Recently I wrote a blog about Treadmill games which you can find here. When I go to the gym I don't like to be bored or I won't go. I think that's why I like my lunch boot camp because I get to work out with other people and we make it fun.

A few weeks ago in boot camp one of the personal trainers introduced me to a new game. And by game, he really meant 4 minutes of torture for my arms. Thanks C! 

Have you ever heard that song by Moby called Flower? No? Well you probably don't recognize the title (like me) because part of the lyrics are more popular than the real title. According to, Bring Sally Up is part of the lyrics to the song Flower by Moby. Who knew? This is evidently a big deal in the fitness/cross fit world when it comes to push up challenges. Just try looking it up on Google and you'll see what I mean.

Here's how it works. The song is ~ 4 minutes long and you hit play and get ready to do push ups.

When the lyrics say BRING SALLY UP, you push up and hold it.
When the lyrics says BRING SALLY DOWN, you go down and hold it until it says BRING SALLY UP.

Repeat until the song is over or until your arms just die.

I made it about 17 seconds before my arms gave out. Not even kidding. This is hard. See below for a video I grabbed off YouTube.

You can modify this game using the same up and down cues if you aren't into push ups and use different exercises.
Here are some other exercises you could do:

1. Squats
2. Wall Sits
3. Curls
4. Chair Dips <---That one is going to suck!
5. Bench Press (You Might want to have someone spot you)

Disclaimer - I'm a Ginger, not a Personal Trainer or a Doctor. You shouldn't just pick up crazy new gym routines without consulting a professional first. Just sayin...

This YouTube video is from the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. I don't know them, just liked their video and wanted to share it with you as a visual aid for the Sally Up Game. 

Leave a Comment! What other gym games are out there that I don't know about?



03/26/2014 9:46pm

Ummm... Let's play this game again in the gym tomorrow with wall sits... Or chair dips!

03/27/2014 8:14am

LOL Oh geez. Let's start with Wall sits and see how that goes first! Chair dips may just kill me..

03/27/2014 5:18am

This looks awesome you could mix it up a bit too. Like on those long parts that you're down. Jump up to squats or something. You and amber should totally try the dips and let me know how it goes. =)

03/27/2014 8:15am

LOL I might die if we do the dips! We'll try wall sits first and see how that goes. (Probably terrible as well)

03/29/2014 12:17am

Um, no thank you. I'll pass. ;)

04/11/2014 3:56am

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07/09/2015 1:11am

This is evidently a big deal in the fitness/cross fit world when it comes to push up challenges. Just try looking it up on Google and you'll see what I mean.

03/23/2016 3:08am

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03/24/2016 3:37am

What other gym games are out there that I don't know about?

06/04/2016 7:04am

First and foremost, a game tester needs to be alert while playing the game. It won't do if the tester just keeps on playing the game and ignores what is going on in the game.

07/09/2016 7:31am

This is evidently a big deal in the fitness/cross fit world when it comes to push up challenges. Just try looking it up on Google and you'll see what I mean.

07/24/2016 3:06am

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