On Monday the unthinkable happened. Someone purposefully and maliciously attacked the Boston Marathon. 

This is another event that my generation will talk about for years to come. We'll say things about Boston like the generations before us that said "I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot." Only for many of us runners it will be "I knew someone who was at the Boston Marathon when it was bombed."

I still can't wrap my brain around why anyone would want to attack an event like this. This isn't an attack on America. This is attack on all of us. The Boston Marathon is such a huge international event. So many different countries are represented there. 

My heart has been heavy for those in Boston on Monday. For so many different reasons. For those who paid the ultimate price and lost their life. For those who sustained horrific injuries that have forever altered their life. For those who live in fear that this will happen again. And for the runners who didn't get to finish the race. Boston is such a prestigious event. So many runners were still on the course. A course that many have dreamed about, trained for, sacrificed for, and worked so hard for. Someone tried to take that away from them. 

But here's the thing about runners. We are strong. Boston is strong. We won't live in fear. Runners pay crazy amounts of fees to enter races because they go to charity or because the race is to memorialize a tragedy or even to help communities rebuild after terrible events. Runners are strong. Runners are great people. 

So many good things have already been happening around the United States. It's times like this that truly make you realize that we do live in an amazing country. When tragedies like this happen, the human race does something awesome. We pull together. We show terrorist that we won't back down. The most patriotic times in this country have been on the heels of tragedies like 9/11, The Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. We all band together and we get through it. 

People everywhere wore the colors of the Boston  Marathon or race shirts to work on Tuesday. Myself included. On Tuesday evening runners from all over the US ran to show their support, Tulsa was included in that group as well. Tomorrow my office is participating in #SneakersforBoston day. Our entire company was encouraged to wear our running shoes. I'll be wearing mine.

Tomorrow is April 19th. For Oklahoman's, that is a significant day in History. Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing that killed 168 Men, Women, and Children. On top of wearing my #SneakersforBoston, I'll be wearing my Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon shirt. 

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is also reaching out to Boston runners to show support. If you were a Boston runner who was unable to finish the race because of the bombing, you can run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon next weekend free of charge. You can read more about it here. 

On Monday night, the one week anniversary of the Boston attacks, my running club here in Tulsa is holding a WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE fun run and walk to honor those of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I'll  be there and I'll be wearing the bib in the picture above. No, I'm not selling these. I'm making them and handing them out to other runners so they can show their support and we can send the message that Boston is Strong.



Linda M
04/19/2013 7:37am

So well said.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
04/21/2013 4:54pm

Thanks Linda!

04/20/2013 10:56pm

I still can't believe it. I've had a really tough time all week. Now that the suspects are no longer on the loose, I feel a lot better,

04/21/2013 5:12pm

I'm so sorry Kristy. I just read Part one of your blog post on Boston. So glad to hear you are ok.
It brought up a lot of old feelings for a lot of Oklahoma runners being as it was so close to the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and so many of us run in the OKC Memorial Marathon.

04/21/2013 6:46pm


That marathon is on my list.

02/29/2016 12:27am

2016 Boston Wicked Strong Virtual Race 100% of all proceeds benefits a Boston marathon charity. Boston Strong!

05/10/2016 1:23am

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