It's time. The 50K is this weekend. All week I've been getting myself mentally prepared and focused. Having picked up my race packet today makes it all seem more real for some reason. I'm as ready as I'm going to be. I've been chatting with friends, co-workers, twitter pals, just about anyone who will listen to me talk about this race.

Here is what I'm excited about:
  • The race is local so I'll know a TON of the runners
  • I know the course
  • The course is SUPER flat
  • I have an AWESOME Hubbo who will be racing with me
  • When I finish, I can apply for Marathon Maniacs
  • When I finish, I can put an Ultra sticker on my car
  • I will have pushed myself to new level

As a side note or bonus blog, whatever you want to call it. My awesome Hubbo surprised me with this sweet gift yesterday. I posted this picture on my Blog Facebook page, but wanted to include something about it on my blog too. 

I wrote a blog a week or so ago called, I. Am. Terrified. where I talked about my fear of running a 50K and then selected a mantra for the race. All I have to do is Keep Going. Doesn't matter how fast or slow. I just want to finish the race. My Hubbo took my mantra and turned it into a race bib that I can wear on my back to encourage other runners! Either as they pass me or are behind me.  Well let's face it, most likely they will see it as they pass me! :)

I'm really excited to wear it. He is going to wear one on Saturday as well as another Ginger friend of mine, Amber. It will be fun to have a little group of us encouraging others to finish the race and to Keep Going.

Happy Running! My next blog post will hopefully be my Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long 50K Race Recap!



01/23/2013 11:10pm

You are gonna do awesome! Can't wait to read your recap!

Linda M
01/24/2013 7:54am

We will be there cheering you on every step of the way.

01/24/2013 7:58am

Can't wait to hear all about it! You and Dom will do awesome and finish...that's all that matters:)

01/24/2013 8:47am

Wohoo!! I can't wait to sport one of the awesome 'Keep Going' bibs and cheer you on during that rough second lap! Gingers unite!

01/25/2013 1:44pm

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the support! The race is tomorrow and I'm getting really excited. Our friend Chad is doing the 10K and is going to wear a "Keep Going" bib too!

01/26/2013 8:25pm

I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! http://wp.me/p2Oe9h-e8

01/29/2013 11:47pm

Thanks RJ! I'll check it out! I appreciate the nomination!

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