This weekend the Hubbo, Amber, and I ventured over to a  neighboring state to run the Little Rock Marathon.  The Hubbo and I finished our fourth marathon while Amber finished her second. We had fun, got a huge medal, and conquered a crazy hill. 

Let's get down to business and find out how the Little Rock Marathon did on the RunGingerRunBlog Grading scale.

Course - 4 Ginger Points The majority of the course was really great. The first half is actually really flat and scenic, but (there's always a but) there was a LONG stretch up Kavanaugh hill. I promise this hill must have been 3 miles. There was a long out and back stretch which I was happy to see after that hill, but that happiness quickly faded the longer I ran down a long straight stretch.

Entry Fee - 4 Ginger Points We didn't register as early as we could have so we probably could have saved some $, but the fee was $95. Considering the HUGE medal (see pics below) and that they offer a post-race party with a full meal and entertainment makes it worth it to me.

Participation - 4 Ginger Points The marathon had 2,447 marathon finishers and 4,404 half marathon finishers. The only reason I didn't give it 5 Ginger Points is because the marathon sold out 2 months before race day. That shows you how high the demand is for this race. So if you want to do it next year, register early! 

Parking - N/A - I took the trolley from my hotel to the race so I didn't have to worry about parking. 

Shirt - 3 Ginger Points ::Insert Sad Music Here:: I was not impressed with the shirt. It was a tech shirt so the material was good, but the color was a dark burgundy color with the race logo on it. The colors just didn't do much for me. Also by the time we finished the race they were out of finishers T-shirts in our size to purchase. On the bright side, the finisher shirts were only $10. That's not a bad price.

Medal - 5 Ginger Points This. Thing. Is. Huge. Enough said.

Expo - 3 Ginger Points The expo was okay. It was in a room that was a little too small so it was pretty cramped. I wanted to spend more time shopping but the volume of people in every booth made it hard to do that. Also the number of vendors seemed kind of low. They did have good representation from other Marathons. 

Temperature - 5 Ginger Points We got really lucky on race day. The temps started out in the high 20's and climbed to the low 50's. The day before the marathon there were snow flurries in Little Rock. The day after the marathon it was really cloudy and overcast. 

Overall Organization - 5 Ginger Points This race is organized by the CIC or the Chicks in Charge. They put on a great race overall. There was tons of great support along the course, there were plenty of bathrooms, the medals are awesome, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Now that you've read the race recap portion of this blog post, let's talk about the shenanigan's of the 3 Ginger Kids who drove to Arkansas to run 26.2 miles.

Here is The Hubbo, Amber, and myself standing next to the Arkansas sign just to prove to people we actually made it there.


The day we were leaving to drive to Arkansas I couldn't sleep. In fact, my alarm was set to go off at 7:30 and I ended up waking up at 4:45. So what do you do when you can't sleep the day before your race? Paint your nails to match your compression socks! Duh!


Here we are at the Expo with our bibs. This is probably the only picture where I am taller than the Hubbo. I will cherish it forever.


I was so excited to see mile 20 I had to take a picture. This was on the first part of the out-and-back about a mile or so before we got to turn around to head back.


And this is where we got to turn around! I was even more excited to see this sign. This meant that the race was in the final stretch. I was headed to the finish line. This race was difficult for me. I've been battling some foot problems that started bothering me at mile 6. The few days before the race I was on the verge of getting sick and battling headaches and nausea. At mile 9 I got nauseated again. But I made it!


We finished! Look at how big this medal is! It weighs almost 3lbs. Crazy. How in the world am I going to display this one? 


Last picture, I promise! I had to take a picture of this medal next to something that people would recognize so you can see the true size of this thing. The cool thing about the Little Rock marathon is that the medals are different every year and they get a little bit bigger each year too.
Amber is already talking about doing it again next year. I told her to ask me about it when I'm not still sore and paying the chiropractor bills for my foot problems! 



03/07/2013 9:36pm

I agree with your assessment! I really enjoyed it. It was good to see other Fleet Feeter's there!

03/07/2013 9:53pm

For those of us who earned the"little" half medal, we have serious medal envy. Of course, if we are really nice, Mick lets us look at his medal.

03/07/2013 11:23pm

LOL Lynn!
That "little" medal is bigger than the Boston Marathon Medal!

03/07/2013 11:21pm

Thanks Nick! It's always good to run into your running "buddies"

Steve Boughner
03/07/2013 10:33pm

You're right,the medal is huge.I've never seen one that big. Like your rating system for marathons. You overcame your medical issues, finished, and had a good time. Congratulations.

03/07/2013 11:25pm

Thanks Steve! It was a good race overall. I'm sure once my foot problem is cleared up, I'll be up for doing it again.

03/09/2013 9:00pm

That Medal looks like a Texas belt buckle! :-D. Super congrats on overcoming the feet and the nausea. You rock!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
03/11/2013 11:29pm

Thanks Mary! You could eat dinner on this thing!

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04/09/2015 11:26pm

Thank you for taking all those pictures for us and I hope you foot is better and well rested :-)

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