My last two blog posts (which you can read here and here) were the first two installments in my mini-series of my favorite websites. The first one was about DailyMile which helps you track your miles that you run, bike, walk, or other exercises you do throughout the year. The second one was about Bloglovin' which can help you keep track of all your favorite blogs that you like to read on a regular basis. For my third and final installment of My Favorite Websites series, I'm going to introduce you to fairly new one that I stumbled upon when I was on Twitter one day. Well, actually BibRave found me, but whatever, you get the idea.

Disclaimer - I have no relationship with BibRave and was not compensated in anyway for this post. All opinions and typos are my own.

What is BibRave?
BR is a website that collects race reviews written by runners. I've contributed 3 reviews so far since I signed up in December. (Dye Hard Fan Dash, Nike Women's Half Marathon, and the Route 66 Half Marathon
BR is still pretty new so they don't have a ton of reviews from all over the country, but if you have recently completed a race you can write a review and help out future runners who want to know more about that event. The website is pretty user friendly. All you have to do is set up an account or you can log in with your Facebook profile and search for the race you want to read up on or review. 

This site is kind of like Yelp but focused on publishing reviews for runners to help them find their next race or find out need-to-know details about an upcoming race. I know as a runner, my first question is always about the course. Is it hilly? I'm a total weenie when it comes to hilly races. I know, I know, I need to add more hills to my training. Thanks Coach! 
I know people's opinions of races will vary based on their experience which is why this site is nice because once they get a good inventory of race reviews you will be able to read multiple race reviews on the same race from different people and find them all in one spot. By the way, I think all races are hilly because I'm a weenie. 

But anyway, this new website made my top 3 favorite website list because I think a couple groups of people will like it and I'd like to see more races on there as well. As much as I'd like to try, I can't run all the races and do reviews on them...

1. Run Bloggers. We like to write, we probably have a few race reviews we can publish right away, and we like seeing our "work" "published" online in other places than just our own blog. Makes us feel famous! ;)

2. Traveling Runners. If you are going to travel to an out-of-town race you probably need some details about it before you decide to drop the cash. I know I do. Being as no one is compensated for these race reviews you can probably find some pretty candid and honest feedback on the website. I know I like to share the good, the bad, and the ugly on my race reviews.

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01/15/2014 6:11pm

There is another website like this, that I wrote a couple of reviews on, but I can't remember the name of it now? Veery cool though! I love reading other people's race reviews.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
01/15/2014 10:41pm

You should leave a review! They need more representation from different parts of the US. Plus you just ran two and people need to know that one is hilly! Like hill weenies like me! :)

01/20/2014 7:37pm

Kristy - yes we'd love to see your reviews on the site! Still growing our database of great runner insight =D

03/24/2014 1:02am

This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs. Thanks for sharing


Nice post. I love to read it again. I am waiting for part 4 now.

06/09/2015 10:28pm

I know as a runner, my first question is always about the course.

09/18/2015 11:30am

It is my favorite part of the website and this service. It is very fascinating and significant to watch. It is inclusive and efficient and productive. The skills and abilities are needed for its perfection and finesse.


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