Okay, Okay, Okay! I won't make you all wait any longer. If you are connected to my RunGingerRunBlog Facebook Page, you'll know that I've been teasing you all about a big announcement coming up. Well it is time to let the Ginger out of the bag! I had such a positive response from everyone about my motivational back-bibs that I've decided to start selling them on my blog! 

If you aren't familiar with the back story you may want to read my Running Is Stupid post. Then you'll need to read my Ready To Run blog and you'll get the idea. My fellow Ginger Kids and I have been wearing these bibs to every race we've done since the Hubbo first brought them home and everyone has thought they were fun and inspiring! 

You may be thinking, "Why is she trying to sell stuff on her blog?" Well I'll be perfectly honest about it. Here's why:
  • I got such a positive response from everyone I thought others might want one too.
  • Why not?
  • Running is expensive. I thought if I could sell enough to cover a race entry fee for the Hubbo and I, then I would consider this venture a wild success. 
  • I'm not running a lot right now because I'm still in recovery mode, so this is the perfect time to do something like this. And why not?

Want to know what they look like? Sure you do! Just look to the left. 

For starters, there are two designs to pick from. If there is a need or desire for other designs or team orders, let me know! We can make that happen. 


This is a new style. The Hubbo made the first one (Keep Going) and I've worn it to a few races. The Right Foot Left Foot Repeat is a mantra that came to me during my first 50k. I had A LOT of time to think and that phrase just kept popping up and helped me to Keep Going. (See how I tied that together? Clever huh? :))

Product and Ordering Info

Here are some questions I'm assuming people want to know.

Q. How big are they?
A. They are 6" X 7.25" which is about as big as your average race bib.

Q.  How much are they?
A. $10.99 which includes shipping. (In the US) 

Q. How do I order?
A. Good question! There is a tab on my blog that says Ginger Gear. Go there. Select the bib you want to order and you'll be taken to my page on PayPal where you can finalize your order. I'll receive notification of your order and then I'll send it to you. Done deal.

Q. Can I do a personalized bib for a team?
A. Heck yes you can! Just email me and we'll figure out the details. 

Here's a close up shot of the bib in action. I'm pretty sure this was the only reason I was able to finish my 50k.


See? Back bibs make Gingers happy. Even at the bottom of a hill during a 50k. 

I just want to give a Ginger Shout Out to my Hubbo! If he didn't bring these home to cheer me up, I wouldn't be trying this new adventure!

Also - another special Ginger Shout Out to my fellow Ginger Kids - Chad and Amber. They have been great supporters of my  blog and have even let me sweet talk them into wearing the back bibs at their races. 

Last and certainly not least, I'm sending a Ginger Shout Out to Debbie! Thanks for being a huge part of the research phase of this! 

Ok, this is the last Ginger Shout Out - Thanks to all of you! You all keep reading my blog and have given me encouragement throughout my running career and that is awesome! 

Okay. Enough  mushy talk. Go order a bib! 


03/24/2013 6:29pm

This. Is. Awesome!! For the record, I'd like to be your first customer and purchase a right foot, left foot, repeat! So proud and excited for you! Gingers rule!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
03/24/2013 10:45pm

Woo hoo! Thanks Amber! I'll bring it to work!

03/24/2013 6:55pm

I have yo order one for my sister, who is as runner.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
03/24/2013 10:47pm

Awesome! Just let me know which one you want!

03/25/2013 9:25am

I would like a Right Foot, Left Foot bib. My friend, Brigitte (yes I have friend with same name) is training for a marathon and just had a birthday. Great gift!

03/28/2013 5:04pm

These are adorable! great idea!


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10/15/2015 11:19am

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06/19/2017 3:13am

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