Today was a good day at the RunGingerRun house. Both of these running items showed up in the mail and absolutely zero bills showed up making it even better! Now, if only every day could be more fun surprises in the mail and less money-sucking and depressing junk mail, the world would be a happier place! Or not, I don't know.

These are all the fun and super cool things that showed up today in my StrideBox. Keep reading below and I'll talk about them individually. But first, let me remind you what Stridebox is by clicking here. For $15 a month, you can't beat the cool things that show up in your box. 

First, let's talk about this sticker. One of the cool things that SB does is they send a small and unique sticker in the box every month. I've been keeping most of mine and when my collection is impressive, I'll post a picture of them on the blog or twitter or something. I don't know why, but it seems like the thing a Ginger would do so...yeah I'm doing that.


Good timing SB! I was just saying tonight that my headlamp seems pretty dim and may need new batteries and viola! A new blinky light shows up! I love it. It is kind of like a ring so I can wear it on my finger or it has a clasp and I can attached it to my belt or hat. It has two blink settings. It blinks or it does a cool fade between the three colors. Red. Green. Blue. 

Side Note - this light is the extra gadget that SB sometimes sends in the boxes. It doesn't have a brand name and I don't know what the retail value is, but I'm glad I got it! They sometimes send stuff like that which adds to the surprise of the box.

Smarty Pants - Gummy Vitamins for Adults
Retail: $29.95/Bottle

They sent two packets of these and the Hubbo and I went ahead and opened one up. The Hubbo said they taste like fruit loops. They are a soft gummy/jelly texture which is easier to swallow than huge horse pills. I'll admit, I'm not the best at taking my vitamins but these are kind of like candy and I like candy so I could see myself taking these more often than a regular pill. Reminds me of being a kid and taking my Flintstone vitamins! Do they make those anymore? Were those even healthy? I guess I turned out fine so...

Joshua Tree - Healing Salve
Retail: $5.75/15 ml

Joshua Tree - Natural Lip Balm
Retail: $4.50/each

The Healing Salve is an organic, unscented, skin healer that can be used after a run to treat chafing, dry and cracked skin, and small cuts and scrapes. The Hubbo took a spill about a week ago during a lunch time run and scraped up his knee kind of bad. I made him put this stuff on it tonight and here's what we said. "It doesn't smell or feel medicine-like, it absorbed pretty quick." So there you have it folks!

The Natural Lip Balm is meant to prevent dry lips and is petroleum free. It is made from a base that is a blend of cocoa butter and beeswax. 
I like the shape of this tube. It is sort of like a flat oval shape instead of a perfectly round shape. It seems like it would sit better in your running belt or pocket a little better and be less bulgy weird shape looking. The texture is good. Both the Hubbo and I tried it tonight. It's a pumpkin pie scent and the Hubbo said it tastes like cinnamon. I can't taste it but it went on smooth. 

Kay's Naturals - Snack Or Cereal
Retail: $10.14/6 packages

This a gluten free cereal/snack that is packed with 12g of plant based protein per serving. I'm kind of excited about this being as we have been trying to eat a more plant-based diet lately. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to take it to work with me tomorrow for my mid-morning snack. 

Epic Bar - Turkey, Almond, Cranberry
Retail: $8.50/3 Bars

I'm too scared to eat this one. I'll make the Hubbo eat it later and tell me what he thinks. Here's the description. 14g of protein in a gluten free, paleo friendly, and 100% natural bar that derives its protein from grass-fed, nutrient rich, lean turkey. 
Hmmm. Interesting. 

What's your favorite running product? 



11/13/2013 7:02am

Looks like a great selection of items.
Ummm..a protein bar from turkey. That actually sounds disgusting. I'm a vegan and all, but even if I ate meat still, that would be something that would wind up in the dog's dinner bowl. ;)
Thanks for the review. I may have to try one of these boxes!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
11/13/2013 5:39pm

Glad you liked the review! There is also Runner Box. I've never subscribed to them, but I think it would be about the same.
How long have you been vegan? The Hubbo and I have tried to go more plant-based/vegan and it's hard!

Amber S.
11/13/2013 7:41am

I tried the Epic bar at FF after our long run. It was really good!!!

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
11/13/2013 5:40pm

Oh yeah, I think I remember when you picked it up. Did it taste like Thanksgiving in your mouth? LOL Because that's what I imagine when I read the description of this product.

11/14/2013 1:29am

Can you please comment on the other two products in the box - the Cardiostrong fitness beverage and the Energems chews? Thanks.

11/14/2013 8:45am

Hi Jay,
Sure! I'll use these two products with my run tonight, but here is a little more information to tide you over until I can get back on here and comment with a runner's opinion of them.
Engergems - made with real milk chocolate infused with caffeine, b-vitamins, and a unique energy blend for increased energy.
Retail: $8.97/3 boxes

Cario Strong - Fitness Beverage
A blend of cardiac nutrients, electrolytes, proteins, and vitamins.
Retail: $1.99/package

11/14/2013 7:42pm

Hi Jay,
I tried the other two products tonight before and after my run.
The Energems are like big M&M's. The flavor says it is peanut butter blast but I couldn't taste the peanut butter. It tasted like a mix of dark chocolate and vitamins. The box says that 1 box = 3 energy drinks so I only ate half of them. After my run I felt fine, but my stomach was a little upset. Could be related or might not be, but I don't usually have that problem after a run.

The Cardio Strong Drink is an orange flavor and says it has no caffeine. The smell wasn't the most appealing but when I drank it, it was actually a lot sweeter than I thought. I personally like sweet flavors more than medicine flavors so that was good! It also has less than 1 gram of sugar and 1gram of carbs. I put it in a mixing bottle but it still was hard to mix and get all the lumps out so that's not the best. Overall I do like the product but don't know if I like it enough to switch from my usual Nuun to this.
Hope this helps!

11/28/2013 12:48pm

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