In a recent blog post this Ginger Kid went on a rant about 10 things that were annoying her. I decided if I was going to put my rantings out there in the Blog-o-sphere, I should probably put some love back out there as well. Here are a six things I'm loving right now.

1. Panera Bread's Chicken Cobb Avacado Salad
It just gets me. The End. 

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Zoey, passed out from magic of the electric blanket.
2. My electric blanket
I get cold all the time and the Hubbo bought me an electric blanket for Christmas last year and I promply broke it. Opps!
So this year he bought me a new one and so far I'm taking stellar good care of it! 
It just so happens that my 5lb Chihuahua loves it too. Weird. 

Howie just chillen' in the Juke!
3. Howie the Dinosaur
Howie is a 24 inch green blow up dinosaur that lives in my car. He goes everywhere with me. One of these days I might even let him run a race with me. He would probably beat me though and that would be sad.

^^Not My Photo^^
4. Google Analytics
Every time I publish a blog I love to check my stats to see where people are from who read my blog, how they found it and the funny search words they have used. So far my favorite search phrase is still "Gingers with big ol' bootys" That one will never get old!
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5. Footie Pajamas
So let me explain this. Besides the fact that they were kinda popular this winter for some reason, I think footie pajamas are pretty much perfect for me and my idiosyncrasies. (<--That was a big word!) Not very many people know this about me, but I HATE walking barefoot on cold tile or cold flooring. I pretty much have to have my house slippers or socks on at all times. So my footie pajamas are perfect because I never have to walk directly on the cold floors when I'm wearing them! Problem Solved! 

6. Trader Joe's 2 Buck Chuck
Well it's not really $2 anymore, but $2.99 is still pretty close so the name stays. I'm loving my White Zinfandel from Charles Shaw right now. I may even be enjoying a glass right now as I type this blog... 

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What are you loving right now?



01/24/2014 5:49am

I'm loving my winter running group! I never used to run outside in the winter or sign up for winter races. Now I'm running outside 3-4 days per week (with two of them at night!). I highly recommend joining one.. Which brings me to my second favorite new thing: my yaktrax and my third favorite: my balaclava!

01/24/2014 8:52am

That's awesome! My running group runs in all weather conditions because you never know what you'll get on race day! We train mostly at night as well.
I had to Google what a balaclava is, but it looks nice and warm for those evening runs!

01/24/2014 8:11am

Right now, I'm loving my Yaktrax that are helping me stay on my feet through my winter running, my running group who I am carpooling to our first half marathon tomorrow, and the fact that today is Friday! I wish I lived near a Trader Joes.

01/24/2014 8:55am

Congrats on your first half! Which one are you doing?
Also - Yay for Friday!
We don't live near a Trader Joes, the closest one is about 4 hours away. But we are sure to stock up on wine and other faves when we are near one!

01/24/2014 12:26pm

Oops. First half of the year! We're doing the Snowman's half in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. I think our closest Trader Joes is an hour away, so I guess I shouldn't complain! I'll definitely check it out when I'm back down in that area

01/24/2014 7:02pm

Ah, I gotcha! Well have a great race tomorrow!

01/24/2014 4:52pm

OMG, I NEED an electric blanket! And I'd love if it came with a Chihuahua!

01/24/2014 7:01pm

Yes you do! Electric blankets are always better when they come with a little furry companion! :)

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