Today is day 16. We are half way there y'all! 

I kind of have that feeling you get when you run a marathon and you reach mile 13. You are at the half way point and you can judge how you are feeling and know if you can make it to the end or not. It was a challenge to get here but now I know I can make it these last 14 days.

Having nothing to eat other than juice for 30 days has been great and tough all at the same time. I want to take a few minutes and reflect back on the first 15 days now that we are at the half way point.

The Day Before Juicing started was a Friday and we had a friends birthday party to go to so we allowed ourselves to have a beer or two (Hubbo) and a cupcake after dinner. This was also the end of the second day where I had a terrible time with my blood sugar. By dinner time I had been able to get it a little more under control but the 36 hours before were pretty scary. I was feeling so sick on Thursday night that the Hubbo asked if we needed to go to the minor emergency room. We didn't go because I knew the outcome could be bad. I never want to hear the words "You have diabetes". Ever! 

Day 1 was a Saturday which means that we had our long training run for the week. The run itself was fine but after the run we were STARVING all day. Definitely made me question if I would be able to do all 30 days or not. 

Day 2 was a Sunday. It was better than day 1 but the Hubbo and I both had headaches all weekend. I'm not a huge caffeine drinker and I never drink coffee so I'm sure this was more of a sugar withdraw symptom than a caffeine headache.

Days 3-7 was a typical work week. The headaches went away and surprisingly I had more energy and my blood sugar had been perfect since the start of our juice fast. The Hubbo on the other hand was exhausted. I did noticed that my skin was already looking much better and the texture was even changing already. Definitely a plus. I also noticed that smells are so much more intense. Especially food around the office. 

Day 8 was last Saturday. We had another long run and it was a hilly one at that. Both the Hubbo and I had a tough time that day. I could definitely tell our body was missing carbs. This is the hard part. While fruits have natural sugars/carbs they don't have the same level as Quinoa or pasta would have. I've never heard of someone carb loading on apples before a long run.
The Hubbo was exhausted that weekend. He never takes naps and we both took one that day. He went to bed early that night and didn't wake up until noon the next day.

Day 9 - My energy was back. The Hubbo, not so much.

Day 10-14 was another typical work week. The scent of food around the office was pretty intense but we both managed to stay away. I figured out that if I have my protein shake in the morning I feel full longer and it appears that I lose more weight when I have them in the AM versus the PM.
No headaches, no bad cravings, no blood sugar problems.
The cravings I'm having are weird. I've been craving avocados, mustard, and hummus. It may not sound that weird but I don't even like avocados or mustard. I'm a pretty picky eater but I told the Hubbo after this I may be able to eat anything! A girl can hope!

Day 15 was yesterday and another long run day. This time we had a juice and a protein shake the night before to load up on fuel. I also tried a new nutrition supplement right before my run called ENERGYbits. I felt great during my run and the Hubbo had a much better run as well. We were pretty hungry all day yesterday though. It probably didn't help that we went to a movie and had to smell popcorn for two hours. Oh well, it was worth it because the movie was hilarious! 

Here are a few random things I didn't really expect to come along with juicing. 
  • Your teeth feel gross and fuzzy half way through the day
  • You'll need sugar free gum for the reason listed above
  • Your tummy will make crazy noises all the time
  • You don't crave the things you thought you would like pizza, burgers, ice cream
  • You feel lighter after the first couple of days
  • A lot of fruit and veggies can make you feel bloated too
  • You can avoid The Food Network but you can't avoid all the food commercials! 

Running Buddies! Have you ever done a 30 challenge or some total overhaul of your life? How did it go?



08/25/2013 11:04pm

I've never done it, props to you though!

08/26/2013 5:05pm


Haley G
08/27/2013 8:53pm

Ok, I'm getting ideas! not sure I can handle a full month but we'll see how the short ones go!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
08/28/2013 8:01pm

We started out with 3 days first just to see how we would do. I would definitely try a short one first. Hope it goes great for you!

05/16/2016 4:52am

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