It's a little hard to believe that 2013 is almost over. It seems like each year just goes by faster and faster. Unless you are on a juice fast and then 30 days feels like an ETERNITY! 

In this blog post I want to recap all the fun running things that happened this year. Mainly so I'll remember them, but also because it's fun! 

Races and Medals

Here is the collection of Medals the Hubbo and I picked up this year.
I only put one in from each race with the exception of the Route 66 Medals since his was for the Full and mine was for the Half.

This year I ran in a total of 13 Races in 3 States.

1 Ultra Marathon (50K) - The Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long
1 Marathon - Little Rock, Arkansas
3 Half Marathons - Jenks Half, Route 66 Half, & Nike Women's Half
3 15k Races - Tulsa Run, Quarter Marathon Doubler, & Sweetheart Run Doubler
3 Timed 5ks - Purple Stride, Corndog Classic, Route 66 5k
2 Untimed 5ks - Dye Hard Fan Dash & Koman Race For The Cure

1. Oklahoma 
2. Arkansas 
3. California

Blog Stuff

My blog turned a year old in October of this year so that's pretty cool. One of my favorite things to do is to look at Google Analytics and see the some behind-the-scenes stuff about my blog. Like the random search phrases or words people use to land on my blog. I've shared my top 6 with you. Enjoy!

Top 6 Most Random Search Words/Phrases That Lead to My  Blog
  1. Rainbow Brite Running Costume
  2. Bathrooms that way race
  3. Categories of Ginger Kids
  4. Running is Stupid
  5. Secret Things Only Gingers Can Do
  6. Gingers With Big Ol Bootys <--- Not even kidding on this one!

Random Running Highlights

We qualified to join Marathon Maniacs!
For the first time, we ran 2 races in one day.
For the first time, I ran a race without the Hubbo in another state, the Nike Women Half Marathon in San Fran.
The Hubbo and I both placed 3rd in our age group at the Purple Stride 5k!
I met The T-Rex Runner and The Prez of Marathon Maniacs!
Our Christmas Tree was totally running themed with bibs and medals and race shirts.
My Mother-in-law made me an amazing race shirt quilt and I love it!

What are some of your favorite running highlights from 2013?



12/29/2013 10:24pm

You already read my highlights!

I LOVE your 50K medal!
Gingers w/ a big ole bootys?, LMFAO! That's hilarious!
Love your new quilt! Looks very cozy!

12/31/2013 10:29am

Yes, I loved your recap! I didn't realize it was such a popular thing for bloggers to do but I'm loving reading them all.
Yeah the Gingers/ w/ big old bootys cracked me up so it had to make an appearance! There were some other really random ones but those were the best.

12/29/2014 12:33pm

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06/30/2016 7:07am

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07/13/2017 4:30am

2013 came fast and finished faster too.It's always glad to reminisce at the good things that happened, especially the good memories that happened. I am so happy to have read that your 2013 became exciting because of your running experiences. I know it's not just fun for you, it was a learning experience for you too! Keep the passion running and you'll be go through miles!


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