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Do you need or want some new compression socks? They can get kind of expensive and if you want to collect a few different colors that can really add up quick! Here at RunGingerRunBlog we love a good deal on running gear! Luckily one of my favorite readers, Debbie, passed on this great deal on Pro Compression Socks.

You can get 40% off a pair which usually runs $50. So if my math is correct, you pay $30. That sounds like a good deal to me, so I sent the Hubbo a link today and gave him a hint for my Valentine's Day Gift. He wasn't as excited as I was. 

Here's the deal. Click here to go directly to their website to order. You also can get Free Shipping. It looks like the website says to allow for 2 weeks for delivery.  Discount ends on February 18th. 

Here are more details about the socks.

All Marathon Socks feature: 
• Compression technology to help improve blood flow 
• Non-slip design 
• A blend of materials for comfort & support 
• Moisture Control 

I have a pair of lime green and now I'm about to order a black pair. 

What color socks do you like to wear in your races? 



Amber S.
02/13/2013 10:14am

I love compression! My favorite right now is Zensah. Thanks for the discount. I just ordered the hot pink marathon socks!

01/17/2016 9:59am

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05/31/2016 3:11pm

This discounts looks so good and I love to wear these compression socks. There is always a need of a pair and it helps a lot when you are in need of it and you find the best possible discounts on it.

07/27/2017 6:53am

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