I started my blog in October so that means I've been blogging for about 8 months. That is enough time to make me an expert right? No? Ok, fine! So I'm not a blogging expert in any way, shape, or form, but I have learned a couple things along the way. Recently a fellow blogger reached out to me and asked how I got started and how did I grow my blog. I wrote her an email back and decided to turn it into a full blog post for the rest of my fellow bloggers.


Twitter has been my #1 go-to place when it comes to finding my target audience. Twitter itself makes it so easy to find other people with similar interests. I started a Twitter account that was named after my blog to keep things easy. Then I just started finding people who were into running and started following them like crazy. Twitter will even suggest people with similar interest to you so you can follow them. Twitter etiquette is to follow the people who follow you, so that is how I initially grew my followers. #TeamFollowBack

Next, I started participating in #Runchat. It is a Twitter chat that is held every week on Sunday evening that discusses everything from running products to nutrition for runners. A lot of brands and runners participate and connect. Also people use that hashtag all the time when they post a link to their blog or questions, or whatever. It's kind of like a TV channel on Twitter so if people are looking for running stuff, they know to search for #RunChat

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I started a Facebook page that was named after my blog too. 
You can grow your "Likes" on FB by inviting your friends to like it, asking your friends to share your page, or by holding a contest and having people share your post, like your page, and comment on your post to get your page to show up in their feeds. Then their friends see it and hopefully like it and so on. 

In my opinion, it is a little harder to grow your likes on Facebook nowadays due to the somewhat recent changes to how Facebook handles pages. They don't really suggest your page to others unless you pay to promote it. Also your posts won't show up in everyone's feed either even if they Like your page. So it can be a little tricky at times but you have to be creative. I do a Facebook Poll every Sunday morning to keep the engagement up on my page. 

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Post Your Link Everywhere!

I not only use Facebook and Twitter, I use Instagram, Pinterest, and DailyMile to post links to my blog.
Instagram doesn't actually hyperlink when I type in the address but it does notify my followers there is a new blog post and they can go directly to my blog to see it.
Also, things go so quickly on Twitter that I post my link 3 times. I do it morning, after work, and later in the evening to catch the most people. You can use an app called HootSuite to schedule those for you. Facebook also has a feature one your page that will allow you to schedule posts too. 

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I hope this helps! I'm still pretty new and learning all the time and would love to hear tips from other bloggers! 

Photos = Google Images. Not mine. :)



06/15/2013 6:36am

This is great! Thanks again for all the info, and I think it's a great idea to turn this into a post! :)

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
06/17/2013 8:56am

No problem! I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm glad I was able to pass on some tips! I hope they help you grow like you are wanting to. Thanks for reaching out!

09/13/2015 12:55pm

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04/14/2017 5:31am

I am so proud to be one of your followers since the very first month you started blogging! In the span of eight months,I've learned a lot from your words. You are one of the reasons Why I keep pushing myself to the limits! By the way, both of us are using Twitter and Facebook to reach our target audience. Both are reliable social media websites where we can get people's attention through our posts!

05/22/2017 5:21am

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05/24/2017 7:21am

Yeah, it is necessary to have a profile in social media sites if you are considering your blogging profession, as these sites can actually bring in more audience to your blogs. I guess more of the discussions take place on social media platforms.

08/06/2017 12:09pm

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