Flops
  • Post-Race Clothes
  • Hat or Visor 
  • Band aides
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Tissues


For the Route 66 Marathon I took the advice of my running coaches and made a visual aide so I would feel prepared and wouldn't forget anything. They advised me to make a race dummy. What is a race dummy? Basically you lay out your clothes and gear for the race in the shape of a human wearing it so you can see if you are forgetting something. This method has worked for me and is kind of fun too. 

What items are on your Race Day Checklist that I didn't list above? If you have pictures of your race dummies, email them to me or post them on my Facebook page so everyone can see!

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