It is that time of year again. Time when your family and friends have been bugging you about what you want for Christmas and time is running out. I always struggle with this myself. I never know what I want, what I should tell people and I never know what to get people either. 


I'm not great at surprising my friends with gifts, I usually just buy them exactly what they told me via text message they wanted but I do love to give gifts! So I got inspired to make a list, but I didn't check it twice, of gifts that are good for your running buddies. 

Under The Tree Gifts

  • GPS Watch - Prices can range from low to high-end. 
  •  iPod Shuffle
  • Ear buds 
  • iTunes Gift Card - runners love music!
  • Tech Shirts - Easy to buy if you know the size and you can never have too many
  • Money for race entry fees. Those add up quickly over the year!
  • Sweaty Bands 
  • Shoes - May be harder to purchase but if they are the type of runner that purchases the same shoe time after time, maybe you can do a little spy work and figure it out. Otherwise maybe just a gift card to their favorite running store for a new pair. 
  • Running Buff - Doubles as a Ninja costume :) 
  • Running Gloves - Either a good pair or a few really cheap throw away pairs

Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Running socks - No cotton!
Blinky light - The gift of safety! 
Nutrition - GU or Stingers
Running Sticker - 13.1, 26.2, 5K, 10K, 15K
Running Magnet 
Body Glide - Not glamorous but pretty useful
Reusable running water bottle 

I hope this helps some of my running buddies with their holiday shopping or gift giving. Let me know what is on your wish list! 
For me - I hoping Santa brings me an iPod Shuffle! 



11/29/2015 3:54am

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