We did it! We finished our first 50K! We were excited about the race but we were even more excited about the finish line. Last weekend the Hubbo and I ran the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 50K right here in Tulsa. I'm very proud of us for finishing considering our longest run for this training season was the weekend before and it was only 16 miles.  See below for my recap of the race.

Course - 5 Ginger Points. The course was really great for my first 50K. It was almost completely flat with only 1 hill. Unfortunately the 50K participants had to run 2 laps around the course so we saw that hill twice, but overall it was good. 

Entry Fee - 5 Ginger Points. The entry fee was minimal. For this race and all the extras that came with it, this was the perfect cost. We got a full meal at the Blue Rose Cafe after the race, 2 beers, a long sleeve tech shirt, and a finisher medal for around $50.

Participation - 3 Ginger Points. The 50K was limited to 50 entries. That made it for a lonely second lap after all the 25K racers were finished. But this is only the second year for the race so next year may be bigger.

Parking - 3 Ginger Points. There is a small parking lot at the start line which is great if you can get there early enough to find a spot, but if you don't you are left to find a spot in the residential area next to the river. We got there 45 minutes early and the parking lot was full. We had to park up a hill. Not fun to walk to after a 31 mile race.

Shirt - 4 Ginger Points. For the cost of the race we got a pretty nice shirt in our packet. It was a white long sleeve tech shirt. The only problem and reason for the point deduction is that it was a unisex men's tech shirt, so it runs a little big on the ladies.

Medal - 2 Ginger Points. Insert sad music here. For my first 50K, I was kind of sad when I saw the medal in person. It was much smaller than I was expecting. But for the price of the race I have to keep things in perspective. 

Expo - N/A 

Temperature - 4 Ginger Points. For January in Oklahoma, you never know what you are going to get. We got lucky. It started out around 40 degrees at the start of the race and warmed up to the mid 50's. The wind was light and we didn't get rained on. 

Overall Organization - 5 Ginger Points. The race was well put together. My only complaint was the bathroom situation. It was almost 9 miles into the race before the first bathroom was available. Then once you got to the bathroom there was a long line. Other than that I think the race was very well put together. I'd do it again, well maybe the 25K next time. 


I wasn't kidding when I said I was excited to see the finish line. Here is a race volunteer giving us a high-five as we finished.


We were lucky to have our very own support team come out to cheer us on. My Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, his Wife, and their dog, Sherman, all came out to cheer us on. They even made some really funny signs! 
We even saw our good friends Beth and Tyler come out to cheer us on during the run. 


My awesome Hubbo made a bib for me to wear on my back to remind me of my mantra for this race. All I had to do was Keep Going. I got a lot of compliments and kudos for this. Good job Hubbo! 


Now we are recovering this week. The only thing I really need to do, is to decide if we are going to buy 50k stickers or Ultra stickers for our cars. Decisions. Decisions. 



Doug Warnat
01/31/2013 12:21am

I'm so proud of Ginger and significant other! What a journey they made! Luv it! Doug, Alabama

01/31/2013 8:12am

Congrats! That is awesome. A 50k is on my running bucket list. We have one here in September but it is a trail 50k and very hilly with rough terrain :-/ I say go for the sticker!!!

01/31/2013 8:47am

Congratulations on your 50k! Looped courses are very hard for me, nothing like wanting to stop after that first loop!

Becky W
01/31/2013 9:51am

You get the award for best support group! It was fun seeing them along the course!! For the record, there was SUPPOSED to be a porta potty at about 45th on the west side but it didn't show up. I don't know why, but I remember reading that in the volunteer packet. You guys did great! Next year Thing 1 and 2 are doing a shorter race and will be there to give out those awesome medals! ;-).

01/31/2013 12:38pm

I dont think the race medals at any race can be big enough ;-) and 50 people for any race is a small race! Seems like a pretty good event. Congrats on the finish!

01/31/2013 8:27pm

Thanks everyone!
Doug - thanks! I appreciate the support!
Emily - that course sounds hard! Good luck with that!
Abbi - I know! It is hard to keep going as you pass the start/finish line and people are getting medals and you gotta keep going.
Becky - That makes sense! I figured FF wouldn't have planned the bathrooms that way.
RunInBoise - Thank you! I bet next year it will be bigger!

01/31/2013 8:43pm

Congrats on your first ultra!!

02/06/2013 9:36am

Thanks! I'm glad we did it, but glad it's over!

02/06/2013 12:01am

Hooray!! You did it!!

Congrats on the finish! I like your scoring for the race. it sounds like a fantastic course. Loops are nice if it means you need to change clothes or see a friendly supporter.

Well done to you both. Love the new blog look BTW. :)

02/06/2013 9:37am

Thank you!
The loop thing is true, I didn't really think about it that way.
Thanks for checking out the new blog!


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