It was like Christmas in February the day my first StrideBox came in the mail! I remember it like it was yesterday...okay, it was really about two weeks ago, but still. 

I've never subscribed to any monthly box subscription before, but I stumbled upon Stridebox on Twitter and had to check them out. 

Here's how it works.
StrideBox is a monthly subscription that delivers a box of goodies focused on people who run, race, walk, or workout. Their tagline is "StrideBox - Stuff Runners Want"
So far, I agree. I like the contents of my first box, which we'll talk about soon.
The box is $15 per month and it is shipped directly to me. I received mine on February 6th which was the first round of shipments ever. (I think).

I wanted to subscribe to a runner's box for a couple (or 5) reasons.
1. I like to try new stuff
2. I like to run and I'm always buying stuff.
3. I like to blog about running and stuff.
4. It would be like Christmas every month and stuff.
5. It would give me more material to blog about. The end.

I wanted to find out a little more about StrideBox so I emailed James Erickson, the creator of Stridebox, and inquired about the History and Mission of the company to add to my blog. I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed me back within 12 hours. Bonus points for quick customer service! 

You can read The StrideBox Story here.
It sounds like a familiar conversation we've all probably had at one time or another while standing in a retail store. 

Okay. Let's talk about what stuff was in the box!


The box itself is like a smaller shoe box. It barely fit into my mailbox. The items were wrapped up in blue tissue paper. It really did feel like I was opening a present!


They send all kinds of products. 
The box could include anything from energy bars, gels, and other foods to apparel, gadgets, and other fun extras. The products come from both well established brands as well as emerging companies and smaller businesses.

Ok, finally. Let's talk about the stuff!

And here is what I think about the stuff I've tried so far.

The Blue Water Bottle - The idea is really cool that it is bendable and can collapse down to a much smaller size. I wouldn't be able to run with it though. It has a clip at the top like a rock climbing carabiner. I wouldn't be able to clip that on to my belt and not go crazy from it swinging all over the place. But here is what I plan to do with it! Since it can attach to a backpack it would be good for hiking. It would also be good to take out on the boat since it isn't glass and you add your favorite beverage in it.

The Skratch Labs Sports Drink - I tried one and the Hubbo tried one. I tried the Lemon/Lime and it was good. The flavor was really really light though. Like someone had squeezed lemon/lime juice into water. The Hubbo said the same thing about the Orange flavor. I do like the fact that this Sports drink does have some carbohydrates in it. My blood sugar can get low at times so this would have some sugar in it to help get it back to a normal range.

The Gu Chomps - I haven't tried this flavor yet, but I have had several Gu Chomps before and I really like everything I've had. They tend to be sweet and have some weight to them so when I get super hungry on a run, these can hit the spot. 

The Honey Stinger Gel - I really like this brand too. I typically will get their chews for a long run and not the gel. I personally don't like the consistency of the gel/honey so the chews are perfect for me.

The Mazama Bar - I ate this after lunch on a day that I was going for a 5 mile run after work. The consistency of the bar is something to get use to but it was decent. It is definitely an organic energy bar with a lot of natural ingredients. Please note - I am an extremely picky eater that has a huge sweet tooth so take all food reviews with a grain of sugar.  Also - this bar is pretty large. I was kind of surprised that after I ate this bar, I was a tiny bit hungry before my run. 

The Hammer Bar - I ate this bar after lunch on a day that I was going for a run after work as well. The consistency of the bar is sort of like a brownie but not as sweet. Again, I have a huge sweet tooth so this bar was ok. The bar did give me plenty of energy though. I typically don't eat after lunch and then go run right after work. I usually feel a little hungry before my run and I remember not being hungry after I ate it and started running.



02/18/2013 1:56pm

How fun! I may have to check that out. I love Hammer products, but the honey stinger stuff doesn't agree with me so much.

02/18/2013 2:05pm

Great post! Really good review of a new box!

02/18/2013 5:26pm

Good blog and very informative

02/18/2013 6:17pm

That's really cool. I'm interested to see what you get in the 2nd delivery. Do you think it's $15 worth of stuff?


I have been reading about these boxes and it sure sounds interesting. I might get in on that soon.

02/18/2013 10:49pm

Thanks Everyone! I plan to post a review when they come in every month.
Ty - sorry to hear the Honey Stingers don't work for you. I love them!

02/18/2013 10:52pm

Kristy - Yes! Definitely. The lock laces retail for $8 at my local running store and the 2 bars and pack of chews will probably add up to another $5-$6. This round was definitely worth it and I can't wait to see what comes next!

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