Lindsay, Mindy, Me, and The Hubbo
It's been a full week since the Hubbo and I ran in the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa. (I was a slacker and only ran the half, he was awesome and ran the full) We took this entire week off to allow our legs to recover and decided to re-enter the running routine with a fun 5k, the Dye Hard Fan Dash!  

The DHFD is a locally organized color run with a fun twist. It's a family friendly event that encourages runners to come out and support their favorite Oklahoma college football team, whether it be the University of Oklahoma - Boomer Sooner! Oklahoma State University - Go Pokes! or the University of Tulsa - Go Cane! Or you can be totally neutral like The Hubbo and just run for fun. I chose to support OSU. (Go Pokes!) No, I didn't go to OSU, but I do have a lot of friends and family who did, so I figured it would make for fewer awkward conversations when they asked which side I was on. It's all about PR people!

I'm already pretty excited about the next Dye Hard Fan Dash. My friend Josh, who is a co-race director, said the next race is scheduled to take place in August and happen at night, which should be pretty awesome and a perfect way to kick off college football season. 

Me & The Hubbo Celebrating his 4th Place Finish
The race started and ended at Guthrie Green, a new urban garden and performance park in the Brady Arts District of downtown Tulsa. 

The race had a costume contest, a chili cook-off, music, tailgating, beer, and lots of color flying in the air. This was the first year for the race but it still had a pretty good turnout. 
I don't know why I look so clean in this picture, but I still had color on me this morning when I woke up!

My BFF's from High School, Lindsay and Mindy, came down and ran this race too! Even though the event was untimed, Lindsay and Mindy were able to get a 5K PR of 32 minutes! So proud of them! The course was actually kind of tough for a 5k, we had at least 3 decent sized hills. And you all know I think hills are stupid! I'm also proud because the Hubbo came in 4th overall in the race! His 4th place finish comes just one week after getting a 20+ minute PR in a marathon a week earlier! Such a bad-ass!  

Mindy, The Hubbo and I. SHOTS!
Mindy's birthday was a few days before the race so of course we had to go out and grab a drink or two to celebrate. We started out at McNellie's and ended up at Caz's which has the most awesome bathroom wall graffiti ever. Seriously, I could spend at least 4 hours and 27 minutes in there just reading all the crazy quips you drunk people have put up in there. If you are ever looking for a bar in Tulsa with amazing bathroom graffiti art, Caz's is your place! 

Speaking of being a bad-ass, I'm totally not ashamed of this picture. If you look closely you can see 3 Jager shots for Lindsay, Mindy, and the Hubbo and  then there is me. Just holding my ah-mazing lemon drop shot! 
Happy Birthday Mindy! 



12/06/2013 10:27pm

Looks like fun.

You aren't a slacker for "only" running the half!

Love the jump picture, I'm a huge fan of those.

Congrats to your hubby on the huge marathon PR, and 4th overall.

12/07/2013 11:21am

Thanks! It was fun even though it was small. I've had a great season and I'm actually really glad I moved back to the half.
I love your jumping pic you have too on your blog!


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