So I took a poll of the Ginger Kids to see what would be on the best Christmas gift for runners and by Ginger Kids I mean, The Hubbo, Myself, and my running buddy Amber. I'm pretty sure it's the most scientific poll ever! But we came up with a list of Christmas gift ideas for the runner in your life!
You. Are. Welcome!

** Please note that these are products I use and love and have purchased these myself unless noted otherwise**

                                             The Gift of Relief! 


Ok, ok, so I know that all of you who know me IRL (In Real Life) are totally surprised that I even thought about suggesting this on my blog! 

Truth is, I hate massages because I don't like to be touched. Weird, I know! 
Well I really don't like to get undressed and be touched by a stranger! But, I do totally know the benefits of massage and feel that after your races you should take care of your body and massage is a great way! So pamper your runner friends and buy them a massage. Just don't go to a creepy place because massages are creepy enough on their own!

Price: I have no idea. Varies.

Ranger Roller!

Let's face it. Every runner complains about aches and pains during their training season. Shut them up and give them this! 

This is a Medi-Dyne Range Roller. This is one product that the company sent to me to review on my blog, which you can read here, but I absolutely love it! I've loaned it out to friends to use and I swear by it. If you buy this for your runner, their muscles will thank you!

It's a great gift because it partners well with a foam roller but can get to those hard-to-roll areas easier. If I am SUPER sore after a race or a workout, this is a little easier to take because I can control the pressure. Seriously, just got ahead and buy two, one for you and one for your running buddy. You can thank me later! 

Price: $25 - $40  

Trigger Point Ball!

Every runner needs a Trigger Point Ball. A TP Factor Massage Ball to be exact.
Hurts so good! But really it's good for your muscles when your foam roller and Ranger Roller won't do the trick. I carry mine in my purse with me everywhere and can use it on my feet whenever I need it.

Price: $24.99

                                              The Gift of Time!

Garmin Watch!

Every runner needs a watch. If you buy them this, they won't ever complain about missing a PR because they didn't know their time or pace. 

I use this Garmin. I was lucky enough that the Hubbo bought one for me as an anniversary gift last year. Thanks Hubbo! 

I recently bought him the Forerunner 210 (same one shown in the picture) and gave it to him before the Route 66 Marathon as an early Christmas gift. You're welcome Hubbo! 

It is a bit on the pricey side but it's a great investment for them especially if they are focusing on running faster, running intervals, going for a PR, or tracking their distance. Which c'mon, isn't that almost every runner? This could also be a good gift from a group so multiple people chip in and help make the price tag a little easier to handle. 

Price: $200 - $250

                                               The Gift of Comfort! 


Yes, I know. That sounds so boring, but really! A good pair of running socks is a must. My running coaches always say "Cotton is Rotten!" so we can't just run in any old pair of socks we have around the house. My running coaches suggest that a nice technical sock with compression or wool is the way to go. I have this pair of Feetures! socks. 
Every runner needs at least half a dozen pair of good socks and being as these are about $10/pair they can add up quickly. They would also make a totally legit stocking stuffer! 

Price: $10 - $12 a pair

                                         The Gift of Music!

iTunes Gift Card! 

A lot of runners can't run without music. Including this kid right here! In almost all of my race pics you can see my ear buds or my iPod shuffle hanging on my water belt. Doesn't make for the best race pics, but what can you do? Music helps me move!

The good thing about the iTunes gift card is that they come in a lot of different increments. You can spend as little or as much as you want to help your runner create a new playlist for their next race! Or you could just record yourself singing to them, whatever works for you! 

Price: $10 - $100 

                                            The Gift of Style! 

Sweet Headband! 

Ladies, this one is just for you! 
I wear a Sweaty Band just about every time I run. I don't have this exact pattern, but it's ridiculously cute! I have three of these and I prefer the thin style like the one pictured to the left. They help keep all those crazy fly-a-ways out of my business when I'm trying to run. Plus, it's just a fun way to jazz up any running outfit you are putting together! 

Price: $12 - $18

                                            The Gift of Safety!

Blinky Light!

Let's face it. If you die while you are out running, that would be sad. Very sad! Let's not let that happen and let's keep all of my running buddies safe, Okay? Good talk! 
Every runner needs a blinky or two. I have this New Balance light that I picked up at Target and I've been wearing it for over a year and we are still blinking strong! 

Price: $10 - $12

                                         The Gift of Knowledge!

Runner's World Magazine Subscription! 

So I tried to find a Ginger on the cover of Runner's World Magazine for this section but clearly RW hates Gingers because I couldn't find any.
::Insert Sad Music Here::
Maybe if I had looked past the first page on Google I could have, but who has time for that? Not this Ginger Kid. 

Ok, Ginger Rant Over. But really, I had a subscription to RW last year and I enjoyed it. 

Price: $24.00 for 2 Years


Last and certainly not least is Money! Cold, Hard, Cash! Running can be expensive. If your runner likes to travel to races it can add up quickly. Flights, Hotels, race entry fees, the list goes on and on. So do something funny like wrapping up each $5 bill in a box or something but cash is a runner's best friend!

Price: $1 - $1,000,000! 



12/10/2013 10:22am

I am hoping for the gift of massage!

12/11/2013 8:23am

I hope Santa brings you one! I know everything thinks massages are just relaxing, but they really are great for runners to help our muscles recover from all the miles we put on them.

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