PictureNight Runner or Cave Spelunker?
Hey Running Buddies! It's been a minute since my last blog and I thought it was time to get back into the blogging game and catch you up on what's been happening at the RGR House since last month.

There hasn't really been a reason that I haven't blogged in the last month, just got lazy or uninspired I guess. 
And now, for my next trick, I'm going to condense 5 weeks of blogging into one blog! In pictures, of course. Here we go!

Picture2014 Sweetheart Run 10K in Tulsa
The Hubbo and I ran the Sweetheart Run 10K here in Tulsa for Valentine's Day in February. We also entered the costume contest as Conversation Hearts and won. Kinda.
I say we kinda won because not many people entered the costume contest but it's a W and I'll take it!

Yes, we ran the entire 10K with those on. It was a little windy that day too. 

I finally bought a pair (or 6) of shoes that weren't running shoes and may have gone a little crazy at the sale!
Apparently, I like flats!

But, I only spent $93 on all the shoes so I consider it a win!

(Not so) Funny Story.

After a Saturday run a couple weeks ago the Hubbo and I went to a nearby town to help my dad with a house that he is going to remodel. When we got back, I took my dog, Zoey, outside to do her thing. This picture is of our backyard and you can kind of see the field and hill behind it.
I was standing on my patio and  I could hear a little girl screaming for help. She just kept saying "Someone help me!!" and "Help me please!". So I just knew she had probably fallen down the hill and she was stranded in that field, all alone with a broken leg or sprained ankle or something. She sounded so scared and pitiful. So I gave Zoey to the Hubbo and ran through my backyard, through the field towards the hill. Now you are probably wondering what I found when I got to her. Was her leg broken? No. Was her ankle sprained? No. Did she fall down and get an owie on her knee? Nope! I ran all that way only to find her standing there in the middle of the field and her Dad at the top of the hill on his bike! So I asked him if they were okay and his response:
"yeah, she's just scared of a spider"
Umm what? She's been screaming bloody murder for 5 minutes over a freaking spider!?!? 
Cool. Glad I ran up this field to help your daughter so you could stay on your bike on the top of the hill! 

I got a haircut (Thanks Rustie!) and took the obligatory just-left-the-salon selfie and posted it on Instagram. 

You're Welcome. 

The Hubbo and I were the best ginger candle lighters ever at our friends wedding and may have had a little too much fun with the photo booth! 

Congrats Chad and Erin!

My monthly subscription to Stridebox came in the mail last week and I was pretty excited! 

See the pic below for the contents of the box. 

I heard the FLUID Recovery drink wasn't that great and I tried the Salted Caramel GU today on my 10 mile run. The flavor of the GU was fine, I just can't do the texture! Ugh!
Also - according to Instagram the FIT Peanut Butter Crunch bar is amazing. I haven't tried it yet. 

I went to the Miley Cyrus concert here in Tulsa and took this awesomely awkward photo with my Ginger-In-Crime, Amber!

In my defense, someone was about to walk right into our shot. I'm pretty sure she was probably wearing ridiculously too short jean shorts and a crop top too.

I ate this piece of Pie on Pi Day (March 14th or 3.14)

Random Fact!

In Jr High my math teacher, Mr. Gilliland, had us memorize Pi out to 26 spots after the decimal. I still remember this much without Googling it.




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03/17/2014 9:30pm

Aw, your costumes are so cute!

I would have been so mad if I ran to rescue that kid for nothing. Um, he should have yelled at her to STFU!

03/18/2014 8:30am

Thanks! They were pretty easy to make too! Not so easy to run in.

I walked back to my house just shaking my head the whole way back! LOL Glad she was ok, but that was a lot of adrenaline for nothing!

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