Being as 2012 is coming to a close I have been looking back at how far I've come this year. I really didn't start running consistently until October 2011. Sure, I had done a few 5ks just for fun, but I certainly hadn't trained for them and they weren't pretty. I thought it would be good to show my progress on all my races I have completed since I completed my very first 5k in May 2010. 

Full Moon 5K - May 2010 - Tulsa - 41:53
Wish Lemons 5K March 2011 - Tulsa - 39:08
Full  Moon 5K - May 2011 - Tulsa - 39:54
Maple Ridge 5K - May 2011 - Tulsa - 38:15
Bedlam Run 5K - July 2011 - Tulsa - 44:14
Warrior Dash 5K - September 2011 - Tulsa - 1:02:54
Route 66 Marathon Relay - 11 Miles - November 2011 - No time recorded
Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 10K - January 2012 - Tulsa - 1:02:50 (10K PR)
Sweatheart Run 10K - February 2012 - Tulsa - 1:03:52
Aquarium Run 13.1 - April 2012 - Tulsa - 2:19:07 (Half Marathon PR)
Oklahoma City Half Marathon 13.1 - April 2012 - Oklahoma City - 2:25:40
Joplin Memorial Run Half Marathon 13.1 - May 2012 - Joplin - 2:30:55
Kidney Classic 5K - June 2012 - Tulsa - 27:53 (5K PR) 
Warrior Dash 5K - June 2012 - Morris, OK - 54:09
Lederhosen Lauf 4 Mile Run - October 2012 - Tulsa - 39:11
Tulsa Run 15K - October 2012 - Tulsa - 1:45:29
McNellie's Pub Run 4 Mile Run - November 2012 - Tulsa - 42:56
Route 66 Marathon 26.5 - November 2012 - Tulsa - 5:16:54 (Full Marathon PR)
Double Half Marathon 26.2 - December 2012 - Tulsa - 7:23:20 (I hate trail running)

So far for 2013 I am registered for the following races:
Littel Rock Full Marathon
Route 66 Half Marathon

I am sure we will do these races:
Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long - 50K
Sweetheart Run 10K
Aquarium Run Half Marathon
Tulsa Run 15K

What is on your race agenda for 2013? 



Beth Bell
12/28/2012 4:33pm

I'm totally in for the Tulsa Run and hopefully the Route 66 half! I'm love seeing this, Sarah. It's amazing what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time! You and Dom keep signing up and knocking em off the list...awesome job! Looking forward to that 50k:)

06/11/2014 7:54pm

Hi, I was reading your blog about the Tulsa Double Half and was wondering how tough it is. Very hilly? I don't hate trail running, although it is difficult, but this will be first marathon and I'm wondering if it is too hard to be my first!! Any feedback would be great. Thanks :)

06/12/2014 8:09am

Hi Monica! It's half on trail and half on pavement. The pavement part is easy, only one hill to deal with at the very end, but everything else is flat. You start off with the trail half first on Turkey Mountain and it's not easy at all. There are a few flat spots, but I felt like we were either going up, going down, or the trail was very technical.
I wrote two blog posts about it, not sure if you saw them or not.
I hope this helps!

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