Today is Day 24 of our 30 day juice fast. The Hubbo and I are celebrating a milestone. We both hit the 15 pound weight loss marker this week! So excited! My original weight loss goal for this 30 day juice fast was 20lbs, but I think I'll probably fall just short of that (17-18lbs) based on how my body has slowed down a little bit. Which is fine by me! 
We've been doing our research and looking for healthy food recipes to start using in one week when we go back to food. More to come on that later.
Running Update. 
Last month I ran a total of 64 miles which was wayyy more than I ran in July. Juicing has made running a little harder because you run out of "gas" pretty fast.  A Twitter friend of mine asked if I would recommend juicing while running and while juicing has helped me in many ways, I had  to remind myself of a couple things. 1. I'm a Ginger, not a Doctor. 2. I'm not training hard for an upcoming race. I do have several races on the books but I'm in a mindset of just doing the races for fun and as a way to stay fit; I'm not looking for a PR. So in 140 characters or less I basically told him that. Now here is what you could do, you could add juice to your diet and still get many of the benefits from it. If you do, let me know how it goes!

In order to stay on track with our goals but allow ourselves to celebrate a little bit we made a new juice today. It is SO good! One of my Facebook Buddies asked me which juice is my favorite and this is it! I know it doesn't stick with my 3:1 Veggies : Fruit ratio but sometimes you just gotta live a little! 

Here is the recipe:
  • 2 Granny Smith Apples
  • 1/2 lb Red Seedless Grapes
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Pears 

^^Not my photo^^
I've been thinking there are a lot of tips about juicing that I haven't posted yet even though I wrote a couple blogs on this topic already. You can read those HERE and HERE. But here are a few more.

  • Wash your juicer and glasses you drank your juice in right away. Sticky fruit and veggies are hard to clean, time consuming, and can discolor your plastic cups or containers if it sits too long.
  • Buy Organic fruits and veggies, if you can, for less pesticides, wax, and other junk.
  • If you aren't able to buy organic items try peeling the skin off them. 
  • Peeling everything can take a while. So I've been trying to get everything super clean. I've been filling my sink with water and adding a cup of vinegar to it to help remove dirt, debris, and unwanted chemicals. Then I move the veggies to a water only sink to rinse right before I juice them. (I saw the vinegar trick on the internet somewhere, not my own idea.)

Random Alert!!

I wanted to share this on my blog but didn't feel as if I had an entire post worth of material for it but...We Made Pickles!

I know it looks pretty labor intensive, but really we made Refrigerator Pickles so it wasn't that bad. They should be ready soon and I'll be sure to let everyone know if they turn out alright or not.

Side Note - Making food while you are juicing is so hard! Especially since I have been craving pickles lately. The smell was amazing and pretty powerful at the same time.

Have any of you ever canned your own food? It sounds like a long process. Is it worth it?



09/02/2013 6:52pm

Wow, 15 pounds! Excellent. WTG!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
09/02/2013 11:23pm

Thanks! Hoping to drop a few more before my races in October!

09/02/2013 10:28pm

I make jams and jelly every year, and pickles. It's really easy and really delicious!!

RunGingerRunBlog -Sarah
09/02/2013 11:26pm

We may have to start a garden next year so we can do that too!

03/25/2014 10:37am

Making food while you are juicing is so hard! Especially since I have been craving pickles lately. The smell was amazing and pretty powerful at the same time.


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09/11/2015 8:35am

15 pound it is really a good achievement.

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