We did it! We made it through our 30 Day Juice fast. Thank you to everyone who was encouraging and sent positive words of advice and just good vibes my way! 

For days 16-30 I kept a little better record of how I was feeling than I did the first 15 days. (See below for the day-by-day breakdown.) 

To celebrate making it to day 30, we decided to celebrate a little bit and have a purely fruit juice. We made the juice combination that you see in the picture. So good! 

A lot of people have been asking me lately how much weight did I lose? Are you ready for it? 18lbs! My original goal was 20lbs but that was just a number I picked out for myself. I'd still like to drop about 10-12 more but that will come slower with eating right and continuing to run and do boot camp. 

The First Supper

A big topic of discussion was what our first meal was going to be after our juice fast ended. I think a lot of people assumed we'd be absolutely dying for a cheeseburger or slice of pizza. It's funny, but when I came time to eat my first solid meal in 30 days, I wasn't even very hungry. Ha! Figures. 
But we had decided we would ease our way back into solid food slowly. No oils, dairy, etc that could upset our system after 30 days of strict fruit and veggies only. So we had a salad with romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, boiled chicken and we even made our own salad dressing and humus! Oh and we had the refrigerator pickles that we had made a couple weeks ago. So Good! 

Days 16-30 Day-By-Day

Day 16 - Sunday. Usually Sunday's aren't as bad as Saturdays because we don't workout on Sundays.

Day 17 - Monday. I was fine during the day, but almost gave in that night and ate dinner. Managed to stay on my juice.

Day 18 - Tuesday. Another weak moment. I was standing in line at the grocery store after work and a bag of chips (that I don't even normally like) looked soooooooo good! I actually had the thought to buy them, eat them before the hubbo got home and toss the chip bag and receipt. I didn't and confessed the thought to the Hubbo.

Day 19 - Wednesday. Ran 3 miles that day. The run was fine but I felt a little nauseated that night for some reason.

Day 20 - Thursday. My energy was back up from being a little off the day before. 

Day 21 - Friday. I was craving pickles like crazy. I actually wondered if I juiced one if it would be good or terrible. Decided to pass on the idea all together.

Day 22 - Saturday of Labor Day weekend. After our long run, the Hubbo and I went to a local water park. I got really fatigued quickly and was super hungry!

Day 23 - Sunday. Watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and ordered the cook book online. That movie will make anyone want to be a vegan. 

Day 24 - Monday. Big Day! We hit the 15lbs mark on our weight loss this day!

Day 25 - Tuesday. Had a GREAT 4 mile run after work. A few coworkers are starting to show interest in juicing. Tried juicing an eggplant. Disgusting! 

Day 26 - Wednesday. The end is in site. The thought crossed my mind to go for 60 days! We didn't. 

Day 27 - Thursday. I'm actually really looking forward to cooking. Which is something I've NEVER said!

Day 28 - Friday. Decided to do an all fruit juice to get ready for our long run and it was amazing! Recipe below.

Day 29 - Saturday. Ran 9 miles. Got down to my college weight this day. The run was good but I was hungry the rest of the day.

Day 30!! - Sunday! We did it! We made it to Day 30! We celebrated with another all fruit recipe (above). Because I had a big and important day at work on Monday, we decided to eat dinner on Sunday night and still juice for breakfast and lunch to slowly ease our way back to food. 
Random Alert! Juice Recipe!
We made this juice on the Friday night before our long run on Saturday morning. I thought it would be good to "juice up" since we'd be doing 9-10 miles. It was really, really good! And my 9 mile run felt pretty good too!



09/10/2013 10:05pm

Congrats again, that's really great!

09/11/2013 9:34am

Awesome job!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
09/12/2013 9:16am

Thank you! So far introducing food back into our diet is going great too!


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