Super Yummy Juice!
The other day on my RunGingerRun Facebook page I made a confession. 

We are doing another 30 day juice fast.

I know, I know...

Everyone thought I was crazy when we did it in September, but now you're thinking, December? Really? 

Are you crazy? 

The answer is yes. These two ginger kids are definitely crazy. Who decided that December was a good month to do this?!? Ugh! Me, I guess. 

                                         The First 7 Days

Today is Sunday and we are in the middle of day 7. Here's an update on how these first 7 days have been going. So far I've lost a total of 6.6lbs. 

The first 4 days were normal, of course we were hungry but when you are in the routine of the normal work week, it's actually a little easier. I had a couple headaches in the evenings the first few days, but nothing too bad. I started going back to my lunch time boot camp again and that's been good even though my calf muscles were super pissed and felt like they were ripping in half. Pain is good, right?

Then day 5 hit. A snow day. We were stuck in the house! It was cold outside, we couldn't leave and all we both wanted to do was make a big pot of chili and eat all the things! Luckily we didn't. But every time I saw someone post on Facebook or Instagram their super awesome and yummy cookies, brownies, soup, chili, hot chocolate or whatever tasty snack they were having, I immediately had this reaction...

jealous gif photo:  tumblr_m510jrW3TA1qi04e0.gif
Yesterday (Saturday) was Day 6. In Oklahoma, it was a HUGE college football day for the Sooners and the Pokes. It was Bedlam. For those who aren't OU or OSU fans it's the game where our two state schools battle it out for bragging rights. Everyone was all like "Boomer Sooner!" or "Go Pokes" and I was over here like...
hungry gif photo: I'M FREAKING HUNGRY tumblr_lj22zmIidT1qealwto1_500.gif
So Day 6 was kind of a bust. It was snow day # 2 and we didn't stay in our routine of making our juice first thing in the morning. 

By 1:00 pm we hadn't had a juice or anything so we split a plant-based protein shake and that helped us get through the day. We also may have munched on some almonds and an apple, but I'll never really tell you if that's the truth or not. Okay, it was! Fail! But the good thing about a 30 day juice fast is that even though we failed yesterday, there will be more days to help us make up for it. Only 23 days left! 

                                        Random Alert!

I posted this picture on my Instagram account and my personal Facebook page with this caption..

So yeah, I've almost got it down pat! Winter 2014 Olympics here I come! 

So what do you think? Do I have a shot at the Gold medal in Sochi? 

One of my Twitter buddies, @rodzilla9, said he had just purchased a juicer and my blog had given him the little extra push he needed to give juicing a try! 

The first juice he tried had Beets, Carrots, and Apples in it and he said it wasn't bad. 

I'm super impressed because beets are a pretty brave choice for a first juice since they have a pretty strong earthy flavor.  

So since a first time juicer made a drink with beet juice, and I'm trying to drink the rainbow, I was inspired to make one as well. This is the concoction we came up with for today's juice. 
Thanks @rodzilla9 for the inspiration! 

Question : What is your favorite winter Olympic sport to watch?



12/08/2013 4:34pm

OMG, are you going to get a free pass on Christmas? Good luck!

12/08/2013 9:50pm

Yes definitely! This Thursday is the Hubbo's company party and I usually hate sushi but I don't even mind that the party is at a sushi restaurant! I'm hungry but this is working.

12/08/2013 11:47pm

You are a very brave woman in December! Best of luck! :-D

12/09/2013 8:28am

Thanks Kim! I'm back at work today so that should help me at least get back in my routine!

12/14/2013 3:23pm

I also go running a lot in december in January - wish you a lot of fun with your training.

12/15/2013 6:23pm

Thanks Anja! Now that the snow and ice has melted in Oklahoma I hope to get a few more miles in this week! We are supposed to have temps in the low 60s this week! Hope the weather is good in your neck of the woods!


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