Some people would say that running two races in one day is crazy. Some might say it's not smart for someone who is training for a half marathon or a full marathon. Some might even be as bold to say it is dumb. And to that I say...#RedHairDontCare!

I actually had a lot of fun running both races last Saturday. Keep reading for a race recap on both races, to hear about my PR, and to see pictures from the events.

The Quarter Marathon Doubler Race Recap

I've decided this is my PR shirt from now on.
The first race of the day was the Quarter Marathon. AKA 6.55 mile race for those who can't do math in their heads either. Are there any other Quarter Marathon races out there? This is the first one I've heard of. It's kind of weird and cool at the same time. 

This race had an option to do the "Doubler" which means that you ran a 5K and then the Quarter marathon. Of course this Ginger and her Hubbo had to do the Doubler. There was a special prize for those who were crazy enough to sign up for both. (I'm a sucker for prizes.) 

The race was set up so that the 5K started at 7:30 am and the Quarter Marathon started at 8:30 am giving participants an hour to do the first race and then start the next race. Which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The nice part is you have time for a bathroom break in between the starting guns going off, but the bad part is your body has time to cool down. So while we were waiting for the Quarter to start you all just look like a bunch of stretching, yoga posing, wiggling weirdos. 

Before the race I was trying to be realistic and not even consider to attempt a PR. (For basically a 15K) 
1. Because doing the Doubler was actually a little longer than a normal 15K. 
2 Because I haven't  been doing speed work at all. (Boo Speed work!)  
And 3. because frankly it just takes the pressure off. We all say it...Oh I'm just here to run, I"m not worried about time, or I'm not looking for a PR. 

I know it's kind of cheating to call doing the Doubler a 15K PR because you have a break in the middle but hey, what can you do? 

After the 5K started I looked down at my watch and noticed I was running a little faster than I had planned. But I felt pretty good so I decided to keep the pace and see where it would take me. I didn't get a 5K PR, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to finish it in under 30 minutes! 

I met up with the Hubbo after the 5K and we were waiting around to start the Quarter Marathon and our running buddy, Mike, found us in the corral. We hung out there, took the required runner selfie in the corral pic and pretty soon the gun went off to start the Quarter Marathon. The Hubbo, Mike, and I all ran together for the first couple miles. We even ran by a couple of cowboys who didn't take me up on my invitation to join our race. What? Jeans, boots, and huge belt buckles aren't comfortable race attire? Weird.  

We kept running and just as we were about to hit riverside the Hubbo broke off to run at his pace and I was lucky enough to have Mike stay with me the whole time to talk to and distract me from the idea of stopping to walk. The race had a little more incline to it than I thought it would but it was good training for my half marathon in San Francisco next month! The rest of the race was pretty good and we even saw one creepy guy standing alone in a parking lot wearing an empty 24-pack Coke box on his head watching (really just staring like a creeper) as the runners went by. I decided not to invite him to join our run. No Creepers Aloud! 

So long story short (too late!) the race ended up being 9.65 miles long and I completed it in 1:39:26 which is kind of a 15K PR for me. My previous 15K PR was 1:45:29 at the Tulsa Run last October. 

Here's the bling from our race. Since we did the "Doubler" we not only got a medal but we also got a pint glass to help us celebrate our race. 

I wonder why they gave us a pint glass? I'm pretty sure that runners don't even like beer. :)  

Here is Mike and I as we were getting close to the finish line of the Quarter Marathon. He deserves a big virtual HIGH-FIVE because he got a PR in the 5K! 

High-five Mike!!!!

On another note - why do I look like I am going to punch someone with my right hand but my left hand is super relaxed and creepy looking?? Race photos are always so weird. 

One of the benefits of running with my running club is that they almost always have a photographer or two out on the course taking photos and they allow the runners to download them for free! Runners love free stuff! 

In my next blog post I'll recap our second race of the day, The Corn Dog Classic 5K. You'll have to wait to hear if I managed to choke down that cotton candy, beer, and corn dog or not!

How is your running going? Tell me about a recent or favorite PR! 



10/02/2013 7:34pm

We'll done Did Zoey get pr with hubbo

10/03/2013 9:26am

Thanks Dad! No PR for Zoey. :) She's too lazy! LOL

05/10/2015 8:03am

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