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Last week I wrote a blog about some tips, tricks, and strategies I've used to grow my blog. (Not that I'm an expert, but I like to share with others, which is why I have a blog in the first place.) This week I've had "Blogger's Remorse" I guess. You know that feeling that you should have said something but didn't think about it until after the fact? Yeah that's what's going on now. So I've decided to add a Part 2 to my Blogging 101 post. 

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Pay It Forward
If you are on Twitter, you probably have seen this hashtag on Fridays; #FF. It stands for Follow Friday. It is a way for you to Pay It Forward and help your followers get more followers. So here's how it works. You send a Tweet with #FF and then tag a couple of your followers and maybe add another hashtag like #runners. This let's people know you are suggesting that they follow your friends and they may have a similar interest in common. Then if you are lucky, the people you tagged will ReTweet it, and you'll show up in their feed or maybe they send out their own #FF tweet and tag you next time. 

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Pay It Forward Part Two
RETWEET! If you see a follower of yours post a tweet asking a question, posting a blog, or maybe something else of interest, ReTweet it for them. This is like the Share feature on Facebook. Then it will help them gain more exposure to your followers and maybe help them with their question, contest, event, etc. But, use your ReTweet powers with caution. I have un-followed people before because all they do is RT stuff that is of no interest to me. So use this strategy with good judgement. 

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Change It Up
Don't blog about the same thing week after week. That can get boring for your readers. Change it up a bit, keep things interesting. Having a blog is a like a relationship. You have to keep things interesting or it gets stale and both parties lose interest. It's OK to have a niche but sometimes add something else to keep your readers coming back for interesting topics or conversations.

Here are some ideas for run bloggers:
  • Race Reviews
  • Running Product Reviews
  • Running Events - Think One Run for Boston or the Olympic Marathon
  • Running Injuries
  • Cross Training
  • Food Recipes
  • Giveaways
  • Running play lists

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Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.
I personally don't care for blogs that go on for days or for blogs that use such extravagant language that it makes me feel like a dummy because I don't know half of the words. Also, use paragraphs or pictures to break up  your blog post. I hate it when I see a post that is just pages of text that go on and on. Pictures help you get your vision across and keep it visually interesting. Paragraphs just make it easier to read and less intimidating.  



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