Photo from Little Rock Marathon's FB Page.
I like socks. I like monkeys. I really like sock monkeys. But I'm even more excited about this huge medal we will be racing for on March 3, 2013 at the Little Rock Marathon! The picture doesn't do the size of the medal justice. This thing is huge!
At the Route 66 Marathon expo, I had the opportunity to meet one of the CICs (Chicks in Charge) from the Little Rock Marathon and we talked about the medal for a bit. 

Fun facts about the Little Rock Marathon:
  • There is no time limit. They have the clock on for everyone.
  • Every finisher gets a medal. Even the 5K & 10K participants.
  • I hear they have an awesome after party later that night. 
  • The medal is bigger every year.
  • The Little Rock Half Marathon medal is bigger than the Boston Marathon Finisher Medal! 
Now if that doesn't make you add this race to your bucket list, I don't know what will!

There is not much that can beat having a huge medal for a race. Unless a race offers 2 medals! In December the Hubbo and I finished our second marathon, the Double Half Marathon aka the Half & Half Marathon here in Tulsa. A lot of times people ask why we run. Well let's be honest, medals are cool! We enjoy the running, and training for the races, we enjoy the races themselves, but we really like collecting something that we feel we really earned every step of the way. Today our second medal finally came in from the marathon we did in December. See the picture below. If you want to read more about how the race went click HERE

The Hubbo has done a great job of finding cool ways to display our medals. This is what he did for our first marathon. 
And here is what he did for our first three half marathons.
What do you do with your medals after a race?


01/15/2013 10:00pm

My friend did that last year and loved it! It was her first. Wanted to get me to drive up from Texas and do it but not this year.

01/15/2013 10:12pm

Aww! Bummer Chris! The Little Rock Marathon and Half Marathon have been sold out for a couple weeks already. But just think, the medal next year will be even bigger!

Linda M
01/16/2013 7:48am

I have to admit they are very cool and I, as much as anyone, can appreciate collecting.

01/16/2013 12:09pm

Linda I was wondering if you would see that! I was thinking of you when I wrote that last part. Then I started thinking of all the things you and Larry collect. Then I got overwhelmed and went back to thinking about running! LOL

01/16/2013 3:17pm

That is a really cool way to show off the bling!

01/17/2013 11:10am

Thanks! The Hubbo should get all the credit. He does them!

01/17/2013 11:19am

I'm running Little Rock as my first marathon, and specifically chose it as my first because of the medal. I'm going to be one of the people who starts extra early, because if I go sub-SIX hours I'll be thrilled. ;)

We hung hubby's first 5K medal and my first half marathon medal on hooks on our Christmas tree this year. Since we put up multiple trees each year, we're thinking of doing an entire race medal tree this year.

01/17/2013 2:01pm

That's awesome Courtney! Maybe i'll see you on the course! I'm guessing i'll be between 5-6 hours myself because of the hills.

The Christmas tree is a fun idea! The bad part about framing my medals is it adds extra work if we want to do a running themed Christmas tree with our medals next year.

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