One of the most important lessons I've learned about being a runner is that what I put into my body, fluid and nutrition wise, directly affects my running performance. In fact, back when I was just doing random 5k's without really training for them, I decided to drink wine the night before a super hot and steamy 5k in July in Oklahoma. Worst. Idea. Ever! 

Luckily, now that I'm taking running a lot more seriously, I know that wine is a terrible hydration plan the night before a race. I'm not a hot weather runner and I need water. Lots and lots of water. Not wine. Lesson learned. 

Recently FLEXR Sports reached out to me about doing a product review for their Sports Bottle. I've had a hydration system/belt in the past but haven't been 100% satisfied with it so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try a new product and share it with you, my blog/running buddies. 

                            FLEXR Sports Bottle Review

Typically I wear one of those water belts with two small bottles and a pouch all in one. I recently had to put it away during my last training session because it was annoying me and the people who ran next to me in my group. Sorry running buddies! The problem with it was that the bottles made a lot of noise! They literally sloshed and squeaked with each step I took because the plastic bottle was rubbing on the plastic holder. People in my group would literally look around and ask what the noise was. Not cool. 

So when FLEXR Sports reached out to me to see if I wanted to review their new Sports Bottle I was immediately interested. (And because I didn't want to get banned from my running group for being the annoying squeaky girl.) Then I saw that one of the features was NO SLOSHING! I had to see if this was true so I agreed and they sent me this water bottle and hand carrier. 

I wore the water bottle and belt during the Route 66 5K. I know, I know. I shouldn't use new things on race day, right? Well I figured since it was only a 5K and we were just using it as a shake out run it would be ok. Turns out, it was perfectly fine! I even wore the running pouch in the half marathon next day. #Rebel 

So did it work? Sure did! It was easy to hold, even for my ridiculously small and child-like hands and the carrying case even has a pocket on the front that will hold a surprisingly large amount of stuff.  And it legit, didn't slosh at all. 

How does it work? The bottle has a different design than some of the others on the market. It was designed by athletes so it fits nicely in your hand, not awkward like those bean shaped bottles. It also has a biodegradable liner which collapses when you drink from the squeeze bottle. Hence the no sloshing. Yes! Totally my favorite part after being the noisy girl in the group! And because it's a squeeze bottle, you don't have to tilt your head and look like a freak trying to watch the road and get a drink at the same time. We've all done it! 

Since it has a liner you don't get that nasty plastic taste that some bottles get after a few weeks of use. Also the liner is biodegradable so it is more earth friendly than other disposable plastic bottles. 

Here are my two most favorite things about this company. 
1. The products are super affordable! The bottle ranges from $10.95 to $9.95 and comes in different sizes and colors. The replacement liners are either $4.95 or $2.95 and if you don't want to buy liners or run out, it has a plug feature so you can use it like a regular bottle.  That's pretty smart! The running pouch is $16.95 and also comes in different colors. 

2. FLEXR Sports donates 5% of each sale to charity! They list the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, National Military Family Association, and The Nature Conservancy as just a few of the charities they donate to. 

With their Flex-Your-5 program, you get to chose which charity you want your contribution to go to. So awesome! Not enough companies do cool things like this. 

                      FLEXR Sports Neo Running Pouch

When I opened the box from FLEXR Sports I didn't realize I was getting a running pouch, but it was a nice and perfectly timed surprise! You may remember me complaining in my Jenks Half Marathon Race Recap that I had a terrible time with my belt and even ended up taking it off and just carrying it for a while. Not fun! 

For the Route 66 5k and the Half I was able to put my iPhone, 2 of my Clif Bar Shot Bloks sleeves and my car key in the pouch. I really liked that it didn't bounce around like a child on a sugar high on my waist. It sits flat against me and it's not rounded like some belts tend to be, which I think causes the bouncing. I see that it has the fasteners to also hold your bib, but I'm clearly not smart enough to use those and just pinned my bib to my shirt. Maybe next race I'll take the time to figure it out and use it like a pro! I know, the suspense is probably going to kill you. :) 

Jake, The Hubbo, and Me @ RT66 5K
Here I am with my running buddy Amber's son, Jake, who totally rocked the Route 66 5k that day! He finished in just over 27 minutes! Great job Jake! 

Also shown in the photo is the Hubbo and me with me new FLEXR Bottle and Running Pouch. Does this make me a model now? No? Ok, just checking. 

                                                Bonus! Discount Alert! 

I just found this discount code on the FLEXR Sports Facebook Page. You can enter the code: SANTA this month and save 15% on your order.
Merry Christmas! 



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