Recently I participated in the Lederhosen Lauf, the 35th Annual Tulsa Run, the Nightmare on 2nd Street Fun Run, and the McNellie's Pub Run . I am running in so many races I thought it would be a good idea to "grade" them to help my fellow runners find out more from a runner's perspective. Hopefully it will encourage others to compete in these races and prepare them for what to expect.

Here is what I plan to accomplish.
1. To recap my race experience.
2. To inform my fellow runners about various races in and around the Tulsa area.                                                                   

Here is how it works. 
I'll create a grading scale which will include the a handful of topics applicable to a race.
The scale will consist of areas being rated anywhere from 1 - 5. 1 being the lowest score possible. 5 will be the highest score possible.

1 = Boo! 
2 = Eh, Ok. Kinda Lame...
3 = Average or RedHairDon'tCare
4 = Pretty Darn Good
5 = Awesome! 

Here are the topics.
  • Entry Fees
  • Medal
  • Shirt
  • Parking
  • Course
  • Temperature
  • Participation
  • Expo

Here is the Grading Scale.



12/08/2015 2:21pm

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