Mo Farrah running with a group of Teletubbies!
Every runner has their preferences on anything and everything running related. That is probably why there are 12,392,561,874 different running brands out there. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but c'mon! You know it's true. I'm sure if we Googled the phrase "running gear" we would get close to that amount anyways.  We have preferences on the types of distances we run, shoes we buy, outfits we wear on race day, and even if we prefer to train for our next race solo or in a group. I prefer to train for races in groups (not groups of Teletubies though) but I know they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, when I'm running with a group I feel safer. I'm originally from a super tiny town where everyone knows your name and then I moved to the big city of Tulsa. Some of you are probably saying to yourself "Tulsa? Where's Tulsa?" We'll save that for another blog post. But really, it was a big shock to my system to move from a small town to a city this size. So the idea of running alone, after dark sometimes, either downtown or on the trails frightens the living daylights out of me! It would only be natural to assume that every person that passes me needs to get mace sprayed in their face because they were going to attack me. (This is really hYou are probably laughing right now, but it's true. The first time I'm arrested will probably be because I was forced to run alone and I sprayed some "attacker" AKA an Elderly Woman in the face with pepper spray. Hubbo get the bail money ready! 

Running in a group also helps hold me accountable. I ran my last organized race in March of this year and haven't been part of a training program since. I also have not ran more than 3-4 times since then either and I'm blaming it on a lack of peer pressure! Don't get me wrong, I do like to run. (I also took time off for injury reasons) But knowing that there isn't someone waiting on my to show up makes it easier to sleep in on Saturdays instead of going to those long runs alone. 

Injuries suck. Running injuries are horrible. Getting a running injury while you are running alone could potentially be life threatening. Running with a group means that there is a higher chance someone may have a cell phone on them to call for help, or someone can go to the nearest phone to call for help, or they may even be able to help you in other ways while you are out there being all injured and stuff.

Entertainment is better in groups. I've had some of the best group running coaches in the last year and a half. They keep the conversation going, give out advice, tell jokes, and give race reports and before you know it your miles are just ticking away because you’re having a good time.

Mo Farrah running solo aka Beast Mode!

Now that we know of my completely drastic and unrealistic fear of strangers, let's talk about why running solo can be good.

Bathroom breaks – You get to decide when to take them and you don’t have to wait on others to do their business. 

Water stops – see Bathroom breaks.

Distance – I've heard a rumor that sometimes some people are able to do more miles than what they originally set out to do. It's just a rumor, but I can see that it could be true for some people, which does not include myself. 
We all have good runs and bad runs, and when you run alone you get to decide of far or how much further you are willing to go.

No TMI – No mindless chatter about baby mama’s, ex-boyfriends, and someone’s most recent bathroom trip when you are running solo! 

There is no right or wrong way to do your training when it comes to groups vs solo, it all boils down to preference and your options. 

What do you like about running in groups? What do you like about running alone? 



07/03/2013 8:35pm

I have always been a lone runner, of way too many reasons than I will bore you with, but did my first group run last night and had fun. Granted I only talked with the person I went to meet up with, but still, it was so much fun to have someone to keep my mind off the fact that my legs were dying!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
07/04/2013 11:24am

That's exactly why I like group runs. Takes my mind off of the miles I'm putting in.

07/03/2013 10:29pm

I'm still a beginner and I definitely prefer alone. I can set my own pace without worrying about holding anyone else back. I know how to push myself. Other runners intimidate me.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
07/04/2013 11:28am

I never even thought about added anxiety because of intimidation. I just like the social aspect of it but that's the great thing about running. Groups or alone, you can do it however you want! To each their own.

07/12/2013 8:30pm

I like to run solo.
I don't like "planning" on running at a specific time, I'd rather go when I feel like it.
I may go out for an EASY pace run, feel great, and decide to do a 5K pace.
I don't waste energy chitchatting and laughing.
I hate hearing heavy footed runners.
I suck at small talk with people I don't know well.

LOL, I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the rest.

07/15/2013 9:21am

LOL Doesn't sound like you'll be joining any groups anytime soon!
I definitely agree with you about heavy footed runners. When I was running my 50K this January this girl who was pretty close to us had the heaviest foot pattern. It drove me nuts! Luckily, she only did the 25K so we didn't have to hear it the entire race.


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