Sore muscles suck. I've been out of my running/workout/fitness routine since March and now that I'm getting back into full swing, I've been spending a lot of time with some sore muscles. Trust me, it is not quality time. Last week I did Zumba, Boot Camp, ran, and another Boot Camp and my body hated me for it! 

Oh you want me to bend down and tie my shoes? No dice.

Ladies, you know how we do the I'm-Not-Sitting-Down-In-A-Public-Bathroom-Hover-Move? Terrible idea. I almost fell and that would be way worse than sore quads muscles. Trust me! 

However, I do have some good news. I've recently partnered up with Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products and timing couldn't have been better. I've been using the RangerRoller and I love it! 

So why do I like it so much? Here's why.

I was using a regular foam roller that you have to use on the ground. The RangeRoller (RR) is a little easier to use on different parts of your body that the regular foam roller can be difficult to get to. The areas I'm talking about are my inner thigh or calves. I can also use it easily on my lower back to get a nice massage instead of having to be on the floor. I can easily take this to work with me too. I put it in my gym bag and then as I getting sore throughout the day after a hard workout, I can quickly get a little muscle relief in my office without being on the ground in my work clothes. 
I'm sure my co-workers in my hall would really enjoy the site of me rolling around on the floor of my office but I'd prefer not to. Sorry second floor west hall co-workers!

The RR does take a little getting use to at first. The rollers are harder than my typical foam roller but I kind of think of it is part foam roller part trigger point massage. Which are both things that runners need. I've learned this the hard way. You just need to find the right amount of pressure so your muscles will benefit from it. I’m getting better at it each day.

Here's some info on how to use it properly. Which, you know, is always a good thing if you want to avoid injury. 

  • Warm up before use
  • Relax muscles before rolling
  • Use directly on skin or through light-weight clothing
  • Use before, during, or after activity

  • Apply the RR directly to trigger points and areas of muscle tightness
  • Roll it forward and backward with both hands firmly applying pressure

  • Generally, 20 rolls in any one spot are sufficient
  • Too little massage make keep your muscles too tight, too much may cause soreness

I highly recommend adding the RR to your running product collection to help with your sore muscles. Will it replace your other foam roller? No. But they are great partners. At least in my routine they have both become necessary. 

Want your own RR?
Click here. They have a few different sizes and even a combo called Runner's Relief that would be super great for tight calf muscles.

Happy Rolling!



06/09/2013 11:03pm

I think my leg bruised just looking at that! lol. I bet it feels great though.

08/27/2014 3:21am

This is a very helpful in my job. But it is also very helpful in daily life. I know when someone is not in a friendly mood, so I can be cautious.

08/28/2014 5:29am

I did a lot better on my 2nd try. Perhaps learning to detect emotions better from faces as they become more familiar says something important.

08/28/2014 8:18am

So are they saying the water is tainted or the neti-pots? This article is somewhat strange on the surface. You can drink the water, just don't pour it down your nose?? Huh

09/17/2014 1:49pm

But I would imagine that my work- which involves looking closely at faces through a lens or enlarged on a screen- has sharpened that skill, and that even those who complain about low scores could probably improve given the opportunity to analyze faces up close.

09/25/2014 4:58pm

SW, quite right. Often people have more than one emotion, and often one of those is more a public face, while the 2nd, subtler expression is more substantive.

09/29/2014 1:49am

I live in one of the whitest states in the union. No idea what any of that means, but I'm also an ENFP, if that makes a difference.

10/11/2014 12:57am

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03/04/2014 12:06pm

I just hate range roller :)

03/07/2014 3:13pm

Just love Range Roller :)

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