Almost two weeks ago the Hubbo, George and I “ran” the Route 66 Half Marathon. I say “ran” because really we walked a lot and ran some. I only cussed a little so I’m calling it a good day! But really, the 10th Anniversary of the Route 66 Marathon was a great weekend for me despite my lack of training. We volunteered at the Expo, Ran the 5k, took shots during the 5k and half, and made some great memories!

Here’s a quick and condensed version of contents this blog.
Medal = Awesome!
Course = Hilly!
Swag = Awesome 10 Year Anniversary Jacket!
Expo = Great!
Volunteering = Tiring, Rewarding, Fun
Blogger’s panel = Fun
5K on Saturday = Most Fun 5k I’ve Ever Ran
Weather on Sat = Cold and WINDY as F!
Weather on Sun = Cold but warmed up to be nice

And now, a more complete review. 

The Medal

PictureRoute 66 2015 Half Marathon Medal
As always, I start my recap with the medal. I'm definitely a "I'm-Doing-This-For-the-Bling" kind of runner and Route 66 Marathon never disappoints!
This year was the 10th anniversary of the race so they did a throw back to an earlier medal and added a slight remix. I lucked out that this is one of the styles that we didn't already have. 
The yellow coin in the middle is a double-sided spinner which I think it the remix part. 
This year volunteers also got a medal. (See pic below with purple ribbon.) When I volunteered last year, I got a nice coin, but it was fun to get an actual medal this year.
5K runners also got a medal. (See pic below with red ribbon.) Since the race is obviously Route 66 themed, the medals are always themed after classic cars that would have traveled the open road. This medal was from the 2011 event and called the Flying Goddess. Rout 66 took a vote on which medal should get a come back and this one won loud and clear! 

Volunteer Medal
5K Medal and Bib

The Course & Swag

The course was hilly. I knew it would be hilly. I didn't train for this race so I'm sure I felt the hills even more than I normally would have. The hills aren't huge, but there are a lot of them and it's a constant rolling/going upward feeling the entire race.

My friend George from came in from Las Vegas and took this photo on the course. It's definitely a favorite photo-op on the course!   

The swag was nice this year. For participating in the 5k I got a medal and a tech shirt. For participating in the half I got a jacket, a medal, and tons of free shots and beer on the course! More on that later. 

The Hubbo and co-workers modeling the jackets.
I, on the other hand, made some questionable modeling choices on race day...

The Expo & Blogger's Panel

We volunteered at the Expo on Friday afternoon at the packet pickup booth. That was a crazy, busy, fun, fast few hours! 
After my shift was over I participated in the Blogger's Panel for the second time. It was really cool to meet the other bloggers and get to discuss one of my hobbies. This year they had two panels. A Friday night panel and a Saturday afternoon panel. 

Overall, the expo is a good size. You have your typical vendors there. One cool thing about the Route 66 Expo is that the Marathon Maniacs set up a booth. So you can buy your gear in person and try it on. Very helpful! If you'v ever tried to buy a MM or HF singlet, you know the struggle! 

I also go to take a spin on an Alter-G treadmill! It was so crazy feeling! 
When you try this thing out, they put you in these crazy space pants that are made of a neoprene like fabric that zips into the air bag like portion of the treadmill. Then the machine calibrates to your weight and then you tell it what percentage of your body weight you want to run with. I took it down to 60% of my body weight and I felt like I could run forever!

5k Race Day!

Saturday was the 5k and it was cold and windy! We knew we were just going to do the 5k for fun so we joined up with some friends. Before we even hit the first kilometer, we decided to take a detour. 
For shots!
That's right, we hoped into a local diner/bar and took a shot of whisky! 
That's definitely a first for me to go to a bar and order a shot. 
Route 66 is known as a party course and we did our part to contribute to the reputation! Nothing says party like messy hair, shots at 8:15am, and all before we even hit the first mile! #RockStarStatus
Even though we ran/walked the entire way, stopped in and ordered 6 shots, and had to tab out, we managed to finish the 5k in under 50 minutes. Not bad. 

Half Marathon Race Day!

PictureBasic Corral Selfie!
Sunday was the half marathon. It started our super cold, but eventually warmed up to be nice. 
We ran/walked the entire way but somehow I managed to take very few pics. I'm slacking on my blogging duties!
Route 66 is known as a party race and it's no joke! We had beer, shots, donuts, and various other goodies on the race to help us keep our spirits up. I had fruit loop vodka y'all! 
Quick shout out to the citizens of Tulsa for getting the party started early on a Sunday morning! 

Back to the race. The course was hilly! Being as I was vastly under trained, it didn't long before my body was over it. But we got it done, had fun along the way, and eventually crossed the finish line. It was a personal worst for the Hubbo and I but we were just happy to be out there and complete another race. 

Overall, the weekend was great! We had great company, lots of fun, lots of drinks, and made some fun memories! This is exactly why Route 66 is my favorite race ever! 

Question! What's your PR and PW?

Let's be real honest right up front, I hated just about every minute of the Tulsa Run this weekend. And honestly, it left me wondering if I'll do it again next year. 
You can read last year's recap here

I'll be honest and say that I wasn't mentally in the game for this race either, which also made it tough. I've never mentally quit so hard. I did finish the race but it wasn't pretty. There was a lot of hills, a lot of walking, and a lot of negotiating with myself over those 9 miles on Saturday. 

The Course

I know you are use to my recaps starting with the medal because that is my favorite part of each race, but we HAVE to talk about this course.

Let me point out a few things first....

1. This year they changed the course to a more traditional route. The last two years I ran this race it was pretty much just an out-and-back on a mostly flat course with a big hill at the end.
2. I live in Tulsa, I train for all my races in Tulsa, and I'm not a stranger to the fact that Tulsa is hilly.
3. This is my third time to run this race. 

Now, back to the course. The picture above is courtesy of the Tulsa Sports Commission. That elevation map is a little scary. The word on the street is that due to an upcoming construction event taking place along the usual route, the course was changed. I'll just say, I'm not a fan of the new course. It felt like if we weren't coming down a hill, we were going up one at all times. Not to mention the race stared at 9:00 am which is a pretty late start for a race and I noticed a lot of traffic that had to wait on runners. I will say that this course was way more scenic than previous years but you paid for it in hills. 

Now here is a factor that the Tulsa run has no control over. The weather. It has been unseasonably warm here in Tulsa for a couple weeks. When the Hubbo and I pulled out of the drive way an hour before the race, it was already 69 degrees. When we got back in the car after the race, it was 85! Too hot for this Ginger who is not a hot weather runner! To put it in perspective for you, the first year I ran this race it was so cold, I wore a hat, gloves, long tights, long sleeve shirt, and a jacket the entire race! This year I wore a tank top and shorts and still overheated. If the race had started earlier, or the weather had been better, maybe this race wouldn't have been so hard. I will say that one week before this race, I ran an 18 mile training run which was very hilly as well and that seemed much easier than this race for some reason. 

The Medal

The first two years I ran this race, the medals looked pretty similar. But this year, they a change to the overall layout of the medal and I like it. The color scheme and logo are the same, but the different shape gives it a different vibe to the medal. Couple that with the fact that I don't have a lot of rectangle medals and I consider this one a win!

The Shirt

The Tulsa Run always has a long sleeve technical shirt as part of the swag you get for running the race. This year was no different. This year's shirt is great and all, until I put it on and found a giant hole had been cut in the arm of my shirt. It looks like it had possibly been cut with scissors when they were trying to open a box of shirts or something. 

I am sure that I have a Tulsa Run Shirt Curse because there has been something wrong with each shirt I've received over the last three races. Every. Single. One! 
The first year all the shirts were too small for everyone!
The second year I ordered mine a size larger trying to avoid the too small problem but when I noticed how big it was at the expo, they wouldn't let me trade it in for a smaller size. It was a men's shirt! Not a unisex shirt.  Why do races do that even though women outnumber men at most races?
This year, I got my shirt with a big hole in it. 

::Insert Sad Music Here:: 

The Water Stops/Post Race Food

This is where the Tulsa Run needs to get their shit together. The water stops were awful again this year. Last year one of the last water stops ran out of water! How does a race that has been around for over 35 years not have a good system down for water stops??? 

This year, at more than one water stop, I had to stand there and wait for a volunteer to fill a cup with water so I could take it and continue walking while I drank my water. 
Then when I crossed the finish line they were out of water! How in the world do you run out of water at a finish line?!? 
Luckily, a volunteer had just walked over to the finish area and opened 1 case of water as I was about to exit the race and I managed to get a bottle. There were several people out on the course after I was and I really hope they had a truck load of water brought in for the people who finished after me.

Then as I'm going through the post-race food tent I was surprised to see that they had really skimped on the food this year. They had bananas cut up in to small pieces which is fine, but they had bagels they had also cut up into such small pieces that the box of bread looked like nothing but crumbs! Then they also had granola bars that they had opened and cut up into very small pieces as well. It was sort of embarrassing. This is a huge race with over 9,000 people participating and I was embarrassed to be from Tulsa and have the Tulsa Run represented that way. The Hubbo and I signed up for this race when it was first available (meaning the cheapest rate) and it was still almost $40. 

I would rather skip the post-race food all together and see that money be donated to charity. I would like to say THANK YOU to all the volunteers who works so hard to provide this race for us! Races couldn't happen without people like you! Also a big shout out to the Beer Stops! Yes, stops as in plural. Towards the end of the race at two different locations there were tables set up with cold beer. I figured I needed to do something to jazz this party up so I happily obliged and drank a cup from each station. It made me forget how hot I was for a split second so it was totally worth it! 

Overall Experience Summary

Overall, this was just not my day. It was too hot, too hilly, and I'm still adjusting to my new meds while running. Also I couldn't get my Garmin to connect until I had already ran .75 miles. I finished the race in 1:53:52 which is not close to a PR for me, but I'm totally fine with it because I walked, I finished, and I brought home another medal and that is all that really matters. 

Question! Have you ever had a race run out of water?

Today I had planned on publishing a totally different blog but something came up that simply can't wait another day. 
There's something I need to bring awareness to and I need to ask for your help! Here in Tulsa we have a wonderful Urban Wilderness Area called Turkey Mountain. It's a wonderful park/dirt trail system in Tulsa where there are miles and miles of trails for running, hiking, taking the kids for a picnic, riding your horse, mountain biking, taking amazing photographs of the skyline of Tulsa and so much more. This amazing little gem is in jeopardy. Last week it was announced that some private property adjacent to Turkey Mountain was sold to a development company, which plans to place a large high-end outlet mall in the area that will close some of the trails.
I know what you are probably thinking, "It was private property, what's the big deal?". The big deal is that the area they bought has miles of trails on it that the previous land owner had been wonderfully gracious enough to let the patrons of Turkey Mountain use even though they weren't in the care of the Tulsa River Parks Authority. And in return, the patrons of Turkey Mountain would care for and maintain the trails. The last volunteer day was in mid July and hundreds of people showed up to maintain the land and trails. It was truly a win-win situation for everyone. 

Here is a map of the area affected. The red box is where the new outlet mall will go. You can see that there are trails leading right into that area and that's the problem. 
Let's be clear, I'm not opposed to the outlet mall at all. I'm opposed to the location of the proposed outlet mall, especially when there is plenty of land nearby that isn't part of Turkey Mountain. 
I'm opposed to the increased traffic hazards that may come when runners/bikers mix with cars. We all know who wins and who loses in the scenario. 
I'm opposed to the domino effect that may take place which could lead to the entire area around Turkey Mountain being developed and reducing the amount of space we have left to enjoy. Here's what I mean by that...

According to a local news reporter, HALF of the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area is actually private property and could be sold! 
This map shows you the land that could be sold if further development of the area were to take place. It would clearly reduce the land dedicated to trails significantly, meaning the current 45 miles of trails could be reduced to just 15 miles! 

Here is where you come in. A petition has been started. I signed it already and I'm asking all of my running buddies to sign it. I know you may not live in the Tulsa area or you may have never stepped foot on Turkey Mountain, but there will come a day when this could happen to an area you love and you will want all the support you can get. Please sign the petition by clicking here.
The Hubbo and I have spent a lot of time up there on those trails and would hate to see it change to a parking lot for an outlet mall. Let's move the mall further south and leave Turkey Mountain alone. 
I think Country Crows says it best with this song...

Question! Has this ever happened to your favorite park? What did your city do?

Hi Running Buddies!

How is your running going? The Hubbo and I took about 3 weeks off from training to give our legs some time to recover from our half marathon spree in April. But now It's time to start pre-training for marathon training which starts in about 4 weeks. Eek! 
Recently, The Hubbo, some of my co-workers/friends, and I ran a fun local 5k here in Tulsa.  The Fat Guy's Burgers and Baseball 5k!

But before we get to my typical recap of the race, you may have already noticed something. My blog may look a little different to you. It does. You're not seeing things. I changed the layout and I'm still making changes. I'll be sure to post a blog about how it all went down when it's all done. 

So let's get to the race!

The Crew

A big group of friends and co-workers and I met up before the race in downtown Tulsa. Luckily, this was a small race so parking and finding each other wasn't hard at all. We also were fortunate enough that even though it was warm and humid, we had a nice cloud cover that day and the sun wasn't beating down on us. THANK GOD! I can't run in the heat y'all! #GingersDontLikeTheSun 

This race had two options. The 5k and the Fat Guy's Challenge! Fat Guys is a local burger joint located in downtown Tulsa right by the baseball field. 

The Fat Guy's Challenge consisted of running to a burger station and consuming an entire Fat Guy's Burger before being able to run the 5k. At the end of the 5k, participants also had to chug a vanilla milk shake just about .25 of a mile away from the finish line. I ran the 5k because I'm a total weeny when it comes to running and consuming large amounts of food/beer at the same time. The Hubbo on the other hand, ran the Fat Guy's Challenge and said it was ROUGH! 

The Course

The 5k started right by OneOK Field which is were the Tulsa Driller's (minor league baseball team) play. Hence the Baseball portion of this race. We ran around downtown Tulsa before heading back to the baseball field and running around the outfield and then across home plate to finish! They even had a camera set up so you could watch people cross the finish line on the jumbo tron! 

I was lucky enough to get this picture from Angela (in blue). Her family members came down to the race and snapped a few photos and I was just close enough to be included in some of them. 
The course wasn't very hilly but did have a couple small inclines so I wouldn't say this is the flattest 5k I've ever ran, but it wasn't hilly either. The best part about the course was running down the ramp to get into the baseball field before we crossed the finish line at home plate!

The Swag

The cost for the 5k was $35 and the cost of the Fat Guy's Burger Challenge was $40, I think. 
For registering for the 5k we got:
  • 1 Ticket to a Driller's Baseball Game
  • Post-Race Fat Guy's Burger 
  • Post-Race Beer x2
  • A Cotton T-Shirt
  • Cute Bib

The ticket to the baseball game was good for any regular season home game for the Tulsa Drillers. It just so happened to work out that the same day as the race, they had an evening game at home and Fireworks! So not only did we get to see the Drillers win, we got a nice celebratory fireworks show at the end! Bonus!

My Stats

PictureSun in your face = Goofy Selfie!
This wasn't my best 5k and also wasn't my worst 5k. It was warm and y'all know, I'm not a hot weather runner! Also before this race The Hubbo and I enjoyed a 3 week hiatus from running to recover from our full month of Half Marathons in April. That being said, I'm still really pleased with my results!

Here are my stats:
Time: 30:22
Division Place: 10th out of 47
Female Overall Place: 67th out of 280

Total Number of Finishers: 531

Click here for the link to my race recap on Bibrave.com

Question! What race has the best swag? What did you get?

PictureLuchador 5K Tulsa, OK April 2014
Last Saturday was a busy race day at the RunGingerRunBlog house. On Saturday morning the Hubbo and I ran the Aquarium Run Half Marathon and then later that evening my P-town girls, the Hubbo, and I ran the Elote's Luchador 5K here in Tulsa.

Whew! I'm tired just thinking back to that day!

The Luchador 5K was called an Urban Obstacle race. We'll get to that in a minute. But first, check out these costumes! 

You guys! I made my own cape! This is HUGE! I'm terrible at cooking, cleaning, and sewing is out of the question so I'm super pumped that I pulled this one off!

This is a local 5K put on by Elote's resturant to benefit the YMCA's Y-Kids to Camp program. We signed up super last minute but with just enough time to order our Luchador masks from Mask Maniac and have them show up before the race. The masks we got were about $17 and took about 3ish days to get here. 

The week of the race the pricing was $30 with a costume or $35 without one.  You all KNOW how much RGR and the Hubbo like to dress up so the decision to dress up wasn't even a question! 

The Course + Obstacles

PictureJosh and The Hubbo in front of the starting line!
The course was fairly flat with a few inclines and one bridge. We did have to go down some stairs at one point but I'm assuming that was one of the "urban obstacles" the race put in there.

Let's just talk about these urban obstacles. When we signed up for the race we were so excited about doing a double race day and the fact that the second race was a fun race with costumes I totally ignored those two little words...Urban Obstacles.

Turns out, it was a series of fun little challenges around downtown Tulsa that you had to get through to finish the race. Lindsay, Mindy, and I spent most of the run laughing so hard we barely ran! The Hubbo ran with our buddy Josh and tried to catch the official Elote's Luchadors. The official luchadors had a 5 minute head start and a flag. So not only was this an obstacle race, it was a capture the flag game too. Josh was fast enough and actually caught one!  

I tried to get pictures of as many obstacles as I could, but I was kinda busy, running, laughing, navigating obstacles, and laughing. 

One of the first obstacles we had to negotiate was the Green Country Roller Derby girls hitting the runners with foam bats as you ran by. Hilarious and Scary! 

Here are the obstacles I did get pictures of...

For this obstacle we had to ride a little square scooter board thingy about 15 or 20 feet to then get in line to make a goal in Frisbee golf. In other news, I suck at Frisbee golf!
This obstacle was only for those who were 21+ because it was JELLO SHOT TIME! Warm jello shots are not good by the way...
Tire crawl obstacle.
This was a water stop and obstacle combined. While navigating the kegs they were handing out shots of water in tiny little shot glasses. Stay hydrated!
Limbo! This is surprisingly difficult with a cape on.
The very last obstacle was right at the finish line and you had to run through a smaller Luchador wrestling ring and get by to Luchadors. Hilarious!
This was the BEST 5K I've ever participated in! Not because I got a PR, because I didn't, but because I was having such a good time hanging out with my friends. 
The race gave out age group awards but put a funny spin on them. They gave out "trophies" that were dressed up like tiny luchadors but instead of calling them First Place, Second Place, Third Place they had funny names such as "Not Last Place". I think they were old soccer trophies that someone jazzed up with some superglue! 

After the race we all stuck around and enjoyed our Nachos and beer that came with our registration fee. We watched the Elote's Luchadors wrestle and then we went inside to hydrate. By hydrate I mean, take shots. Can you guess which one of these is mine? 

Hint! I don't like Jagermeister. 

Question! Have you ever made your own costume for a race?

Last weekend the Hubbo and I ran a local half marathon called the Aquarium Run. For me, this was my Lucky #7 Half Marathon. 
We ran this race once before back in 2012 and it was my very first half marathon so I was excited to come back and give this one another shot. Up until I ran the Route 66 Half Marathon in November the Aquarium Run was my PR race. 
This is a smaller (about 700 finishers in the half) race that benefits the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma. 

The Medal

PictureAquarium Run Medal 2014
Let's start this recap off by talking about the medal.
The Aquarium Run 2014 medal is a little smaller than I was expecting. When I ran this race in 2012 the medal was a totally different style, shape, and size so I was expecting something along those lines.
Overall, I do like this medal, I just wish it was bigger. I know, I'm a total bling junkie. It's bad. It's hard to see but there is engraved writing on the front that has a really pretty blue color in it. If it has been scaled up, it would have been easier to see. 

The Bib

PictureAquarium Run 2014 Bib
If you are like me, you care more about the medal than the bib, but this year I was impressed with the bib so I'm giving the bib it's own section in this recap. In the past, the bib just had a band of a solid color, blue I think, and a black number. This year the bib was all fancy and stuff and had an actual design that went along with the theme. The theme this year was Running with the Bull Sharks. I didn't even know that Bull Sharks could run! Mind. Blown. ;)

The Course

Picture2014 Aquarium Run Course Map
The course is 100% FLAT!
That is probably the number one reason I decided to run this race again this year. I wanted to get another Half Marathon PR and I knew out of all three of my races this month, this would be my best shot. 
It's not the most exciting course, but I knew that going in.

The half starts right in front of the Aquarium then you make a quick loop through a parking lot and then head across the bridge to the east side of the Arkansas river where you do an out-and-back before heading back across the river to the west side to go back to the Aquarium/finish line. The worst part about this course is that when you come under the bridge you can see the finish area when you hit mile 12. If you can get past that mental game, you're fine. The weather was really great for this event too. It started in the mid 40s and warmed up to the mid 50s by the time we were done. There was a little wind but nothing too crazy.

Parking & Swag

PictureAquarium Run 2014 Race Shirt
We got to the race about 45 minutes early to park because we knew that there is a one lane road to get to the Aquarium and we didn't want to get stuck in line. The 5K also started an hour before the Half so there were going to be a bunch of people already there. If you do this race, plan to show up a little early to get a good spot.

If you are coming in from out of town to do this race, there is actually a Holiday In Express right next to the starting line. Pretty convenient. 

The Swag for this race really isn't bad considering it was so affordable. I think it was $40 or $45 and you got a nice bib, a medal, a t-shirt, typical post-race food and drinks, and a ticket to get into the Aquarium the day of the race. 

RunGingerRun Results

Picture2014 Aquarium Run
I'm super excited to say that I GOT A PR!!!
I ran this race in 2:13:09 which is a little more than 3 minutes faster than my last half marathon PR.

29th out of 77 in my Age Group
293rd out of 705 Total Half Marathon Finishers
Total Number of Females: 446
Total Number of Males: 259

I knew going into this race that I wanted a PR. I had 3 goals to shoot for.

1. Sub 2:10 Finish
2. Sub 2:15 Finish
3. Just beat my previous PR by at least 1 second.
And my 4th and unofficial goal was to just NOT DIE. Whew! Glad I made that one! :) 

While I didn't reach my #1 goal, I did hit my #2 goal. Before the race, I looked up a pace chart and knew that I needed to average about 9:55 per mile for a sub 2:10 finish. When the race started out, we had a tailwind and I was feeling great so I was running faster than 9:55.
I ended up getting a PR at the 10K distance but I wasn't there to run a 10K, I was there to run a half marathon. So I ended up struggling through miles 9-13. But I was able to  hold onto a a fast enough pace for the second half to at least reach my #2 goal, so I'm really happy!

When I was running I hit the wall around mile 9. I was running alone at that point and decided that I was just going to turn my music up and push through. I'd already ran a huge chunk of the race and I didn't want to give up on my PR with 4ish miles to go. Someone who was still heading out to the turn around yelled at me, but by the time I realized they were talking to me (because my music was loud) they had already passed. I turned around to wave but I'm not sure if they saw me. If that was you, I'm sorry and Heyy!!!

Soon after that a little boy started talking to me too. That's when I knew I needed to take my ear buds out and be social. He was out there running his 3rd half marathon and was so cute! He had to be 10 or so. He complimented me on my back bib (see pic below) as he flew right on by me. 

Shortly after the little boy took off a friend of mine from High School met up with me and we ran a couple miles together. It was a welcomed relief because I was struggling and it gave me someone to talk to and distract me.

Right after I crossed the finish line an Instagram buddy of mine, Mary, recognized me and said hi. As soon as I stopped running my legs were hurting so bad, I wasn't able to stick around much and talk. I also did get a pic with her either.
Bad Blogger!

After the run we went inside to get some food and I ran into a Twitter buddy of mine. I think it's so fun to meet my social media buddies at races! Also it was nice to put a face with a name.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 9:57
Mile 2: 9:46
Mile 3: 9:42
Mile 4: 9:44
Mile 5: 9:53
Mile 6: 9:49
Mile 7: 10:00 (This was after we turned back south and had a headwind)
Mile 8: 9:58
Mile 9: 10:15 (Here's where it started to get HARD!)
Mile 10: 10:24
Mile 11: 10:27 
Mile 12: 10:15
Mile 13: 10:23

My Motivational Back Bib!
The Gingers in the corral shot before the race.
The rest of the RunGingerRun Crew before the race!
Post Race Hubbo Pic!
This is the FIRST time that my Garmin time matched my chip time!

Question! How's your racing been going lately? Any PRs you want to share?

Hello Running Buddies! How has your running or training been going? 

Yesterday The Hubbo and my P-Town friends ran a fun little 5K here in Tulsa called the Goo Run.  

The Goo run is exactly what it sounds like. A messy gooey fun 5K. It is a traveling fun 5K similar to Warrior Dash or the Color Run. You can see where they will be next by clicking here. It's a little expensive for a 5k, so sign up early or follow them on Facebook to see the discount codes they put out frequently.

Have you ever signed up for a race with your friends months in advance and at the time you thought "Oh yeah, let's do this race, it will be fun!" and then the day of the race you wonder what the hell you were thinking? Or maybe you thought to yourself "Was I drinking when I agreed to this?" No? Just me? Weird. 

Well at first when my friends mentioned doing the Goo Run I was all like...

I thought sure! A messy 5K sounds like a great idea!
Then we showed up to the event and it was cold and windy and then I was all....
The Goo was all slimy and green and I thought it was going to be super cold but it wasn't too bad. 

Plus, in this 5K you got a shirt and a "medal" when you crossed the finish line. I use the term medal loosely though. 
This was me before the race. I have no idea what The Hubbo and I were thinking but we showed up to run this 5K and the temps were in the low 40s with some strong wind coming from the North. It was way too cold for shorts! 

Also - I realize I'm being a total rookie here and 1. I'm wearing the shirt from the event and 2. It's cotton.

This is the before photo. We look all nice and excited and clean.

That didn't last long.

The fun run started 15 minutes before the 5K and the 5K runners got to shoot Goo all over the fun runners. It was messy and people were shooting Goo all over. I was a total chicken and tried to avoid the pre-run Goo even though I knew in less than 15 minutes I'd be covered in it.

Here we are after the race.

We ran through a Goo waterfall at the very beginning and the very end. We ran through 5 Goo stations where volunteers were shooting Goo directly at us.  We got lucky on one of the Goo stations and ran by without getting hit because the volunteers had to reload their Goo guns. 
The Hubbo ran most of the race alone and us girls hung back and made inappropriate comments during the 3 mile run. Because we are mature and all. I'm sure you can imagine so I won't go into detail. 

PictureGoo Run Medal 2014
Here are the "medals" from the Goo Run.
They are kinda cool and unique but since they are plastic with Goo inside of them, I suspect that in a few years the Goo will be dried up or turn brown or something not as pretty as right now.

Tips for the Goo Run 5K

Here are a few tips to help you have the most fun possible at the Goo run. 

  1. Bring friends! This was way more fun with my friends than it would have been had I done it alone. Plus, people that you just met may not appreciate your hilarious yet inappropriate comments. :) 
  2. Wear a "clean" layer of clothing. And by that I mean, were a pair of shorts and a tank top as a base layer that won't get exposed to the Goo. There weren't any changing areas or showers so we had to strip down as much as possible in the parking lot before we got into the car. Bring plenty of towels. 
  3. Wipe the Goo off as soon as possible. The stuff is made out of a jelly silicon like substance and when it dries on your skin it cracks and kinda hurts.
  4. Take Pictures! You'll want proof that you were able to tolerate a crazy, silly, mess to show off to all your friends and make them totally jealous that they aren't as cool as you.
  5. Don't wear your good running shoes/clothes. We had to wash our clothes twice and our running shoes three times. I wore an old pair of shoes, but the Hubbo wore his good pair. Luckily everything did come out clean.
  6. Wear a hat! It's almost impossible to get Goo out of long hair. So you may want to cover it up. I wish I had, but it's too late now. I'll be pulling Goo out of my long Ginger locks for weeks! 
  7. Wear sunglasses. They Goo volunteers found it to be a personal challenge that if you covered your face while running through a Goo station, that is exactly where they wanted to hit you with Goo. So wear some sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
  8. Check out parking before the event. They charged $10 for parking if you parked in the parking lot adjacent to the starting line, but if we parked across the street, it was free.

Leave a comment! Have you done the Goo Run? What messy/fun runs have you been a part of?

January 25, 2014 Tulsa
This weekend the Hubbo and I participated in our first 10K in over a year. We ran the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long race right here in Tulsa. This race may sound familiar to you being as this was the same race that we ran our first Ultra (50K) last year! You can read about that race recap here. 

This year we decided to not torture ourselves and signed up for the 10K. This race has 4 distance options, (hence the name, go short, go long, go very long) you can run the 5K, 10K, 25K or the 50K. 

The Course - 100% Flat! If you are looking for a PR, this is the race for you! It's not super interesting since it is an out-and-back on the Arkansas River, but for the 5K and 10K, it's perfect PR conditions. For the 25k and 50K runners, there is one hill on the west side of the course at Turkey Mountain. (50K runners have to do it twice)

The Medal - This is the first year that I've ran it that they gave out medals to 5K and 10K finishers. This year the 25K and 50K got a slightly bigger and different shaped medal which is exactly how it should be, being as they had to Go Very Long for their races. But the medals are a cute Dr. Seuss theme which is fun! (See Pic Below

The Race Shirt - The race shirt is a long sleeve tech shirt and is also Dr. Seuss themed with the Dr. Seuss characters running on it. Loved the gray color this year instead of white. (See Pic Below)

The Parking Situation - Eh. Parking isn't the worst, it isn't the best. The race is on the River Parks trails in Tulsa so their isn't a giant parking lot right next to the starting line. Most race participants had to park in the neighborhoods nearby the starting line. So it's not too bad really. 

The Food - The post-race food is awesome! The race starts and ends at Blue Rose Cafe and they always put on a big spread of fruit, juice, oatmeal, and beer for the 5K and 10K runners. For the 25K and 50K runners there get burgers and fries and of course, beer! (See Pic Below)

My Results - 1:01:28. New 10K PR!  I finished 7th out of 27 in my age group and there were 229 total 10K finishers. Not sure of my place overall. 
It wasn't until mile 5 that I even realized I could try for a PR. My running club said not to actually race this race and to use it as an endurance run. Yeah right! But I started out just running how I felt and looked down at mile 5 and realized if I just pushed myself a little I could possibly PR, so I gave it a whirl and took ~ 90 seconds off my previous PR time.

Overall - This race is great because it's not very expensive, it's local for me, I have several options on distances, the medals are unique, you get a full meal and a nice tech shirt for like $35. It's also a smaller race. The 5K and 10K were capped at 500 runners and the 25K and 50K were capped at 300 runners.

Oh! And the race even has a photographer taking pictures and the pictures are free if you are lucky enough to get your photo taken. I was lucky and the results are hilarious...er hideous!  (See Pic Below)

Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long Bib and Medal 2014
Best. Oatmeal. Ever!
Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long Shirt and Bib 2014
Races are more fun with running buddies!
I guess we got confused and thought we were going to a funeral and not a race?
Worst. Race. Photo. Ever!
Happy New Year! I hope your 2014 has started off with a ton of fun already!

In a previous post, I told you how terrible we are at planning races in advance. We will literally sign up for races only a couple days in advance. Well this year I set a few running goals for myself and a few of them will force me to be better at planning ahead on things like my race calendar. Keep reading to check out my goals and first attempt at a race list for 2014.

Goal # 1

Nevada here we come!
Run a race in a State we haven't raced in before.

This was my goal last year as well and we ran the Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas to make that happen. This year we are venturing out a little farther away from home and signed up for a one-time-only half marathon in Las Vegas! We plan to run the Mustang 50th Anniversary Half Marathon in April 2014. 

Goal # 2

2013 Medal Count: 9
Earn more medals in 2014 than 2013.

I'm surprised that I came away with so many medals for 2013. We ended up with 9 which means we'll have to complete at least 10 races that provide medals this year if we want to accomplish this goal. Challenge Accepted! 

This is going to take some planning, which we aren't normally the best at, but we've already started putting our race calendar together and I'll post it below. 

Goal # 3

Goal # 3B - I need to wear this shirt!
Complete a Marathon in under 5 Hours for a new Marathon PR.

My current marathon PR is 5:16. I know, nothing to brag about. And sadly that was my very first marathon as well. Also during training for that race I developed a tough case of Plantar Fasciitus (that still flares up every now and again) but we went ahead and completed 3 more marathons in as many months. Not smart, by the way. This year I have one shot at reaching this goal. We've already signed up for our one and only Full marathon, the Route 66 Marathon, so it's all or nothing on this one!

This time will hopefully be much different because I have my nutrition plan a little more figured out, I respect the distance more than I did the first time, I know that I can't wear stability shoes because I need a neutral shoe, and I have an awesome chiropractor that will help keep my feet and legs nice and healthy for those long runs! 

2014 Race Calendar...so far

Polar Bear Plunge
Tulsa, OK
January 1, 2014
2 Miles, 3 Pools, 1 Medal

(Race Recap Coming Soon!)

Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long
Tulsa, OK
January 25, 2014
Medal - Yes

Sweetheart Run
Tulsa, OK 
February 15, 2014
5K + 10K = Double
Medal -  No

Aquarium Run
Tulsa, OK
April 5, 2014
Half Marathon
Medal - Yes

Mustang 50th Half Marathon
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 19, 2014
Half Marathon
Medal - Yes!

Tulsa Run
Tulsa, OK
October 2014
Medal - Yes

Jenks Half Marathon
Jenks, OK
November 2014
Half Marathon
Medal - Yes

Route 66 5K
Tulsa, OK
November 2014
3.1 Miles
Medal - Yes

Route 66 Marathon
Tulsa, OK
November 2014
26.5 Miles
Medal - Yes 
Coin - Yes 

So far we have 9 races scheduled but only 8 that will allow us to earn a medal. In order to reach my goal of 10 medals in 2014, we will have to find and pick up at least 2 more races with medals. This should be a fun challenge and help us run a few we haven't ran before. Game on!

What are your running goals for 2014? What races are on your race list?

Lindsay, Mindy, Me, and The Hubbo
It's been a full week since the Hubbo and I ran in the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa. (I was a slacker and only ran the half, he was awesome and ran the full) We took this entire week off to allow our legs to recover and decided to re-enter the running routine with a fun 5k, the Dye Hard Fan Dash!  

The DHFD is a locally organized color run with a fun twist. It's a family friendly event that encourages runners to come out and support their favorite Oklahoma college football team, whether it be the University of Oklahoma - Boomer Sooner! Oklahoma State University - Go Pokes! or the University of Tulsa - Go Cane! Or you can be totally neutral like The Hubbo and just run for fun. I chose to support OSU. (Go Pokes!) No, I didn't go to OSU, but I do have a lot of friends and family who did, so I figured it would make for fewer awkward conversations when they asked which side I was on. It's all about PR people!

I'm already pretty excited about the next Dye Hard Fan Dash. My friend Josh, who is a co-race director, said the next race is scheduled to take place in August and happen at night, which should be pretty awesome and a perfect way to kick off college football season. 

Me & The Hubbo Celebrating his 4th Place Finish
The race started and ended at Guthrie Green, a new urban garden and performance park in the Brady Arts District of downtown Tulsa. 

The race had a costume contest, a chili cook-off, music, tailgating, beer, and lots of color flying in the air. This was the first year for the race but it still had a pretty good turnout. 
I don't know why I look so clean in this picture, but I still had color on me this morning when I woke up!

My BFF's from High School, Lindsay and Mindy, came down and ran this race too! Even though the event was untimed, Lindsay and Mindy were able to get a 5K PR of 32 minutes! So proud of them! The course was actually kind of tough for a 5k, we had at least 3 decent sized hills. And you all know I think hills are stupid! I'm also proud because the Hubbo came in 4th overall in the race! His 4th place finish comes just one week after getting a 20+ minute PR in a marathon a week earlier! Such a bad-ass!  

Mindy, The Hubbo and I. SHOTS!
Mindy's birthday was a few days before the race so of course we had to go out and grab a drink or two to celebrate. We started out at McNellie's and ended up at Caz's which has the most awesome bathroom wall graffiti ever. Seriously, I could spend at least 4 hours and 27 minutes in there just reading all the crazy quips you drunk people have put up in there. If you are ever looking for a bar in Tulsa with amazing bathroom graffiti art, Caz's is your place! 

Speaking of being a bad-ass, I'm totally not ashamed of this picture. If you look closely you can see 3 Jager shots for Lindsay, Mindy, and the Hubbo and  then there is me. Just holding my ah-mazing lemon drop shot! 
Happy Birthday Mindy!