This weekend, on a whim, the Hubbo and some of our running buddies decided to run a local half marathon at the last minute. We entered the Jenks Half Marathon on Tuesday and ran it on Saturday. I took a lot of pictures before, during, and after this race so... there's that. You have been warned. 

Here is the traditional pre-race Running Dummy I like to do so I don't forget anything on race day. It's fun to create a little running dummy person on your floor the night before the race, but it also helps calm my nerves that I'll forget something and be frantically searching for it the morning of the race. 

Hubbo, Me, Amber, and Mike
Here is our typical, pre-race ginger pic! 

Ginger Twins with Back Bibs.
The Ginger Twins decided to wear our super fun back bibs for this race. We got a lot of comments and kudos on these things which makes the race more fun for me! A few people kept saying how they want to stay right behind me for the race so they can read my bib and finish the race. Not sure if that is creepy or flattering, but hey...#redhairdontcare. 

Can you see the airplanes behind me?
So onto the race details. The girls all decided to start together while the boys had a super fast goal of finishing this thing in under 2 hours! Crazy boys!

I went into this race with 3 goals.
1. Finish in under 3 hours because that's how long the course was open.
2. Have fun and take pics!
3. Get another  medal. 

Mission accomplished! Now, where's my gold star???

The course was kind of flat with several rolling hills. Definitely nothing compared to the half I just did in San Francisco but I wouldn't call this one totally flat either. The course was really pretty and reminded me of the Joplin half I did a couple summers ago. The weather was pretty great too. Started out cool and got just a little warm at the finish. 

The first 6 miles of this race definitely were not the best for all of us girls. We all seemed a little sluggish and my belt was giving me fits. I couldn't find a comfortable way to wear it. At one point, I even took it off and tried to just carry it, but decided that was dumb and I'd just deal with it bouncing around like a heavy bouncy ball on my hip. 

Getting comfortable and feeling sluggish weren't the only problem we encountered during this race. We got to a water stop early in the race and we were lucky enough to have gotten some of the last cups of water! They ran out of water! How does a half marathon that has been going on for 34 years run out of water??? I'll never know. This is the second race in a month that I've participated in and they ran out of water. Not cool race directors, not cool! It's really not cool because this particular water stop was a repeated one. Meaning we hit it twice on the course. So it was out when we went by the first time but was really out when we came back by the second time. 

Luckily somewhere around mile 6-7 I started to hit my stride. I had water, I finally decided I could ignore  my super bouncy belt and my legs just all of a sudden felt so much better! So weird and random, I know! 

Between mile 9 and 10 we ran by a small airport in Jenks. That's where this picture from above was taken. I yelled out to the planes and offered them a dollar if they would pick me up and fly me closer to the finish but no one accepted. Weird. 

Somewhere after mile 9, Amber hit a good rhythm and kept going while I hung back with Carmen. Carmen decided she wasn't having a great run and that I should go ahead. Somewhere close to mile 10, I took off and eventually caught up with Amber just before the finish line. 

So here I am being a hyper little Ginger and jumping across the finish line. I didn't realize it but my running buddy Mike took this pic of me finishing. LOVE THIS PHOTO! It makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks for the photo Mike! I love that this race ended on the school track. There were a lot of people on the field cheering for us and it just felt like even for a small race that there was a lot of energy there at the finish. Which is probably why I decided to jump across the finish line like a weirdo. Right after I did it though, I was worried that maybe my timing chip wouldn't be close enough to register my time but luckily it did. I guess white girls can't jump that high. 

So this happened. Somewhere between miles 3 and 4, the race photographer, Dr. Chris Barnes, snapped this photo. I vaguely remember waving at the camera as I ran by. I was really surprised yesterday when my Facebook page started blowing up and Oklahoma Sports and Fitness used this picture to post on their Facebook page that the race results were ready. They tagged me in their post and then a lot of my running buddies saw me and tagged me as well. 

This is now my profile pic for almost all of my social media accounts.

Mike, Amber, Hubbo, Me, Carmen
Here's the typical post-race photo with our medals!

Here's a close up of the medal. Not the fanciest thing I've ever brought home, but for a cheap, local race that benefits a high school XC team, I'm ok with it. 

Here's the Hubbo drinking a beer and celebrating reaching his goal of finishing in under 2 hours! He beat his half marathon PR by almost 17 minutes! So proud of you Hubbo!

Time: 1:58:27

Overall, I loved this race. My attitude was just different this time around. I didn't care about time and I didn't even wear my Garmin. I cared more about hanging out with my running buddies and finishing the race with good memories and that made a huge difference. I'd definitely do this race again next year since it's local. 

Race Stats:
135th out of 189 Females
19th out of 28 in my Age Group
362 Total Half Marathon Runners
Time : 2:31:15

What has been your favorite race? What made it stand out as a good one to you? 



11/12/2013 11:16am

Way to go!! I am such a slacker. Maybe some day, I'll get as motivated as you. If only there were options for adult 4x100 relays!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
11/12/2013 4:52pm

If I ever find an adult track meet, I'm totally calling you and Melanie up and we'll bring back the old relay team!

Melissa Kettler
12/08/2013 8:27pm

I just found your blog. I ran the Jenks Half and saw you getting your picture taken in front of the airplane. Lol. What a small crazy world. Also, seriously with the running out of water. I was dying. Loved the run though.

12/08/2013 9:57pm

Lol. It is a small world!
I was surprised that the Jenks Half and the Tulsa run ran out of water. How is that possible?
I'll definitely do this race again next year though!

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