I decided to blog about something a little different today. I typically only write about running or races or running gear. But recently I subscribed to BirchBox and last week my very first box came in the mail. BB works very similarly to StrideBox, only BirchBox is a monthly subscription for beauty products.  

I posted on my Facebook page that I received my first BB and instantly got a lot of questions from my gal pals asking what BB was. It's a monthly box subscription of beauty products for $10 a month. It will have makeup, beauty gadgets, samples, sometimes full sized products, and more each month. You have to sign up and join the waiting list before you can fully subscribe. I was on the waiting list for a couple weeks but the website says to expect about 4 weeks. Then once you have received an email saying your subscription is available you have 72 hours to claim it and then you will start receiving your monthly box of beauty goodies. 


So you may be wondering what was inside by first BB? The picture to the left shows you the contents. But here's a description:

* Tigi Catwalk Hairspray 2.5oz
*Ghiradelli Chocolate (Yum!)
*Color Club Nail Polish - Lime Green
*Jouer - SPF 15 Moisture Tint

I have a couple friends who also subscribe to BB and they got similar yet different products. They both got the same nail polish only in an emerald green color. I like the Lime Green. It matches my CEP Compression Socks better anyway. My friend Jen who blogs at www.jensletterbox.com got a leave-in conditioner instead of a hairspray. My fellow Ginger-In-Crime, Amber, got a few different things but she has subscribed for a while. You can fill out a profile on your beauty preferences so this may also be the reason for the difference in products. Also, they have some sort of point system and I'm guessing that the more $ you spend on their site the more/better products you may earn in your monthly subscription. 

So far I really like my two box subscriptions. It's a nice little surprise in your mailbox each month. There are tons of other box subscriptions available out there. What ones do you subscribe to?



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It is Birchbox sample selection time for February! Thanks

05/11/2017 2:04am

Wow! Thank you for informing us! My friends have been encouraging me to subscribe to Birchbox because they were saying that it would match my personality. But I've been neglecting their suggestions because I thought they were just making me buy something I don't need. But upon seeing what's inside the box, I think I need a subscription from Birchbox right now!


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