In my previous blog post: Race Recap: Double Race Weekend Part 1 (You can read more about it here) I showed off our medal, pint glass, and bragged about my PR in the Doubler. But the Quarter Marathon wasn't the only race we ran last weekend. We actually ran two races in one day, The Quarter Marathon Doubler and the Corn Dog Classic 5K. Some may call it crazy, but this Ginger and her Hubbo call it fun! (And more blog material) 

Corn Dog Classic 5K Race Recap

The Corn Dog Classic is a fun 5K that kicks off the Tulsa State Fair each year and you have the option to do the timed 5k or the Challenge which includes eating/drinking during the 5K. This was year was our first year to do it so we opted to go big or go home and did the Challenge and I would definitely do it again!

Just like in the Quarter Marathon Race, a running buddy/coach of mine found us in the corral and hung out with us until the super loud gun went off. (The starting guns always scare the daylights out of me!) I love running in groups or with running buddies so it makes the race more enjoyable for me. 

Here's how the challenge works. You have to consume 3 traditional fair food items along the 5k and you must finish them all before crossing the finish line. Cotton Candy, Beer or Lemonade for those under 21, and a Corn Dog. Of course there was the option of just doing the 5K and not the Challenge, but where's the fun in that? 

The full 3 miles of the course was in and around the Tulsa Fair Grounds. We ran by the Golden Driller (see picture below), ran through the old Tulsa Driller's Baseball Field, across the horse race track, and through the midway of the fair and back to the finish line. 

The first Challenge Stop was right at mile 1 and it was the Cotton Candy. (Barf!) I am not a fan of cotton candy at all so I was a little worried that I might be stuck at this first Challenge stop FOREVER! But luckily it turns out it wasn't a huge bag of cotton candy like you buy at the fair. It was a small tub of it and I managed to choke it down. Good thing there was water with it because I was a hot sticky mess after eating it too. So gross. Did I mention that it was 79 degrees at the start of the race?

Challenge Stop number two was the lemonade/beer stop around mile 2. My running buddy and coach Ryan was still with me so I asked her which would be better and she voted for beer. The volunteers at the lemonade/beer stand were yelling Lemonade! as we were running up on them so I decided to let them know I would be bypassing them for the beer station by yelling back BEER! after they shouted lemonade! It was funnier in person, I'm sure! 

Drinking a somewhat small glass of beer after running 2 miles and a 9.5 mile race earlier that day did not sit well with my stomach. I am so glad it was a light beer and not something like Guinness. I would have passed out and died right there on the course, I'm sure of it.  It was so heavy and making me feel kind of sick so I opted not to barf on the course that day and I slowed my pace down. 

The third Challenge Stop was about a quarter mile before the finish line and it was time to conquer the corn dog. Again, I was picturing in my head a normal sized corn dog on a stick like you would buy at the fair but this was a mini corn dog with no stick. This was the easiest stop for me. The corn dog was small and I knew I was close to the end so I quickly ate it and kept moving. 
Even though the beer didn't sit too well with my while I was running, I did really enjoy this race. I feel like it was a race that was a good deal too. For $25 (early bird fee) we got:
1. To run a 5k
2. a T-shirt
3. a cup thingy
4. tickets for a beer and corn dog for after the race
5. a free ticket to the Tulsa State Fair valued at $6-$10 depending on the night you go.

Here's a pic of the Hubbo and I. Everyone give him a virtual HIGH-FIVE as well! He got 3rd place in his age group for the Corn Dog Classic 5K Challenge! 

It was his first time to place in his age group and sadly the guy reading off the age group awards was very confused and only read the timed 5K awards so we left and didn't realize he had placed until we got home and looked at the results the next day. So he didn't get an award but luckily they sell the award mugs at the fair so we'll pick one up for him when we use our free ticket to get in.

Here are my stats for the Corn Dog Classic 5K Challenge:
Time 33:46
5th out of 16 in my Age Group
26th out of 136 for Females
66th out of 237 over all male and female Challengers

This is the Golden Driller. He is a Tulsa landmark and stands super tall in front of the Tulsa Fair Grounds all year round. He is even like Tulsa's very own Barbie Doll and when big events come to town they dress him up and put shirts, ties, kilts on him. What are some of the land marks that make your town fun and unique? 



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