You can never have too many Half Marathons in April right?
Here at the RunGingerRun house, we are gearing up for a busy month of races!
I'm super excited, a little nervous, and ready all at the same time because I just want to RUN ALL THE RACES!!!

So far for April we have 3 half marathons scheduled. And by "so far" I mean that as of today, I've toyed with the idea of picking up a fourth Half marathon thanks to the inspiration I got from reading Kristy's blog posts over at about her back-to-back half marathons in one weekend! She's a ginger and a total bad ass racer so check out her blog if you haven't already! 

The idea has been planted and now I must try to see if it is possible, smart, and likely that I can convince the Hubbo to join me. We'll see!

So here is what we have officially on the books for April. 
First up on April 5th is the Aquarium Run here in Tulsa. I ran this half marathon a couple years ago and it was actually my very first half ever. I'm pretty excited to run this race for a few reasons.
1. It's here in my hometown, Tulsa.
2. The course is 100% FLAT
3. If I'm going to try to PR, this is the course to try it on and the time to do it because it's the first race of the month.

The second race of the season is the one I'm most excited about because it's a destination race for us. In LAS VEGAS!!!

On April 19th we will run this one time only race, the Mustang 50th Anniversary Half Marathon.
I found out about this race on Twitter thanks to my friend George and once we realized it was a one time only event, we had to sign up. Who can pass up an opportunity like that? Oh and they are also giving away a custom Ford Mustang to one lucky runner! You don't have to win the race to win the car so I might actually walk away from a race as a winner! Fingers Crossed!

The third and final race that is officially on the books for us is the Garmin Half Marathon in Olathe, Kansas on April 26th. It's about a four hour or so drive for us.
This is just an extra race we decided to pick up this season because we know sooooo many people doing it. I swear about half of my running club is going to this race this year. Also, this race is on a Saturday so we won't miss much work. Added bonus, we'll get to stop by a Trader Joe's on the way and restock our wine! 
This race also has cool medals which are Wizard of Oz themed, which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time! 
The medal looks pretty cool too. This is the half medal for 2014. According to their Facebook page, it even glows in the dark. 

And here's the fourth race that I am possibly considering picking up so I can do back-to-back half marathons.
The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is on Sunday April 27th. That is one day after our third race for the month. Eek!
I've ran this race before and it was my actual second half marathon back in 2012. 
This race has a special place in the heart of every Oklahoma runner. The Oklahoma City Bombing is something we'll never forget and this run is dedicated to those who were lost that day. #Run2Remember

Now, I need to see how feasible this really is.
1. How much is it? ($80 each plus a hotel)
2. Can I even get a hotel room close to the starting line this late in the game?
3. Will I make it through my first three half marathons without injury? 
4. Will the Hubbo agree to this crazy idea?
5. How long is the drive from Olathe, KS to Oklahoma City? (~4.5 hours) 
6. Will we have time to stop at Trader Joe's?!?
7. Is it worth all the trouble??

I probably need someone to talk me out of this! :) 

Questions! Would you do 4 Half Marathons in a month? Would you do back-to-back races in the same weekend?
Am I crazy for wanting to do all these?



03/24/2014 9:19pm

Is it crazy that I've considered running the same races back to back?? Must be a ginger thing.

03/25/2014 5:41pm

Crazy gingers! :)

03/24/2014 9:55pm

Sounds like April is going to be an epic month! And thanks for mentioning me in your blog Sarah, I feel famous now. Haha. :)

03/25/2014 5:42pm

It will be Epic!! Thanks for telling us about that race! We are super excited and can't wait.
What do you mean you feel famous? You are famous! Almost everyone on Twitter knows you! :)

03/30/2014 4:06pm

Oh, I dunno about famous. I haven't had anyone come up to me in a race and ask if I was me. Haha.

Anyhow, I finally saw your update about not running the 4th HM in April. It's probably a smart move. :)

03/25/2014 2:20pm

You should totally run ALL of these races! And if you don't fall over dead at the end of April, I may try something like this next year!!

03/25/2014 5:43pm

LOL It's contagious, isn't it?

03/25/2014 9:13pm

Thanks for the shout out! And you should totally do it!! What I would do in order to ensure you stay injury free, is to run them "for fun", holding back, and maybe run the last one, for time, depending on how much you held back on the others. Definitely do that on the back to back weekend. Hold back on the first, let her rip on the second. It's essentially running a full marathon, with at least two meals, rest, and sleep in between, and since you've ran an ultra, this will be a piece of cake! Good luck! Gingers rule!

03/25/2014 10:29pm

Thanks for the tips! I checked on a hotel option today and that didn't work. Looking at option #2 so we'll see!

03/31/2014 5:38pm

I'm sitting here looking at my schedule. I've got 6 halves in 9 weeks, and I'm thinking about trying to fill in the gaps. (The Garmin is one of the currently scheduled races, as it's part of the Heartland 39.3 Series - 3 HM in 5 weeks). I think it's an addiction.
PS -the medal does glow in the dark!

03/31/2014 6:47pm

Wow! You will be super busy! I hope they are all great races! What other races are on your schedule besides Garmin? If you see us out there say hi!


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