My second installment of my BirchBox subscription came in the mail this week. Excited!

This isn't the best picture, but I'm too lazy to retake it. So this will do.

Here's what I got this month.
  • Juicy Couture Perfume - Couture La La. Smells nice! Has a sweet floral scent. A full size retails for $19-$90
  • Serge Normant Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Really Really Excited to try this sample! (Red Bottle in the picture) A full size retails for $25
  • Whish Shaving Cream - Blueberry. I'm pretty excited about this too. I don't usually use a shaving cream because I have sensitive skin so I'm always up for trying something and hopefully finding something that won't irritate my skin. (Blue Bottle) A full size retails for $20.
  • Nail File - Floral Pattern You can never have too many nail files right? This on will probably make its way to work with me. Retail Price $5
  • Juice Beauty - Stem Cellular Color Correction Cream. The description says it is a lightweight cream that naturally improves skin tone with vitamin C and grape-derived resveratrol. (Silver bottle) A full size retails for $39. 

Never heard of BirchBox? I'll tell you how it works. 

  • You go to their website by clicking here
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Sign up for the waiting list.
  • Wait about 2 weeks. Give or take a bit.
  • Then they email you and tell you that your subscription is ready to be claimed. You have 48 hours to claim it so do it right away. 
  • Then you finalize your payment settings and wait for your first box to come in.
  • Finally, enjoy the fun new thins that show up on your doorstep!



03/28/2016 10:36am

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Thanks for introducing such a nice and useful product BirchBox . It contains very useful products of daily usage. All the items are very fine and of the best quality. Thanks for introducing this useful packet.

07/17/2017 11:01am

If I were you, I would just buy these stuff individually because you can find it in any store in America in a way more cheaper price. Birchbox may sound so fancy, but the convenience they are saying are just part of their marketing strategy. Know what's worth of your money, because I'm sure Birchbox isn't part of it! The items inside it are not expensive, trust me!


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