People say running gives them time to think. They say it gives them time to clear their head. Well running does give you time to think. It just doesn’t give you a lot of time to think clearly. That is because running makes you dumb. When I’m running a long distance, the last thing I can do is put a complex and cohesive thought together. You could ask me my own name and there will be a long awkard pause before I spit out my own name and if I'm lucky, I'll give you my real name, not my fake name that I use when I meet a creepy guy at a bar. The picture to left is exactly how my thought process goes on a long run. 

 Here are some of my random thoughts from my 18 mile run this Saturday...

Oh what a cute dog! I mean Cat. Crap, that’s a squirrel. Well my dog is probably sleeping on the couch right now. Jealous!

That red straw on the ground looks like candy. I want Twizzlers. And cookies. And beer. Ugh, if I eat cookies right now, I’ll puke. Puke and Rally!

That group of runners heading towards us looks like a pack of zombies. What if they are zombies? Can zombies run? Can I run faster than a zombie? (I blame that last one on my husband and his obsession with zombies.)

That house is cute. I wonder if they can hear us? I wonder if a running group has ever ran by my house and I had no idea? That’s creepy.

What are some of your random thoughts you have while running?

Photo from www.rwdaly.runnersworld.com.



10/14/2012 10:28pm

Well, at least you have the excuse of the stress on your body causing the disjointed thoughts! I feel like is my brain always :)

10/14/2012 11:37pm

Oh I have days when I'm NOT running and my brain works this way too! :)

11/19/2012 11:15am

Yesterday at about mile 14 of the Route 66 I distinctly remember thinking to myself..."What if Jupiter's rings were made of GU?" I think the train of thought that got me there was something like this...
"Why did I buy that flavor GU?"
"I wonder what GU would taste like is it were dehydrated, and put into powder form to mix with water?"
"Astronauts eat dehydrated food"
"I wonder when we will put a man on Mars"
(singing to myself a song I learned in 1st grade to know the planets by) "Mercury Venus, Earth and Mars, these are the planets that dwell in the stars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus too Neptune and Pluto, I know them, do you"
"I feel like I'm running to Jupiter today"
(ready for the full circle?)
"What if Jupiter's rings were made of GU"
It's only now as I type this that I realize Jupiter doesn't have rings....thats saturn....
You're right....running makes us dumb...

03/27/2013 9:30pm

I'm the opposite. Running gives me clarity.......and sanity. :)

03/27/2013 10:17pm

LoL. I agree. Running does help keep me sane as well. Just not as clear as I'd like. :)

11/24/2015 4:59am

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11/26/2015 2:53am

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