You may remember that this summer I partnered with Medi-Dyne and did a review of the RangeRoller, (I like to lovingly call it my torture device on Instagram. #HurtsSoGood) which is one of my favorite running recovery tools, so I was pretty excited when they reached out to me and asked me to review another product.  You can read my review of the RangeRoller from MediDyne here. 

I immediately agreed and they sent me some 2Toms sportshield. I've tried other anti-blister and anti-chaffing products before, but this one was a little different. The other anti-chubrub products I've used have come in a stick that resembles deodorant but has the consistency of a thick chap stick. That consistency can be a little difficult to put on the inner thigh area, if you know what I mean. But I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that when I opened the sportshield that it was a roll-on. When things are easy to apply, it makes me happy! if only makeup was this easy...

Here in Oklahoma, the Polar Vortex finally cleared out and I was finally able to do some running outside in shorts last week. I am pretty fortunate that when I run, the only chub-rub place I have trouble with is my inner thigh area. I'm sure a couple ladies out there can relate! So an anti-chafing product is required when I run in shorts because they always tend to creep up and rub me the wrong way. Ugh! So annoying! When I put on the sportshield, it went on easily, it didn't smell, it wasn't sticky, it didn't stain my shorts, and it felt really smooth and almost silky. Also probably the best part, was that it didn't tug and pull at my skin when I put it on which is the worst part about the other brand I've used before. I just let the area dry a few seconds right after application and I was ready to go. Definitely liking this product!

Stuff you should know about this product:
  • It's waterproof. Translation - stays on when you sweat!
  • One application can last 24 hours. Translation - You don't need to reapply during a race. No one has time for that!
  • Doesn't stain and not greasy.
  • Contains no animal products.
  • Retail $13.00 for 1.5oz bottle.
  • Comes off with soap and water, no residue left behind.

Bonus Info!
2Toms also has a product called ButtShield which I think is the most awesome and hilarious name for a product but it actually sounds really useful for athletes who sit down for their activities, such as biking. Definitely keeping that in mind if I ever get brave enough for a Duathlon or a Triathlon. 

Disclaimer - Medi-Dyne sent me this product in exchange for a blog post, however all opinions and typos are my own. 

Side-by-side size comparison of another anti-rub product. #FunSize
Easy roll-on action.
I put the product on my hand so you can see that it goes on clear. Also - I need to cut my nails.

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What is your problem area you have to protect when you run?



01/20/2014 7:48am

I have issues in my... nipular area. LOL Sport Shield is the only stuff I use. And you are right, it only takes one application. Love it!

01/20/2014 8:56am

LOL I feel so bad when I see guys are races with bloody t-shirts! Glad you are avoiding that and liking this product!

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